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In Greek mythology, the Pegaeae (; ?) were a type of naiad that lived in springs. They were often considered great aunts of the river gods (Potamoi), thus establishing a mythological relationship between a river itself and its springs.

List of Pegaeae

The number of Pegaeae included but was not limited to:[1]

Names Notes
The Anigrides daughters of the river god Anigros, were believed to cure skin diseases[2][3]
The Corycian Nymphs
o Coryceia
o Cleodora
o Daphnis
o Melaina
The Cyrtonian nymphs local springs in the town of Cyrtones, Boeotia[4]
The Deliades daughters of Inopus, god of the river Inopus on the island of Delos[5]
The Himerian Naiads [6][7]
The Inachides daughters of the river god Inachus[8][9]
o Io
o Amymone
o Philodice [10]
o Messeis
o Hyperia
The Ionides [11]
o Calliphaea
o Iasis
o Pegaea
o Messeis
o Synallaxis
The Ithacian nymphs dwelled in sacred caves on Ithaca[12]
The Leibethrides [13][14]
o Libethrias
o Petra
The Mysian Naiads dwelled in the spring of Pegae near the lake Askanios in Bithynia and were responsible for the kidnapping of Hylas[15][16]
o Euneica
o Malis
o Nycheia [17]
The Ortygian nymphs local springs of Syracuse, Sicily[18]
The Rhyndacides daughters of the river god Rhyndacus
The Spercheides daughters of the river god Spercheus
o Albunea
o Alexirhoe daughter of the river god Grenikos[19]
o Archidemia [20]
o Arethusa [21][22][23]
o Castalia or Cassotis [24]
o Comaetho daughter or wife of the river god Cydnus[25]
o Cyane
o Dirce transformed into a spring (presumably into a nymph personifying it) after her death
o Gargaphie or Plataia one of the daughters of the river god Asopus
o Hagno one of the nurses of infant Zeus
o Ismene [26]
o Langia [27]
o Magea [20]
o Milichie [20]
o Metope wife of Asopus
o Pegasis daughter of the river god Grenikos[28]
o Peirene
o Pharmaceia nymph of a poisonous spring in Attika and Orithyia's playmate[29][30]
o Psanis a local spring in Arcadia
o Salmacis
o Strophia a spring on Mount Cithaeron near Thebes; barely personified[31]
o Telphousa
o Temenitis [20]


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