Sulfide Mineral
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Sulfide Mineral

The sulfide minerals are a class of minerals containing sulfide (S2-) or disulfide (S22-) as the major anion. Some sulfide minerals are economically important as metal ores. The sulfide class also includes the selenides, the tellurides, the arsenides, the antimonides, the bismuthinides, the sulfarsenides and the sulfosalts.[1][2] Sulfide minerals are inorganic compounds.


Common or important examples include:[2]



Nickel-Strunz Classification -02- Sulfides

IMA-CNMNC proposes a new hierarchical scheme (Mills et al., 2009). This list uses the Classification of Nickel-Strunz (, 10 ed, pending publication).

  • Abbreviations:
    • "*" - discredited (IMA/CNMNC status).
    • "?" - questionable/doubtful (IMA/CNMNC status).
    • "REE" - Rare-earth element (Sc, Y, La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Pm, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu)
    • "PGE" - Platinum-group element (Ru, Rh, Pd, Os, Ir, Pt)
    • 03.C Aluminofluorides, 06 Borates, 08 Vanadates (04.H V[5,6] Vanadates), 09 Silicates:
      • Neso: insular (from Greek n?sos, island)
      • Soro: grouping (from Greek s?ros, heap, mound (especially of corn))
      • Cyclo: ring
      • Ino: chain (from Greek [genitive inos], fibre)
      • Phyllo: sheet (from Greek phyllon, leaf)
      • Tekto: three-dimensional framework
  • Nickel-Strunz code scheme: NN.XY.##x
    • NN: Nickel-Strunz mineral class number
    • X: Nickel-Strunz mineral division letter
    • Y: Nickel-Strunz mineral family letter
    • ##x: Nickel-Strunz mineral/group number, x add-on letter

Class: sulfides, selenides, tellurides

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