Lomavren Language
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Lomavren Language

Lomavren (Armenian: lomavren) is a nearly extinct mixed language, spoken by the Lom people, that arose from language contact between a language related to Romani and Domari[3] and the Armenian language.


The language is also known as Bosa/Bosha.

Linguistic features

It lacks grammatical gender and has 7 grammatical cases; its grammar is closely related to that of the Erzerum dialect of Armenian, with the vocabulary being almost exclusively Indic.

Numerals in the Romani, Domari and Lomavren languages, with Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali and Persian forms for comparison.[4] Note that Romani 7-9 are borrowed from Greek.

Sanskrit Hindi Bengali Romani Domari Lomavren Persian
1 éka ek ek ekh, jekh yika yak, yek yak, yek
2 dvá do dui duj d? lui du, do
3 trí t?n tin trin tær?n t?rin se
4 catvra? c?r char ?tar ?tar i?dör ?ah?r
5 páñca pc panch pand? pand? pend? pand?
6 ?á? chah chhoy ?ov ?a? ?e? ?e?
7 saptá s?t s?t ifta xaut haft haft
8 h h oxto xai?t ha?t ha?t
9 náva nau noy inja na nu noh
10 dá?a das dosh de? des las dah
20 viatí b?s bish bi? w?s vist bist
100 ?atá sau eksho ?el saj saj sad


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