List of Members of the Swiss Council of States
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List of Members of the Swiss Council of States

This is a list of members of the Swiss Council of States of the 51st legislature (2019-2023).[1] The members were elected in the 2019 Swiss federal election.

Elected members

Canton Seat 1 Party Seat 2 Party
ZHWappen Zürich matt.svg Zürich Daniel Jositsch Daniel jositsch.jpg Social Democratic Party Ruedi Noser Ruedi Noser (2015, cropped).jpg FDP.The Liberals
BEWappen Bern matt.svg Bern Werner Salzmann Werner Salzmann (2019).jpg Swiss People's Party Hans Stöckli* Hans Stöckli (2007).jpg Social Democratic Party
LUWappen Luzern matt.svg Lucerne Andrea Gmür-Schönenberger Andrea Gmür-Schönenberger (2019).jpg Damian Müller Damian-müller-portrait.jpg FDP.The Liberals
URWappen Uri matt.svg Uri Heidi Z'graggen Heidi Z'graggen (2019).jpg Christian Democratic People's Party Josef Dittli Josef Dittli (2019).jpg FDP.The Liberals
SZWappen Schwyz matt.svg Schwyz Othmar Reichmuth Othmar Reichmuth.JPG Christian Democratic People's Party Alex Kuprecht* Alex Kuprecht 2019.jpg Swiss People's Party
OWWappen Obwalden matt.svg Obwalden Erich Ettlin Erich Ettlin 2015.jpg Christian Democratic People's Party N/A
NWWappen Nidwalden matt.svg Nidwalden Hans Wicki Hans Wicki Original (2015).jpg FDP.The Liberals N/A
GLWappen Glarus matt.svg Glarus Thomas Hefti Thomas Hefti (2019).jpg FDP.The Liberals Mathias Zopfi Mathias Zopfi.jpg Green Party
ZGWappen Zug matt.svg Zug Matthias Michel Matthias Michel (2019).jpg FDP.The Liberals Peter Hegglin Peter Hegglin.jpg Christian Democratic People's Party
FRWappen Freiburg matt.svg Fribourg Christian Levrat* Christian Levrat (2019).jpg Social Democratic Party Johanna Gapany Johanna Gapany (2019).jpg FDP.The Liberals
SOWappen Solothurn matt.svg Solothurn Pirmin Bischof* Pirmin Bischof, 2007.jpg Christian Democratic People's Party Roberto Zanetti* Portrait de Roberto Zanetti.jpg Social Democratic Party
BSWappen Basel-Stadt matt.svg Basel-Stadt Eva Herzog Eva Herzog (2019).jpg Social Democratic Party N/A
BLWappen Basel-Landschaft matt.svg Basel-Landschaft Maya Graf Maya Graf 2020.jpg Green Party N/A
SHWappen Schaffhausen matt.svg Schaffhausen Hannes Germann* Hannes Germann (2007).jpg Swiss People's Party Thomas Minder* Thomas Minder.jpg Independent
ARWappen Appenzell Ausserrhoden matt.svg Appenzell Outer-Rhodes Andrea Caroni Andrea Caroni (2012, cropped).jpg FDP.The Liberals N/A
AIWappen Appenzell Innerrhoden matt.svg Appenzell Inner-Rhodes Daniel Fässler Daniel Fässler (2019).jpg Christian Democratic People's Party N/A
SGWappen St. Gallen matt.svg St. Gallen Benedikt Würth Benedikt Würth.jpg Christian Democratic People's Party Paul Rechsteiner* Paul Rechsteiner (2007).jpg Social Democratic Party
GRWappen Graubünden matt.svg Grisons Stefan Engler* StefanEngler.jpg Christian Democratic People's Party Martin Schmid* Martin Schmid (2019).jpg FDP.The Liberals
AGWappen Aargau matt.svg Aargau Thierry Burkhart Thierry Burkart (Nationalrat, 2015).jpg FDP.The Liberals Hansjörg Knecht Hansjörg Knecht.jpg Swiss People's Party
TGWappen Thurgau matt.svg Thurgau Jakob Stark Jakob Stark.jpg Swiss People's Party Brigitte Häberli-Koller* Brigitte Häberli-Koller (2007).jpg Christian Democratic People's Party
TIWappen Tessin matt.svg Ticino Marco Chiesa Marco Chiesa.jpg Swiss People's Party Marina Carobbio Guscetti Marina Carobbio Guscetti (2019).jpg Social Democratic Party
VDWappen Waadt matt.svg Vaud Olivier Français Olivier Français (2019).jpg FDP.The Liberals Adèle Thorens Goumaz* Adèle Thorens Goumaz (2019).jpg Green Party
VSWappen Wallis matt.svg Valais Marianne Maret Marianne Maret (2019).jpg Christian Democratic People's Party Beat Rieder Beat Rieder (2019).jpg Christian Democratic People's Party
NEWappen Neuenburg matt.svg Neuchâtel Philippe Bauer Philippe Bauer (2019).jpg FDP.The Liberals Céline Vara Céline Vara (2019).jpg Green Party
GEWappen Genf matt.svg Geneva Lisa Mazzone Lisa Mazzone (2019).jpg Green Party Carlo Sommaruga Carlo Sommaruga (2019).jpg Social Democratic Party
JUWappen Jura matt.svg Jura Élisabeth Baume-Schneider Élisabeth Baume-Schneider (2019).jpg Social Democratic Party Charles Juillard Charles Juillard (2019).jpg Christian Democratic People's Party
* indicates a candidate that was re-elected.

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