Southern Kurdish
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Southern Kurdish
Southern Kurdish
Kurdish: ? ,
Native toEastern Iraq, Western Iran
Native speakers
3,000,000 in Iran, 350,000 in Turkey, Iraq[1]
  • Bayray
  • Feyli
  • Garrusi (Bijari)
  • Kermanshahi
  • Kolyai
  • Kordali
Perso-Arabic (Sorani alphabet)
Language codes
Kurdish languages map.svg
Geographic distribution of Kurdish and other Iranian languages spoken by Kurds

Southern Kurdish Language (Kurdish: ? , ‎, romanized: Zûwane Kurdîy ba?ûrî, Kurdiy xwarig),[2] also known as Kurdiy xwarîn is a Kurdish dialect predominantly spoken in Eastern Iraq and Western Iran.[3] In Iran, it is spoken in the provinces of Kermanshah and Ilam. In Iraq, it is spoken in the region of Khanaqin, all the way to Mandali. It is also the dialect of the populous Kurdish Kakayî tribes near Kirkuk and most Yarsani Kurds in Kermanshah Province. There are also populous diasporas of Southern Kurdish-speakers found in the Alburz mountains.

Native speakers use various different alphabets to write Southern Kurdish, the most common ones are extensions of the standard Kurdish alphabets.


The subdialects of Southern Kurdish are:[4]

  • Garrusi
  • Malekshahi
  • Sanjâbi: referring to the language of the Sanjâbi tribe.
  • Laki
  • Kalhori referring to the Kalhor tribe.

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