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Personification of Envy and Jealousy
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Armento vase painting 375-350 BC
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In Greek mythology, Phthonos (; Ancient Greek: Phthónos), or sometimes Zelus, was the personification of jealousy and envy, most prominently in matters of romance. In Nonnus's Dionysiaca, he is by proxy the cause of Semele's death, having informed Hera of Zeus's affair with the princess. He also appears in Callimachus's Hymn to Apollo, goading the god into an argument.

His female counterpart was Nemesis, personification of revenge. In contrast to Phthonus' domain being closely tied to romantic and sexual jealousy, Nemesis was more closely related to violent retribution.

Popular culture

In the SCP Foundation community, Phthonus is the name of, and assumedly the actual entity behind, the anomaly titled SCP-5167. He makes a direct reference within the article's narrative to his own resource page, commenting on how his legacy is encompassed merely by "three... sentences on Wikipedia."[1] He appears again in the page for SCP-5761, in the narrative of which he accepts his irrelevance and death in the modern age, thereby saving Earth and the human race from an "XK-Class End of the World Scenario".[2]


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