List of Members of the United Nations Economic and Social Council
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The United Nations Economic and Social Council has 54 member states which are elected by the United Nations General Assembly for overlapping three-year terms, with terms ending on 31 December of the third year. Seats on the Council are based on United Nations Regional Groups, with fourteen seats allocated to the African Group, eleven to the Asia-Pacific Group, six to the Eastern European Group, ten to the Latin American and Caribbean Group, and thirteen to the Western European and Others Group.[1]

Membership by regional group

African Group

Asia-Pacific Group

Eastern European Group

  1. ^ Bulgaria finished the remainder of Hungary's term

Latin American and Caribbean Group

Western European and Others Group

[2] [3]

1990  Canada  Finland  Sweden  United Kingdom  Italy  Netherlands  New Zealand  United States  France  Germany  Greece  Ireland  Portugal
1991  France  Germany  Austria  Spain  Turkey
1992  Italy  Australia  Belgium  United States
1993  Canada  Denmark  Norway  United Kingdom
1994  France  Germany  Greece  Ireland  Portugal
1995  Luxembourg  Australia  Netherlands  United States
1996  Canada  Finland  Sweden  United Kingdom
1997  France  Germany  Iceland  Spain  Turkey
1998  Belgium  Italy  New Zealand  United States
1999  Canada  Denmark  Norway  United Kingdom
2000  France  Germany  Austria  Greece  Portugal
2001  Andorra  Italy  Monaco  United States  Malta[a]
2002  Australia  Finland  Sweden  United Kingdom  Spain[b]
2003  France  Germany  Ireland  Greece  Portugal
2004  Belgium  Italy  Canada  United States  Turkey[c]
2005  Australia  Denmark  Iceland  United Kingdom  Spain[d]
2006  France  Germany  Austria  Turkey  Spain
2007  Netherlands  Luxembourg  Canada  United States
2008  Australia  Finland  Norway  United Kingdom
2009  France  Germany  Liechtenstein  Malta  Turkey
2010  Belgium  Italy  Canada  United States
2011  Australia  Finland  Norway  United Kingdom   Switzerland[e]  Spain[f]
2012   Switzerland[g]  Netherlands[h]  France  Germany  Ireland  Turkey  Spain
2013  New Zealand[i]  Denmark[j]  Sweden[k]  Netherlands  San Marino  Canada  United States  Austria[l]
2014  Finland   Switzerland  Sweden  United Kingdom
2015  France  Germany  Ireland  Greece  Portugal
2016  Australia  Belgium  Italy  United States
2017  Norway  Denmark  Andorra  United Kingdom
2018  France  Germany  Ireland  Spain  Turkey
2019  Canada  Luxembourg  Netherlands  United States
2020  Australia  Finland  Norway   Switzerland
2021  Austria  France  Germany  Portugal  United Kingdom
  1. ^ Malta finished the remainder of Greece's term
  2. ^ Spain finished the remainder of Portugal's term
  3. ^ Turkey finished the remainder of Portugal's term
  4. ^ Spain finished the remainder of Greece's term
  5. ^ Switzerland finished the remainder of Liechtenstein's term
  6. ^ Spain finished the remainder of Turkey's term
  7. ^ Switzerland finished the remainder of Norway's term
  8. ^ Netherlands finished the remainder of Belgium's term
  9. ^ New Zealand finished the remainder of Australia's term
  10. ^ Denmark finished the remainder of Finland's term
  11. ^ Sweden finished the remainder of Switzerland's term
  12. ^ Austria finished the remainder of Germany's term


The list is a summary of all countries that have never been a member of United Nations Economic and Social Council.

UN Member state Regional Group
 Bahrain Asia-Pacific
 Barbados GRULAC
 Belize GRULAC
 Bhutan Asia-Pacific
 Bosnia and Herzegovina E. European
 Brunei Asia-Pacific
 Burundi African
 Cape Verde African
 Central African Republic African
 Costa Rica GRULAC
 Cyprus Asia-Pacific
 Djibouti African
 Dominica GRULAC
 East Timor Asia-Pacific
 Equatorial Guinea African
 Eritrea African
 Fiji Asia-Pacific
 Gambia African
 Guinea African
 Grenada GRULAC
 Israel WEOG
 Jordan Asia-Pacific
 Kiribati None[a]
 Laos Asia-Pacific
 Liechtenstein WEOG
 Lithuania E. European
 Maldives Asia-Pacific
 Marshall Islands Asia-Pacific
 Micronesia Asia-Pacific
 Myanmar Asia-Pacific
 Nauru Asia-Pacific
 North Korea Asia-Pacific
 North Macedonia E. European
 Oman Asia-Pacific
 Palau Asia-Pacific
 Papua New Guinea Asia-Pacific
 Samoa Asia-Pacific
 São Tomé and Príncipe African
 Seychelles Asia-Pacific
 Sierra Leone African
 Singapore Asia-Pacific
 Slovenia E. European
 South Sudan African
 Sri Lanka Asia-Pacific
 Suriname GRULAC
 Syria Asia-Pacific
 Tanzania African
 Tonga Asia-Pacific
 Tuvalu Asia-Pacific
 Uzbekistan Asia-Pacific
 Vanuatu Asia-Pacific
  1. ^ As of May 2006, Kiribati is not a member of any regional group.

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