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Template:Year Nav Topic5
Template documentation


Format:   {{Year nav topic5|year#|subject}}
Format:   {{Year nav topic5|year#|subject|subj2}}
Format:   {{Year nav topic5|1=year#|2=subject|3=subj2}}
Format:   {{Year nav topic5|year#|subj1|subj2|subj3|subj4}}

Takes multiple parameters: the year# (year 101 or higher), followed by the main subject (such as: music), followed by optional related subjects, separated by vertical bars:

  • The year# becomes the bolded center of the 20-year range for the main subject, and any (optional) related subjects are displayed with a 6-year selection range.
  • For the first subject "xxx" there should be an article (or redirection) using the name "List_of_years_in_xxx" (which is the top line displayed in the navigation-box).
  • For the first subject "xxx" there should be a specific all-years navigation article using the name "Table_of_years_in_xxx" (the "table" link displayed in box), which has a compressed table linking all year/decade articles about the subject (such as: "Table of years in film").
  • The box width expands 5%-15% for optional subjects, widening to fit longer names (such as "archaeology" or "video gaming").


The example code is on the left, and the wiki-box display is on the right.
{{Year nav topic5|1970|music}}

{{Year nav topic5|1725|architecture}}

This example shows the additional link to Buildings and structures completed that year, which appears only on Architecture pages.

{{Year nav topic5|1798|archaeology|science}}

{{Year nav topic5|1905|art|film|music}}

{{Year nav topic5|1497|art|music______|architecture_|literature}}

{{Year nav topic5|1497|science|music |architecture|literature }}

This example shows use of trailing spaces, rather than underbars ("__") to align topics.

{{Year nav topic5|1893|science|archaeology|television|film}}

{{Year nav topic5|101|music|art}}

{{Year nav topic5|100|art}} [invalid]

This template is not valid with years 100 and below. Use {{Year nav BC}} or other history nav templates instead.

{{Year nav topic5|2=philosophy|3=literature}}

If the year is omitted and the other parameters are specified with 2=, 3=, etc., the year will be automatically filled in from the page title. If no year is found in the page title, 1700 will be used.

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