List of Strikes
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List of Strikes
Agitated workers face the factory owner in The Strike, painted by Robert Koehler in 1886

The following is a list of specific strikes (workers refusing to work, seeking to change their conditions in a particular industry or an individual workplace, or striking in solidarity with those in another particular workplace) and general strikes (widespread refusal of workers to work in an organized political campaign on a broader national or international level).

Chronological list of strikes

Seventeenth century

Eighteenth century

Nineteenth century



Frick's letter describing the plans and munitions that will be on the barges when the Pinkerton guards and County Sheriffs arrive to confront the strikers in the 1892 Homestead.
Date Strike Place Country
1853-4 Preston strike of 1853-4 Preston, Lancashire United Kingdom
1859 London builders' strike London United Kingdom
1860 New England Shoemakers Strike of 1860 Lynn, Massachusetts United States
1864 Collar Laundry Union strike[1] Troy, New York United States
1865 Upper Peninsula miners' strike Marquette, Michigan United States
1870 North Adams strike North Adams, Massachusetts United States
1872 Gas Stokers' strike London United Kingdom
1872 Metropolitan Police strike of 1872 London United Kingdom
1873 Coal miners' strike of 1873 northeastern Ohio, northwestern Pennsylvania United States
1874 Tompkins Square Riot New York City United States
1877 Great Railroad Strike nationwide United States[2]
1877-1878 Cigar makers strike of 1877 New York City United States
1881 1881 Atlanta washerwomen strike Atlanta United States
1883 Camp Dump strike Omaha, Nebraska United States
1886 Great Southwest Railroad Strike nationwide United States
1886 Haymarket Affair Chicago, Illinois United States
1886 Bay View Tragedy Milwaukee, Wisconsin United States
1887 Sugar Cane Workers Strike Lafourche Parish, Louisiana United States
1888 Burlington Railroad Strike Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad United States
1888 London matchgirls strike of 1888 London United Kingdom
1889 London Dock Strike London, England United Kingdom
1889 Kristiania match workers' strike of 1889 Oslo Norway
1890 Southampton Dock Strike Southampton, England United Kingdom
1891 Cotton pickers strike of 1891 Lee County, Arkansas United States
1891 Coal Creek Miners' Strike Anderson County, Tennessee United States
1892 Homestead Strike Homestead, Pennsylvania United States
1892 Buffalo switchmen's strike Buffalo, New York United States
1892 Coeur d'Alene labor strike Coeur d'Alene, Idaho United States
1893 UK miners' strike nationwide United Kingdom
1894 Pullman Strike Pullman, Chicago United States
1894 Great Northern Railway Strike nationwide United States
1894 Bituminous Coal Miners' Strike nationwide United States
1895 Yaroslavl Great Manufacture strike Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl Governorate Russian Empire
1896 Leadville Miners' Strike Leadville, Colorado United States
1897 Lattimer Massacre Strike Lattimer, Pennsylvania United States
1898 South Wales Coal strike Wales United Kingdom
1899 Coeur d'Alene labor confrontation Coeur d'Alene, Idaho United States
1899 Weight Strike[3] Ybor City, Tampa, Florida United States
1899 Newsboys Strike New York City United States
1899 Russian student strike St. Petersburg University Russian Empire

Twentieth century



Bodies immediately after the Lena massacre of striking goldfield workers in 1912
Date Strike Place Country
1910-11 Westmoreland County coal strike of 1910-11 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania United States
1910-11 Tampa cigar makers' strike of 1910-11[6] Tampa, Florida United States
1910 The Clockmakers Strike[7] New York City United States
1910-11 Westmoreland County coal strike of 1910-11 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania United States
1910-11 1910 Chicago garment workes' strike Chicago United States
1911 1911 Liverpool general transport strike Liverpool, Merseyside United Kingdom
1911 Illinois Central shopmen's strike of 1911 Illinois, Mississippi and Texas United States
1911 1911 Grand Rapids furniture workers strike Grand Rapids, Michigan United States
1912 1912 Lawrence textile strike, a.k.a. the Bread and Roses Strike Lawrence, Massachusetts United States
1912 Waihi miners' strike Waihi New Zealand
1912 Louisiana-Texas Lumber War of 1911-1912 Eastern Louisiana United States
1912 Paint Creek-Cabin Creek strike of 1912 Kanawha County, West Virginia United States
1913 Dublin strike and lockout Dublin Ireland
1913 Ludlow Massacre Strike Ludlow, Colorado United States
1913 Paterson silk strike Paterson, New Jersey United States
1913 1913 Sligo Dock strike Sligo Ireland
1913 Leith dockers strike 1913 Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland United Kingdom
1913 1913 Great Strike nationwide New Zealand
1913 Indianapolis streetcar strike of 1913 Indianapolis, Indiana United States
1913-14 Copper Country strike of 1913-14 Upper Michigan United States
1914-1939 Burston Strike School Burston, Norfolk England
1914-1915 1914-1915 Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills strike Atlanta United States
1915-16 Bayonne refinery strikes Bayonne, New Jersey United States
1916 1916 Atlanta streetcar strike Atlanta United States
1917-19 1917-1919 Brazil strike movement nationwide Brazil
1918 BLE strike in New York City New York City United States
1918-19 British police strikes in 1918 and 1919, nationwide United Kingdom
1919 Battle of George Square Glasgow Scotland
1919 La Canadiense strike Catalonia Spain
1919 Florida Pebble Strike Mulberry, Florida United States
1919 Boston cigar makers strike of 1919 Boston United States
1919 1919 Actors' Equity Association strike nationwide United States
1919 1919 Streetcar Strike of Los Angeles[8] Los Angeles, California United States
1919 Boston Police Strike Boston, Massachusetts United States
1919 Steel strike of 1919 Homestead, Pennsylvania United States
1919 Coal strike nationwide United States


Date Strike Place Country
1920 Battle of Matewan Matewan, West Virginia United States
1920 1920 Alabama coal strike Alabama United States
1920 1920 French railway strikes nationwide France
1920 Denver streetcar strike of 1920 Denver, Colorado United States
1920 1920 Alabama coal strike Alabama United States
1920 Oahu Sugar Strike of 1920 Oahu, Hawaii Territory of Hawaii
1921 Kronstadt Rebellion Kronstadt Russian SFSR
1921 Black Friday (1921) nationwide United Kingdom
1921 Battle of Blair Mountain Logan County, West Virginia United States
1922 Herrin massacre Herrin, Illinois United States
1922 Railroad Shopmen's Strike nationwide United States
1922 Great Railroad Strike of 1922 nationwide United States
1923 1923 San Pedro Maritime strike San Pedro, Los Angeles, California United States
1923 1923 Victorian Police strike Melbourne, Victoria Australia
1924 Hanapepe massacre Kauai, Hawaii United States
1925 Ammanford Anthracite Strike Ammanford, Carmarthenshire Wales
1926 1926 Passaic Textile Strike Passaic, New Jersey United States
1927 1927 Indiana bituminous strike nationwide United States
1927 Columbine Mine Massacre Serene, Colorado United States
1928 1928 New Bedford textile strike New Bedford, Massachusetts United States
1928 Banana massacre nationwide Colombia
1929 1929 Timber Workers strike nationwide Australia
1929 Lupeni Strike of 1929 Lupeni, Harghita Romania
1929 1929 New Orleans streetcar strike New Orleans, Louisiana United States
1929 Rothbury Riot North Rothbury, New South Wales Australia
1929 Loray Mill Strike Gastonia, North Carolina United States


Date Strike Place Country
1930 Imperial Valley lettuce strike of 1930 Imperial Valley, California United States
1930 Phú Ri?ng Biên Hòa Province French Indochina
1931 Tampa cigar makers' strike of 1931 Tampa, Florida United States
1931 Santa Clara Cannery Strike Santa Clara, California United States
1931 Ådalen shootings Ådalen Sweden
1931 Harlan County War Harlan County, Kentucky United States
1931 Invergordon Mutiny Invergordon Scotland
1932 Century Airlines pilots' strike Chicago, Illinois United States
1932 Ford Hunger March Detroit, Michigan United States
1932 Grivi?a Strike of 1933 Bucharest Romania
1933 Briggs Manufacturing Company Strike Detroit, Michigan United States
1933 California Farmworkers' Strike California United States
1934 Kohler Strike Sheboygan, Wisconsin United States
1934 1934 New York Hotel Strike New York City United States
1934 Auto-Lite Strike Toledo, Ohio United States
1934 Minneapolis Teamsters Strike of 1934 Minneapolis, Minnesota United States
1934 1934 West Coast Longshore Strike U.S. West Coast United States
1934 United Fruit Banana Strike nationwide Costa Rica
1934 Textile workers Strike (1934) New England, Mid-Atlantic region and U.S. southern states United States
1934 Asturian miners' strike of 1934 Asturia Spain
1934-35 1934-35 Milwaukee sales clerks strike[9] Milwaukee United States
1935 Battle of Ballantyne Pier Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
1935 Copperbelt strike (1935) Copperbelt Province Zambia
1935 Pacific Northwest Lumber Strike U.S. Pacific Northwest United States
1935 On-to-Ottawa Trek Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
1935 1935 Gulf Coast longshoremen's strike U.S. Gulf Coast United States
1936 Flint Sit-Down Strike Flint, Michigan United States
1936 Gulf Coast maritime workers' strike U.S. Gulf Coast United States
1936 S.S. California strike San Pedro, California United States
1936-37 Remington Rand strike of 1936-1937 New York City United States
1936-37 Flint Sit-Down Strike General Motors Flint, Michigan United States
1937 Little Steel Strike including Memorial Day massacre of 1937 nationwide United States
1937 Lewiston-Auburn Shoe Strike Lewiston, Maine and Auburn, Maine United States
1938 1938 San Antonio pecan shellers strike San Antonio United States
1938 Hilo Massacre Hilo, Hawaii Territory of Hawaii
1939 Tool and Die Strike of 1939 Detroit, Michigan United States


Date Strike Place Country
1941 February Strike nationwide Netherlands
1941 Disney animators' strike Burbank, California United States
1942 1942 Betteshanger miners' strike Betteshanger, Kent United Kingdom
1942 Quit India movement nationwide India
1942-43 1942-43 musicians' strike nationwide United States
1943 1943 Rolls-Royce strike Hillington, Scotland United Kingdom
1944 Philadelphia Transit Strike Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States
1944 Port Chicago mutiny Port Chicago, California United States
1945 Hollywood Black Friday Hollywood, California United States
1945-46 Strike wave of 1946 nationwide United States
1946 African Mine Workers' Strike nationwide South Africa
1946 1946 Montreal Cotton Strike Montreal, Quebec Canada
1946 1946 Pilbara strike Pilbara Western Australia
1946 The Great Hawaiian Sugar Strike of 1946 Hawaii nationwide Territory of Hawaii
1947 Biratnagar Jute Mill Strike Biratnagar Kingdom of Nepal
1947 Telephone Strike nationwide United States
1948 1948 Queensland Railway strike Queensland Australia
1948 1948 United States Meatpacking strike[10] nationwide United States
1948 Goodyear strike[10] Akron, Ohio United States
1948 1948 Caterpillar strike[10] Peoria, Illinois United States
1948 Boeing Strike of 1948 Seattle, Washington United States
1948 1948 Miami Garment workers strike[11] Miami, Florida United States
1949 Asbestos Strike Asbestos, Quebec Canada
1949 1949 Calvary Cemetery strike New York City United States
1949 1949 New York City taxicab strike New York City United States
1949 1949 New York City brewery strike New York City United States
1949 1949 Australian coal strike nationwide Australia
1949 1949 Kemi strike Kemi Finland
1949 Puget Sound fishermen's strike of 1949 Puget Sound, Washington United States



Date Strike Place Country
1960 1960 Writers Guild of America strike Hollywood, California United States
1962 1962 New York City newspaper strike New York City United States
1963 Reesor Siding Strike of 1963 Reesor, Ontario Canada
1964 1964 Mount Isa Mines Strike Mount Isa, Queensland Australia
1965-70 Delano grape strike Delano, California United States
1966 1966 New York City transit strike New York City United States
1966 Gurindji strike Kalkarindji, Northern Territory Australia
1966 Texas farm workers' strike Texas United States
1966-67 St. John's University strike of 1966-67 New York City United States
1967 1967 United States truckers strike[15] nationwide United States
1967 Hong Kong 1967 Leftist Riots citywide Hong Kong
1967 1967 United States Railroad strike[15] nationwide United States
1967 September 1967 General Motors strike[15] Dayton, Ohio United States
1967 1967 Caterpillar strike[15] Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio and Pennsylvania United States
1967 November 1967 General Motors strike[15] Pontiac, Michigan United States
1968 May 1968 in France nationwide France
1968 Memphis sanitation strike Memphis, Tennessee United States
1968 Chrysler wildcat strike Detroit, Michigan United States
1968 New York City Teacher's Strike of 1968 New York City United States
1968 Florida statewide teachers' strike of 1968 Florida United States
1968 1968 NFL strike/lockout Florida United States
1969 Unofficial strike by mineworkers over pay of surface workers[16] nationwide United Kingdom


Date Strike Place Country
1970 U.S. Postal Service strike of 1970 nationwide United States
1970-71 Colour Strike nationwide United Kingdom
1970-71 Salad Bowl strike nationwide United States
1971 1971 NYPD Work Stoppage New York City United States
1971 Longshore Strike (1971, U.S.) U.S. West Coast Hawaii and British Columbia United States and Canada
1971 1971 United Kingdom postal workers strike nationwide United Kingdom
1972 1972 Major League Baseball strike nationwide United States
1972 UK building workers' strike (1972) Shrewsbury, Shropshire United Kingdom
1972 UK miners' strike (1972) nationwide United Kingdom
1973 1973 Philadelphia teachers strike[17] Philadelphia United States
1973 1973 Durban strikes Natal South Africa
1973 1973 Chicago teachers strike[17] Chicago United States
1973 1973 Cleveland teachers strike[17] Cleveland United States
1973 1973 Pennsylvania Central Transportation strike[17] Northeastern United States United States
1973 1973 Detroit teachers strike[17] Detroit United States
1973 1973 Chrysler strike[17] nationwide United States
1973 1973 Caterpillar strike[17] nationwide United States
1974 1974 railway strike in India by 17 million workers of Indian Railways[18][19][20][21] nationwide India
1974 Bituminous Coal Strike of 1974 nationwide United States
1974 Ulster Workers' Council Strike nationwide Northern Ireland
1974 UK miners' strike (1974) nationwide United Kingdom
1974 1974 NFL strike nationwide United States
1976-77 Grunwick Dispute London England
1977 1977 Atlanta sanitation strike Atlanta United States
1977-78 Bituminous Coal Strike of 1977-1978 nationwide United States
1977-78 1977-78 Coors strike Golden, Colorado United States
1978 Sudbury Strike of 1978 Sudbury, Ontario Canada
1978-79 Winter of Discontent nationwide United Kingdom


Date Strike Place Country
1980 Gda?sk Shipyard Strike Gda?sk Poland
1980 1980 actors strike nationwide (primarily Hollywood) United States
1981 1981 Schlitz strike Milwaukee United States
1981 Air traffic controllers' strike/Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization nationwide United States
1981 Bydgoszcz events Bydgoszcz Poland
1981 1981 Writers Guild of America strike Hollywood, California United States
1981 1981 Major League Baseball strike nationwide United States
1982 Great Bombay textile strike Mumbai India
1982 1982 NFL strike nationwide United States
1982 1982 garment workers' strike[22] New York City United States
1983 Arizona Copper Mine Strike of 1983 Greenlee County, Arizona United States
1984 Battle of Orgreave Orgreave, South Yorkshire England
1984 Cammell Laird Shipyard Occupation nationwide United Kingdom
1984-85 UK miners' strike (1984-1985) nationwide United Kingdom
1984-85 UK miners' strike (1984-1985) nationwide United Kingdom
1985 1985 Pan Am strike nationwide United States
1985-86 1985-86 Hormel strike Austin, Minnesota United States
1985 Mudginberri dispute Northern Territory Australia
1985 1985 Major League Baseball strike nationwide United States and Canada
1986 Dollar Sweets dispute State of Victoria Australia
1986 Guilford Transportation Industries railroad workers' strike North Billerica, Massachusetts United States
1986 Major Indoor Soccer League lockout nationwide United States
1986 Wapping dispute London England
1987 International Paper strike Corinth, New York United States
1987 1987 NFL strike nationwide United States
1987 Metro Toronto Elementary Teacher's Strike Toronto, Ontario Canada
1988 1988 Writers Guild of America strike Hollywood, California United States
1988 1988 Polish strikes nationwide Poland
1988 1988 United Kingdom postal workers strike nationwide United Kingdom
1989 1989 Australian pilots' strike nationwide Australia
1989-90 Pittston Coal strike Pittston, Pennsylvania United States
1989-90 1989-90 British ambulance strike Nationwide United Kingdom


Date Strike Place Country
1990 1990 Major League Baseball lockout nationwide United States
1990 Mandal Commission protests of 1990 (India, 1990) Mandal India
1992 1992 NHL strike nationwide Canada and United States
1992 Southern California drywall strike Southern California United States
1993 Timex strike Dundee Scotland
1994-95 1994-95 Major League Baseball strike nationwide Canada and United States
1994-95 1994-95 NHL lockout nationwide Canada and United States
1994 San Francisco newspaper strike of 1994 San Francisco, California United States
1995-97 Detroit Newspaper Strike Detroit, Michigan United States
1995 1995 strikes in France nationwide France
1995 1995 NBA lockout nationwide Canada and United States
1995-98 Liverpool dockers' strike (1995-98) Liverpool, Merseyside England
1996 1996 NBA lockout nationwide Canada and United States
1996-97 1996-1997 strikes in South Korea nationwide South Korea
1996-97 1996 NBA lockout nationwide Canada and United States
1997 1997 UPS Strike (U.S.) nationwide United States
1997 1997 Ontario teachers strike Ontario Canada
1998 1998 Australian waterfront dispute Melbourne, Brisbane, Fremantle and Sydney Australia
1998-99 1998-99 NBA lockout nationwide Canada and United States
1999 1999 UNAM strike Mexico City Mexico

Twenty-first century


Date Strike Place Country
2000 Verizon Strike nationwide United States
2000 2000 commercial actors strike Hollywood United States
2001 Jeffboat wildcat strike Jeffersonville, Indiana United States
2001 National Gallery of Canada Ottawa, Ontario Canada
2001-2003 Friction Dynamics - T&G Union Caernarfon, Wales, UK United Kingdom
2002 UK Firefighter strike 2002 nationwide United Kingdom
2003 Scottish Nursery Nurses Strike nationwide Scotland
2003 2003 Broadway Musicians Strike New York City United States
2003 2003 June 15 Hospitality workers at the Congress Plaza Hotel.[23] Chicago, Illinois United States
2003-04 Southern California supermarket strike of 2003-04 Southern California United States
2004-05 2004-05 NHL lockout nationwide United States and Canada
2005 Bolivian Gas War nationwide Bolivia
2005 2005 New York City transit strike New York City United States
2006 Dhaka strikes Dhaka Bangladesh
2006 2006 labor protests in France nationwide France
2006 2006 Oaxaca protests Oaxaca Mexico
2006 2006 Progressive Enterprises dispute Auckland, Palmerston North and Christchurch New Zealand
2006 South Korean railroad strike of 2006 nationwide South Korea
2006 2006 Toronto Transit Commission wildcat strike Toronto, Ontario Canada
2006 University of Miami 2006 custodial workers' strike Miami, Florida United States
2007 2007 Freightliner wildcat strike Portland, Oregon United States
2007 2007 South African public servants' strike nationwide South Africa
2007 2007 Orange County transit strike Orange, California United States
2007 Hayward teachers strike Hayward, California United States
2007 2007 General Motors strike Detroit, Michigan United States
2007 2007 UK postal strikes nationwide United Kingdom
2007 2007 Broadway Stagehand Strike New York City United States
2007 November 2007 strikes in France nationwide France
2007 German national rail strike of 2007 nationwide Germany
2007 2007 South Africa miners' strike nationwide South Africa
2007-08 2007-08 CBS News writers strike New York City United States
2007-08 2007-2008 Cork players strike County Cork Ireland
2007-08 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike Hollywood, California United States
2007-08 2007-2008 Berlitz Japan Strike[24] Aoyama, Tokyo Japan
2008 2008 British teacher's strike nationwide England
2008 2008 Toronto Transit Commission strike Toronto, Ontario Canada
2008 2008 VIVA bus operators strike nationwide Canada
2008 Boeing Machinists Strike of 2008[25] Seattle, Washington United States
2008-09 2008-09 York University Strike York, Ontario Canada
2009 2009 Lindsey Oil Refinery strikes North Killingholme, Lincolnshire England
2009 2009 City of Toronto inside and outside workers strike[26] Toronto, Ontario Canada
2009 2009 Leeds refuse workers strike City of Leeds West Yorkshire England
2009 2009 UK postal strikes nationwide United Kingdom


General strike in Catalonia, 21 February 2019
Date Strike Place Country
2010 2010 University of Puerto Rico Strike San Juan Puerto Rico
2010 2010 Chinese autoworkers strike[27] Foshan and Zhongshan China
2010 2010 Cambodian garment workers strike[28] Phnom Phen Cambodia
2010 2010 Scottish football referee strike nationwide Scotland
2010 2010 Spanish air traffic controllers strike nationwide Spain
2010 2010 Major League Soccer lockout/strike nationwide United States
2010 2010 Georgia prison strike Georgia United States
2010-11 2010-11 Hanjin Heavy Industries strike nationwide South Korea and the Philippines
2011 2011 NBA Lockout nationwide United States and Canada
2011 2011 NFL lockout nationwide United States
2012 2012 NFL referee lockout nationwide United States
2012-13 2012-13 NHL lockout nationwide United States and Canada
2012 2012 Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach strike Los Angeles and Long Beach, California United States
2013 2013 Hong Kong dock strike citywide Hong Kong
2013 2013 Colombian miners strike[29] Northern Colombia Colombia
2014 Chinese Golf Factory Workers Strike for Essential Rights Shenzhen China
2014 Tacoma nurses strike 2014 Tacoma and Lakewood, Washington United States
2014 2014 South African platinum strike nationwide South Africa
2015 2015 United Steel Workers Oil Refinery Strike[30] California, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas and Washington United States
2015 2015 Kohler Strike[31] Kohler, Wisconsin United States
2016 2016 Verizon workers' strike[32] New York City United States
2016 2016 video game voice actor strike[33] Los Angeles, California United States
2017 2017 Philippine jeepney drivers' strike nationwide Philippines
2018 2018 teachers' strikes in the United States nationwide United States
2018 2018 York University strike: Teaching Assistants, Graduate Assistant, Research Assistant, and Contract Faculty Strike York, Ontario Canada
2018 2018 Taylorsville Georgia-Pacific strike Taylorsville, Mississippi United States
2018 Brazil truck drivers' strike nationwide Brazil
2018 Marriott Hotels strike[34][35] Bethesda, Maryland United States
2018 2018-19 education workers' strikes in the United States nationwide United States
2018 2018 Alabama Coca-Cola strike Alabama and Mississippi United States
2018 2018 Atlanta sanitation strike Atlanta United States
2018- present School strike for climate worldwide global
2018 2018-2020 UK higher education strikes nationwide United Kingdom
2019 Wright State University 2019 faculty strike Dayton, Ohio United States
2019 2019 Alaska ferry workers strike Alaska United States
2019 2019 AT&T strike Southern United States United States
2019-20 2019-2020 French pension reform strike nationwide France


Protestors during the 2021 Warrior Met Coal strike
Date Strike Place Country
2020 2020 Santa Cruz graduate students' strike Santa Cruz, California United States
2020 2020 New Orleans sanitation strike New Orleans United States
2020 2020 Bath shipbuilders strike Bath, Maine United States
2020 Strike for Black Lives nationwide United States
2021 2020 Port of Montreal strike Montreal Canada
2020 2020 Michigan graduate students strike Ann Arbor, Michigan United States
2020 2020 University of Illinois Hospital strikes Chicago United States
2020-21 2020-21 Alabama aluminum plant strike Muscle Shoals, Alabama United States
2021 2021 Hunts Point Produce Market strike New York City United States
2021 2021 French labor protests nationwide France
2021 2021 St. Paul Park refinery strike St. Paul Park, Minnesota United States
2021 2021 Go North West strike Manchester United Kingdom
2021 2021 St. Charles Bend strike Bend, Oregon United States
2021 2021 Saint Vincent Hospital strike Worcester, Massachusetts United States
2021 2021 Columbia University strike New York City United States
2021 2021 Allegheny Technologies strike Northern United States United States
2021 2021 New York University strike[36][37] New York City United States
2021 2021 Warrior Met Coal strike Alabama United States
2021 2021 Minas Gerais prostitute strike Minas Gerais Brazil
2021 2021 Cook County nurses strike[38][39] Cook County, Illinois United States
2021 2021 Frito-Lay strike Topeka, Kansas United States
2021 2021 Nigerian doctors strike nationwide Nigeria
2021 2021 Nabisco strike nationwide United States

Chronological list of general strikes

Date Name Place Country
1820 Radical War Central Belt, Scotland  United Kingdom Influenced by Radical demands for reform, especially among Scottish weavers
1835 Philadelphia general strike of 1835 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  United States Successful strike for a ten-hour work day and better wages
1842 General Strike of 1842 England and Wales  United Kingdom Chartist general strike against low wages originating from coal miners in Staffordshire before spreading to multiple industries in the Midlands as well as coal mines across the country.
1855 1855 Catalan general strike Catalonia Spain
1877 St. Louis general strike of 1877 St. Louis, Missouri  United States Organized by the Knights of Labor and the Workingmen's Party during the Great Railroad Strike of 1877 for a child labor ban and an eight-hour day; ended with a suppression by the municipal government and the National Guard
1877 Scranton general strike Scranton, Pennsylvania  United States Organized during the Great Railroad Strike; ended with riots, the imposition of martial law by the Pennsylvania Militia, and the strikers returning to work without concessions.
1886 Walloon jacquerie of 1886 Wallonia  Belgium
1892 New Orleans general strike of 1892 New Orleans, Louisiana  United States Successful strike for a 10-hour day and overtime pay; notable for the participation of both white and black strikers
1893 Belgian general strike of 1893 Mons  Belgium Strike by the Belgian Labour Party to pressure Prime Minister Auguste Beernaert's Catholic Party government to introduce universal male suffrage
1901 1901 Ybor City strikes[40] Ybor City, Tampa, Florida United States
1904 1904 Italian general strike nationwide Italy
1909 Swedish General Strike nationwide  Sweden Unsuccessful general strike called by the Swedish Trade Union Confederation
1910 Philadelphia general strike of 1910 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  United States Amalgamated Transit Union strike of Philadelphia Transportation Company trolley workers which expanded into a citywide American Federation of Labor general strike, eventually leading to wage increases
1912 Brisbane general strike of 1912 Brisbane, Queensland  Australia Caused when Australian Tramway Employees Union members were dismissed for wearing union badges; ended with Queensland Police Service attacks on labor marchers in Market Square leading to a public outcry and the strengthening of the Australian labour movement
1917 1917-1919 Brazil strike movement Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul  Brazil Series of general strikes leading to an attempted anarchist uprising against the First Brazilian Republic.
1918 Vancouver general strike Vancouver, British Columbia  Canada General strike caused by the arrest of Albert "Ginger" Goodwin, discontent over high living costs and low wages during World War I, and the October Revolution; ended with police attacks on union offices
1919 Seattle General Strike Seattle, Washington  United States Industrial Workers of the World strike caused when the Emergency Fleet Corporation denied shipbuilders' demands for higher wages and intended to start a socialist revolution; contributed to the First Red Scare
1919 Winnipeg general strike Winnipeg, Manitoba  Canada General strike ending with repression by the North-West Mounted Police but leading to the growth of the Canadian democratic socialist and labor movements.
1920 Berlin general strike Berlin  Germany General strike encouraged by the government to resist an attempted overthrow of the Weimar Republic
1920 Ruhr uprising Ruhr  Germany General strike in support of the Social Democratic government before expanding into a mass labor uprising to establish a "dictatorship of the proletariat"; suppressed by the Freikorps and the Reichswehr
1920 Italian anti-Fascist general strike Rome  Italy Unsuccessful general strike intended to prevent a seizure of power by Benito Mussolini's National Fascist Party
1922 Guayaquil general strike Guayaquil Ecuador
1926 United Kingdom general strike of 1926 nationwide  United Kingdom 10-day general strike by the General Council of the Trades Union Congress to prevent wage reductions and worsened conditions for coal miners; ended without concessions or violence.
1933 1933 Cuban general strike nationwide, initially in Havana  Cuba The strike would originally begin as a strike for bus drivers in Havana and would later grow to other sectors and spread throughout the country. The strike led to the resignation of President Gerardo Machado.[41]
1933 1933 Ecuadorian general strike[42] Quito, Riobamba  Ecuador
1934 San Francisco general strike of 1934 San Francisco, California  United States 83-day general strike in support of the International Longshoremen's Association during the Great Depression; the success of the strike contributed to the growth of industrial unionism under the Congress of Industrial Organizations.
1936 1936 Syrian general strike nationwide Syria
1936 Palestinian general strike nationwide  Mandatory Palestine General strike coordinated by the Arab Higher Committee against Jewish settlement in Palestine; eventually led to the 1936-1939 Arab revolt in Palestine.
1942 Luxembourgish general strike of 1942 nationwide  Luxembourg Campaign of passive resistance against the Nazi occupation during World War II.
1946 Oakland general strike of 1946 Oakland, California  United States Part of the 1945-46 strike wave in the United States during the U.S. demobilization after World War II and the abolition of National War Labor Board restrictions, which contributed to the passage of the Taft-Hartley Act restricting union activities and strike actions.
1950 General strike against Leopold III of Belgium nationwide  Belgium Originated over opposition to King Leopold III of Belgium being returned to throne after his refusal to leave Belgium with the government-in-exile during the Nazi occupation; ended with his agreement to abdicate and allow his son Baudouin to take the throne
1953 Uprising of 1953 nationwide  East Germany Originated as strike by East Berlin construction workers against Sovietization work quotas before expanding to a broad revolt against the Soviet-sponsored Socialist Unity Party's rule; repressed by the Soviet Army and the Kasernierte Volkspolizei
1956 General strike of 1956 nationwide  Finland Successful Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions general strike for higher wages
1960-61 Belgian general strike of 1960-61 Wallonia  Belgium General Labour Federation of Belgium general strike against Prime Minister Gaston Eyskens's austerity policies, especially the Unitary Law; contributed to the growth of the Walloon Movement
1968 French general strike of May 1968 nationwide  France Student protests which escalated into a nationwide general strike which halted the French economy and continued with wildcat strikes after the Grenelle agreements granted higher wages, leading to fears of a revolution against Charles de Gaulle; ended with Gaullist counter-demonstrations and a vote of confidence from the National Assembly.
1973 Uruguay general strike of 1973 nationwide  Uruguay Unsuccessful general strike against the 1973 Uruguayan coup d'état, leading the civic-military dictatorship to ban trade unions.
1974 Ulster Workers' Council strike Northern Ireland  United Kingdom Successful Ulster loyalist general strike against the Sunningdale Agreement between Great Britain and Ireland, which would have attempted to resolve the Northern Ireland conflict by establishing a power-sharing Northern Ireland Executive and revived Council of Ireland
1988 Spanish general strike of 1988 nationwide  Spain Workers' Commissions and Unión General de Trabajadores strike against the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party's policies under Prime Minister Felipe González
1990 1990 Moroccan general strike[43] nationwide  Morocco
1992 April 1992 general strike in Nepal nationwide  Nepal
1998 1998 Puerto Rican general strike nationwide  United States ( Puerto Rico) 41-day general strike against the privatization of the Puerto Rico Telephone Company, accompanied by some violence and sabotage.
2002-03 Venezuelan general strike of 2002-03 nationwide  Venezuela General strike against President Hugo Chávez including a large contingent of PDVSA workers.
2006 2006 democracy movement in Nepal nationwide  Nepal
2007 2007 Guinea general strike nationwide  Guinea Successful general strike forcing President Lansana Conté to resign.
2008 2008 Egyptian general strike nationwide  Egypt General strike including large contingent of textile workers during the 2007-2008 world food price crisis
2011 2011 Oakland general strike Oakland, California  United States Part of the Occupy Oakland demonstrations
2016 Indian general strike of 2016 nationwide  India 24-hour general strike against Prime Minister Narendra Modi's economic policies
2017 2017 Brazilian general strike nationwide  Brazil General strike against President Michel Temer's labor reform policies during the Brazilian economic crisis.
2017 2017 Catalan general strike Catalonia  Spain General strike in support of the Catalan independence movement, accompanied by police repression by the Spanish government.
2018 2018 Jordanian general strike nationwide  Jordan Anti-austerity general strike
2018-19 School strike for climate America, Europe, Australia, and others. Various International movement of students skipping classes to support renewable energy and climate change mitigation
2020 2020 United States essential workers general strike nationwide  United States General strike involving essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic
2020 Strike for Black Lives nationwide  United States Mass walkout in support of the George Floyd protests
2020 2020 Indian general strike nationwide  India Preceded the 2020-2021 Indian farmers' protest
2021 2021 Greek general strike nationwide  Greece 24-hour general strike against a bill in the Hellenic Parliament that would give employers more power in regards to their employees.[44]

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