List of National Wrestling Alliance Territories
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List of National Wrestling Alliance Territories
The extinct NWA territory system in North America

Formed in 1948, the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) was the most recognized brand and largest governing body in professional wrestling. Under the control of the NWA Board of Directors (consisting of various prominent, regional promoters), the organization acted as a governing body for the NWA's national territory system which recognized one world champion, participated in talent exchanges, and collectively protected the territorial integrity of member promotions. There is a difference between territories and independent promotions: Independent promotions work alone while some collaborate and recognize other promotions. By 1974, the territories were very well defined while the NWA had a great deal of influence throughout the professional wrestling industry. In 1993, the territories were reorganized following the withdrawal of World Championship Wrestling and New Japan Pro-Wrestling. In August 2012, the NWA discontinued its memberships and became a private organization that licensed the NWA to wrestling promotions.[1] Beginning in October 2017, the NWA was no longer a governing body and gradually evolved into a singular wrestling promotion thus ending any semblance of a territory system.[2][3][4] The following is a list of all past NWA-affiliated promotions and/or territories.

Former NWA-affiliated promotions and/or territories


The following promotions joined the NWA between its founding in 1948 and its reorganization in 1993.[5]

+ indicates a founding member of the NWA.

Headquarters Promotion Promoter(s) Years with NWA Territory (-ies)
Albuquerque NWA New Mexico Mike London 1950-1982[6] New Mexico
El Paso, Texas
Amarillo Western States Sports[7] Dory Detton (through 1955)
Karl Sarpolis (1955-1966)
Dory Funk (1955-1973)
Dory Funk, Jr. (1967-1978)
Terry Funk (1967-1978)
Dick Murdoch (1978-1980)
Bob Windham (1978-1980)
1951-1980[8] West Texas
Atlanta ABC Booking
Mid South Sports
Georgia Championship Wrestling
Paul Jones (through 1974)
Jim Barnett (1973-1983)
Ole Anderson
1949-1984[9] Georgia
Atlanta World Championship Wrestling Jim Herd (1988-1992)
Kip Allen Frey (1992)
Bill Watts (1992-1993)
Eric Bischoff (1993)
1988-1993 United States
Boston American Wrestling Association[10] Paul Bowser 1949-1957[9] Boston, Massachusetts
Buffalo, New York Upstate Athletic Club
Buffalo Athletic Club
Erie Athletic Club
Ed Don George (through late 1950s)
Bobby Bruns
Pedro Martinez
1950-1970[11][12] Western New York
Erie, Pennsylvania[11]
Cleveland, Ohio
Calgary Foothills Athletic Club
Big Time Wrestling
Stampede Wrestling
Larry Tillman (through 1952)
Stu Hart (1952-1982)
1951-1982[8] Alberta
Charlotte, North Carolina Jim Crockett Promotions
Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Jim Crockett (through 1973)
Jim Crockett, Jr.(1973-1988)
1951-1988[8] Virginia
North Carolina
South Carolina
Chicago Fred Kohler Enterprises[7] Fred Kohler 1949-1963[7] Illinois
Columbus, Ohio Midwest Wrestling Association Al Haft+ 1948–Mid 1960s[14] Ohio
Dallas World Class Championship Wrestling Jack Adkisson (Fritz Von Erich) 1966-1986 Texas
Detroit Harry Light Wrestling Office[7] Harry Light+ 1948-1961[14] Michigan
Des Moines NWA Iowa Paul "Pinkie" George+ 1948-1959[14] Iowa
Detroit Big Time Wrestling Ed Farhat (The Sheik)
Francis Flesher
1964-1980 Michigan
Dominican Republic Dominicana De Espectaculos Arcadio Disla Brito Late 1980s Dominican Republic
Dothan, Alabama NWA Gulf Coast Buddy Fuller (through 1960)
Lee Fields
Bobby Fields
Rocky McGuire
195?-1978 Alabama
Dyersburg, Tennessee
NWA Mid-America Nick Gulas
Roy Welch
John Cazana
Joe Gunter
1949-1981[9] Tennessee
North Alabama
Eugene, Oregon NWA Pacific Northwest Don Owen 1957-1992 Oregon
Great Falls, Montana NWA Montana Jerry Meeker 1949-1950[15] Montana
Halifax Eastern Sports Association Al Zinck 1969-1977 Canadian Maritimes
Houston Southwest Sports Morris Sigel
Ed McLemore
Paul Boesch
Norman Clark
1949-1966[9] East Texas
Indianapolis NWA Indianapolis Billy Thom (through 1959)
Balk Estes
1950-1960 Indiana
Hollywood NWA Hollywood Hugh Nichols 1949-1956[9] Hollywood
San Diego
Honolulu 50th State Big Time Wrestling Al Karasick (through 1961)
Ed Francis
James Blears
1949-1979[9] Hawaii
Honolulu NWA Polynesian Wrestling Peter Maivia (through 1982)
Leah Maivia
1979-1988 Hawaii
Kansas City NWA Heart of America/Central States Orville Brown+ (through 1958)
George Simpson (through 1958)
Bob Geigel (1958-1986, 1987-1988)
Jim Crockett, Jr. (1986-1987)
1948-1988[14] Missouri
Knoxville NWA Southeast Championship Wrestling
Continental Championship Wrestling
Jim Barnett
Ron Fuller
1974-1987 Tennessee
Los Angeles John J. Doyle Enterprises
California Wrestling Office
Hollywood Wrestling
Johnny Doyle (through 1954)
Cal Eaton (1954-1966)
Mike LeBell (1958-1983)
Southern California
Mexico City Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre Salvador Lutteroth 1953-1986[16] Mexico
Minneapolis Minneapolis Boxing and Wrestling Club Tony Stecher+ (through 1954)
Wally Karbo (through 1954-1960)
Verne Gagne (through 1954-1960)
1948-1960[14] Minnesota
Montreal Montreal Wrestling Eddie Quinn 1949-1957[9] Montreal
New Jersey NWA New Jersey
NWA Championship Wrestling America
Dennis Coralluzzo 1992-2000 New Jersey
New York City Eastern Sports Enterprises[17] Rudy Dusek 1950-1957[18][7] New York metropolitan area
New York City Manhattan Booking Agency
Manhattan Wrestling Enterprises
Joseph "Toots" Mondt 1950-1957[18][7] New York City
Omaha NWA Nebraska Max Clayton 1949-1957[19] Nebraska
Orem, Utah Salt Lake Wrestling Club Dave Reynolds 1950-1960s[20] Utah
Philadelphia Eastern Championship Wrestling Tod Gordon 1993-1994 Pennsylvania
St. Louis St. Louis Wrestling Club Sam Muchnick+ (through 1982)
Bob Geigel
1948-1985[14] Missouri
San Francisco NWA San Francisco Joe Malcewicz 1949-1961[9] San Francisco Bay Area
San Francisco Big Time Wrestling Roy Shire 1968-1981 San Francisco Bay Area
San Juan Capitol Sports Promotions
World Wrestling Council
Carlos Colón
Victor Jovica
1979–1987 Puerto Rico
Seoul Korean Wrestling Association Kim Ill Mid 1970s-1983 South Korea
Sydney, Australia World Championship Wrestling Jim Barnett 1969-1978 Australia
Tampa Championship Wrestling from Florida Clarence Luttrell (through 1971)
Eddie Graham (through 1985)
Hiro Matsuda (1985-1987)
Duke Keomuka (1985-1987)
1950-1987[20] Florida
Tokyo All Japan Pro Wrestling Shohei Baba 1973-1986 Japan
Tokyo Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance Rikid?zan (through 1963)
Toyonobori (through 1966)
1953-1973 Japan
Tokyo New Japan Pro-Wrestling Antonio Inoki (1972-1989)
Seiji Sakaguchi (1989-1999)
Tatsumi Fujinami (1999-June 2004)
Masakazu Kusama (June 2004-June 2005)
Simon Kelly Inoki (June 2005-April 2007)
Naoki Sugabayashi (April 2007-September 2013)
Kaname Tezuka (September 2013 - February 2016)
Katsuhiko Harada (February 2016 - present)
July 20, 1975 - 1985
Toronto Maple Leaf Wrestling Frank Tunney (through 1983)
Jack Tunney
1949-1984[9] Southern Ontario
Tulsa Tulsa Promotions
Leroy McGuirk's Championship Wrestling
Tri-States Wrestling
Midwest Championship Wrestling
Sam Avey (through 1958)
Leroy McGuirk(1951-1982)
1949-1982[9] Oklahoma
Vancouver NWA All Star Wrestling Sandor Kovacs(through 1977)
Al Tomko
Early 1960s-1985 British Columbia
Washington, DC
New York City
Capitol Wrestling Corporation
World Wide Wrestling Federation
World Wrestling Federation
Vince McMahon, Sr. (through 1982)
Joseph "Toots" Mondt (through 1965)
Vince McMahon (from 1982)
Northeastern United States
Wellington All-Star Pro Wrestling Steve Rickard 1962–early 1990s New Zealand


The following promotions joined the NWA between its reorganization in 1993 and its end as a membership organization in August 2012.

Promotion Promoter(s) Years with NWA Territory (-ies) Affiliate
NWA 2000 Steve Corino
Marc Coralluzzo
1997-2001 North Carolina
New Jersey
NWA Absolute Entertainment James Allred
Gary "The Freak" Neeley
2009 Northern Michigan Affiliate of NWA East
NWA Addicted[22]
NWA Green Mountain
Chad Merchant
Chad Peters
2004-May 2006
Vermont NWA New England
All-Star Championship Wrestling Jason Jerry 2002-2012 Wisconsin NWA Midwest
NWA Wisconsin
NWA All-Star Wrestling Stan Lee 2006-2012 Virginia NWA Virginia
NWA Fusion
Allied Powers Wrestling Federation Bubba Brewer 2008 Pennsylvania Associate of NWA East
Alternative Pro Wrestling 2008-2012 Royston, Georgia NWA Georgia
Alternative Wrestling Show Bart Kapitzke 2005-2012 California NWA Pro
NWA Anarchy Jerry Palmer
Franklin Dove
2005 Georgia NWA Georgia
NWA Ark-La-TX Phillip Sullivan 2012-2014 Longview, Texas
NWA Australian Wrestling Alliance 2011 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
NWA Battle Zone[23] Denny McLain 2002-2012 Mississippi NWA New South
NWA Bluegrass[24] Kenny McCoy 2002 Kentucky
NWA Blue Ridge James Gillenwater 2004-2005 Virginia NWA Virginia
NWA Bodyslam Rudy Boy Gonzales 2011-2012 Texas NWA Houston
NWA Brew City Wrestling Frankie DeFalco 2009-2011 Wisconsin NWA Midwest
NWA Wisconsin
NWA California Zack Reeb 2004-2006 Central California
Canadian Wrestling Federation Ernie Todd 1998-2005 Manitoba
NWA Capital Frank Chiofalo 2009-2012 Albany, New York Area NWA New Jersey/New York
NWA New York/ NWA Upstate
NWA Empire
NWA Carolinas Eldon Speer 2007-2010 North Carolina Affiliate of NWA Mid-Atlantic
Central States Wrestling Joseph McDonald 2001-2008 Kansas
NWA Midwest
Championship Pro Wrestling Sam Simms
Kevin Brandt
2006-2007 Oregon Associate of NWA ECCW
Championship Wrestling From Hollywood David Marquez 2010-2013 California
Championship Wrestling from Florida Kevin Rhodes 2003-2012 Northern Florida NWA South Atlantic
NWA Heat Wave
Championship Wrestling Incorporated 2008 West Virginia Affiliate of NWA East
NWA Charlotte J. D. Costello 2009 North Carolina
NWA Chattanooga 2010-2012 Tennessee
NWA Cold Front Ellen Magliaro New England Formerly NWA New England
NWA Green Mountain
NWA Coastal Phil Varlese 2011-2012 New Jersey
Dakota Pro Wrestling Brian Walther 2010-2012 North Dakota
South Dakota
NWA DAWG Lawrence Zirconium 2010-2013 New Jersey
Deep Southern Championship Wrestling 2011-2012 Georgia
Dynamo Pro Wrestling Jim Yount 2008-2012 Kansas
NWA Midwest
Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling ECCW Entertainment Co. Ltd. 1996 British Columbia NWA Oregon/ CPW
NWA Washington
NWA Empire Jill Rosario (2004-2008)
Dave Ann (2008)
2004-2008 New York Associate of NWA Upstate
Empire Wrestling Federation Jesse Hernandez 2006-2012 California NWA Pro
Explosive Pro Wrestling
Explosive Pro Wrestling Adelaide
Perth, Australia
Adelaide, Australia
NWA Pro Wrestling
NWA Florida Howard Brody (through 2002)
Joe Price
Ron Niemi
1994-2005 South Florida
NWA Force One Pro Wrestling Johnny Calzone 2009-2012 New Jersey NWA New Jersey/New York
NWA Coastal
NWA Full Throttle Action Will Peden 2011-2012 Oklahoma
NWA Fusion Rick O'Brien
Larry Horsley
2000-2013 Virginia NWA Virginia
NWA All-Star Wrestling
Mountain Empire Championship Wrestling
Fusion Pro Wrestling Victoria Star
Billy Roberts
Jeff Michaels
2008-2009 Colorado NWA Pro Wrestling
NWA Georgia Bill Behrens 1998-2005 Alabama
NWA Anarchy
NWA Blue Ridge
NWA Rocky Top
North American Wrestling Association
Pro Wrestling Evolution
Ultimate NWA
NWA Germany Franz Schumann 1999-2002 Germany
NWA Great Championship Wrestling Jerry Oates 2004-2007 Georgia NWA Georgia
NWA Great Lakes Wrestling Anthony Watson, Nate Mattson, Brian Dunn, Great Lakes Broadcasting Group 2009 Michigan Associate Member Of NWA East
Gulf Coast Wrestling Alliance Ben Galvan 2008-2009 Texas NWA Southwest
NWA Hawaii/IXWF Parrish Ho
Joseph Tramontano
1999-2007 Hawaii
High Risk Wrestling Matt Jackson 2007 California NWA Pro
ICWA - NWA France Daniel Jalbert 2002 France NWA France
Frontier Championship Wrestling Richard Bonjour 2010-2011 Illinois NWA Midwest
Impact Zone Wrestling Steve Greyeyes Islas 2008-2010 Arizona NWA Pro
NWA Indiana Shawn Cook
Guy Lombardo
Marc Houston
2005-2010 Indiana NWA Midwest
Inoki Genome Federation Antonio Inoki 2007 Japan
Insane Championship Wrestling Wisconsin NWA Midwest
NWA Wisconsin
NWA Intermountain Wrestling Revolution Brad Lisenby 2012-2013 Salt Lake City, Utah
International Independent Wrestling
Impact Independent Wrestling
Tim Boutin 2000-2003 Rhode Island NWA New England
International Wrestling Association Víctor Quiñones
Juan Rivera
Puerto Rico
IWA Mid-South Ian Rotten Illinois NWA Midwest
IWA Japan[25] Víctor Quiñonez 1995-1996 Japan
NWA Ireland[26] Paul Tracey 2004-2008 Ireland NWA UK Hammerlock
NWA Korea[27] Lee Whang Pyo 2006– South Korea
NWA Liberty States Ricky Otazu 2012-2013 New Jersey
NWA Lone Star Tony Brooklyn 2011-2012 Texas
NWA Lucha Chicago 2010 Illinois NWA Midwest
Mach One Wrestling John Ian 2008-2012 California NWA Pro Wrestling
NWA Main Event[28] Jason Womack 1997 Tennessee NWA main event was bought by Jason Womack at the same time he bought NWA SAW in a merge
Metro Pro Wrestling Chris Gough 2010-2012 Kansas NWA Midwest
NWA Mexico[29] Blue Demon, Jr.
Daniel Acevas
Mexico NWA Pro Wrestling
NWA Michigan
NWA Great Lakes
Gene Austin 1998-2002 Michigan
Mid-American Wrestling Carmine DeSpirito 2004-2007 Wisconsin NWA Midwest
NWA Wisconsin
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling[30] Ricky Nelson 1998 North Carolina
South Carolina
NWA Carolinas
NWA WarZone/NWA E.D.G.E.
NWA Mid-South[31] Alvin Minnick 1999-2009 Tennessee
Associate of NWA Main Event
NWA Midwest[32] Rico Mann
Ed Chuman
1998 Illinois
New Hampshire
NWA MidWest Brew City
NWA MidWest Supreme
NWA MidWest Xtreme Limits
NWA MidWest Dynamo Pro
NWA MidWest Wisconsin
NWA MidWest Kansas - Metro Pro
NWA Florida - Pro Wrestling Fusion
NWA MidWest Underground
NWA Liberty States New Hampshire
NWA Liberty States Massachusetts
Mid-American Wrestling
Insane Championship Wrestling
NWA Supreme League of Wrestling
Frontier Championship Wrestling
NWA Platinum
NWA Lucha Chicago
Pro Wrestling Next
NWA Optimum
Rebellious Wrestling Federation
IWA Mid-South
Mr. Chainsaw Pro Wrestling Hardcore Harry 2008 Kalkaska, MI Associate of NWA East
Mountain Empire Championship Wrestling Virginia NWA Virginia
NWA Music City Wrestling
NWA Worldwide
Bert Prentice 1997-1999
1999-Oct 2000
NEO Japan Kyoko Inoue
Tetsuya Koda
1998-2010 Japan
NWA New Beginnings Greg Price 2009-2010 Charlotte, North Carolina
New England Championship Wrestling Sheldon Goldberg 2000 Massachusetts
NWA New South Bob Serio 2003-2008 Mississippi NWA Battlezone
NWA New York Carlina O'Brien
Richard O'Brien
1998-2000 New York
NWA No Limits Wrestling Doug Ritter
Scott Ritter
2003-2009 Muscatine, Iowa
NWA Northeast Michael O'Brien 1998-2000 New York
North American Wrestling Association Georgia NWA Georgia
NWA North Jersey El Bandido 2004-2005 Northern New Jersey NWA New Jersey/New York
NWA Shockwave
NWA Northern Championship Wrestling 2009 Lansing, Michigan
NWA Ohio Valley Daniel Briley 1997-2001 Indiana
NWA On Fire Mario Savoldi
Tommy Savoldi
2008 New Jersey
NWA Pro East
NWA Optimum Jon Kmetz 2009-2010 Illinois NWA Midwest
Paradise Pro Wrestling
Lucha Americana International
2009 Texas NWA Southwest
Pennsylvania Wrestling Alliance Robert Fischer
Torrence Tate
John Wickizer
1998-2000 Pennsylvania
NWA Platinum 2009-2010 Indiana NWA Midwest
NWA Premier Chance Prophet 2011-2013 West Virginia
NWA ProSouth Wrestling Terry Batey 2011 Alabama
NWA Pro Wrestling David Marquez 2005 California
Alternative Wrestling Show
Empire Wrestling Federation
Explosive Professional Wrestling Adelaide
Fusion Pro Wrestling
High Risk Wrestling
Impact Zone Wrestling
NWA Pro Wrestling East
NWA Ultra Championship Wrestling-Zero
Rising Phoenix Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Revolution
SoCal Pro Wrestling
NWA Mexico
Dakota Pro Wrestling
Mach One Wrestling
New Japan Dojo[33]
Pro Wrestling Evolution Georgia NWA Georgia
Pro Wrestling Fusion Joseph Cabibbo 2009-2011 Florida NWA Midwest
NWA Pro Wrestling Krush Rasche Brown 2010 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Pro Wrestling Next 2009 Iowa NWA Midwest
Pro Wrestling Revolution Gabriel Ramirez 2008-2012 Northern California NWA Pro
NWA Pro Wrestling eXpress[34] Jim Miller 1995 Pennsylvania, Michigan NWA Great Lakes Wrestling
Hybrid Pro Wrestling
Mr. Chainsaw Pro Wrestling
Victory Independent Pro Wrestling
Allied Powers Wrestling Federation
Championship Wrestling Federation
Heroes of Wrestling
Undisputed Championship Wrestling
Susquehanna Wrestling Organization
Victory Independent Pro Wrestling
NWA Quebec Pro Wrestling[35] Rodney Kellman 2004-2010 Quebec Portneuf Wrestling Association
Rebellious Wrestling Federation Sean David 2009-2010 Illinois NWA Midwest
NWA Ring Warriors Howard Brody 2011 Florida
Rising Phoenix Wrestling Earnest Guill 2007 Arizona NWA Pro
NWA Rocky Mountain Mike Esposito 2002-2003 Utah
NWA Rocky Top[36] James Strange 2005 Tennessee NWA Georgia
Scottish Wrestling Alliance Pete Murphy 2004-2008 Scotland NWA UK Hammerlock
NWA Cyberspace
NWA Shockwave
Billy & Daisy Firehawk 2005-2006
New Jersey NWA New Jersey/New York
NWA North Jersey
NWA Upstate
Smoky Mountain Wrestling Jim Cornette
Sandy Scott
1994-1995 Tennessee
West Virginia
North Carolina
South Carolina
SoCal Pro Wrestling Jeff Dino 2008-2012 Oceanside, California NWA Pro Wrestling
NWA South Atlantic Steve Michaels
D.J. Jeff
2003-2009 Orlando, Florida Associate of NWA Championship Wrestling from Florida
NWA Southwest Ken Taylor 1998-2011 Texas NWA Houston
NWA Top of Texas
NWA Oklahoma/NWA Universal
Total Championship Wrestling
Gulf Coast Wrestling Alliance
Rio Grande Valley Wrestling
Lucha Americana International
Paradise Pro Wrestling
Sunray Pro Wrestling Mike Tyler 2003-2004 Florida NWA Florida
NWA Supreme David Cavazos 2009-2011 Illinois NWA Midwest
NWA Top Rope Mike Sircy 2005-2013 Tennessee
NWA Total Nonstop Action Wrestling[37] Jeff Jarrett
Jerry Jarrett
2002-2007 Tennessee
Total Championship Wrestling John Peterson Austin, Texas NWA Southwest
Total Wrestling Explosion 2011-2012 Mississippi Associate of NWA Battlezone
Ultimate NWA[38] Will Owens 2003 Alabama NWA Georgia
NWA Ultra Championship Wrestling-Zero[39] Steve Neilson 2003 Utah NWA Pro Wrestling
NWA Underground Merle Ramsey
Eric King
2007-2011 Indiana NWA Midwest
NWA East
Undisputed Championship Wrestling Chris Ashton 2008 Pennsylvania Affiliate of NWA East
NWA UK Hammerlock Dean Champion 1993-2013 Great Britain
NWA Universal[40] Christopher Fox 2003 Oklahoma NWA Southwest
NWA Unleashed 2009 Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Upstate Pro Wrestling Jill Rosario (2004-2008)
Dave Ann (2008)
Chip Stetson (2008-present)
2004-2013 Upstate New York NWA Upstate
NWA Empire
NWA Capital
NWA Velocity Austin Rhodes 2012 Austin, Texas
Victory Independent Pro Wrestling 2009-2011 Michigan Affiliate of NWA East
NWA Wales 2006-2007 NWA UK Hammerlock
NWA WarZone Ben Gilbert 2012 Victoria
NWA Washington 2007-2008 State of Washington Associate of NWA ECCW
West Coast Wrestling Connection Jeff Manning/Pat Kelly 2005 Oregon NWA Pro Wrestling
NWA West Virginia
NWA West Virginia/Ohio
NWA Tri-State
Richard Arpin 1998-2007 West Virginia
NWA WildKat Luke Hawx
Orlando Jordan
2011 Louisiana
NWA Wild West 2011-2012 Arizona
NWA Wisconsin Jason Jerry 2003-2012 Wisconsin NWA Midwest
All-Star Championship Wrestling
Brew City Wrestling
Mid American Wrestling
NWA Unleashed
Xtreme Limits Wrestling
Insane Championship Wrestling
NWA Wrestle Birmingham[41] Linda Marx 2005 Alabama NWA Georgia
Xplosion Nacional de Lucha Libre 2011-2012 Chile NWA Pro Wrestling
NWA Alabama Pro Wrestling
NWA Xtreme
Kevin Brannen 2002-2004 Alabama NWA Georgia
Xtreme Limit Wrestling Chad Vandermark Wisconsin NWA Midwest
NWA Wisconsin
Pro Wrestling Zero1 Shinya Hashimoto & Yoshiyuki Nakamura
Yoshiyuki Nakamura & Shinjiro Ohtani
Japan Zero1 Pro Wrestling Australia


The following promotions paid to license the NWA brand after August 2012 and before the NWA became a single wrestling promotion in October 2017.

Promotion Promoter(s) Founded Territory(ies) Former Name(s)
NWA Appalachia Tyson Smith 2014 West Virginia
NWA Atlanta Jackie Marler 2011 Atlanta, Georgia NWA Action
Mid-Georgia Championship Wrestling
NWA Bayou Independent Wrestling Josh Newell 2007 Louisiana, Mississippi
NWA Big Apple Andrew Anderson / Ebenezer Baldwin Bowles June 2016 New York / New Jersey / Connecticut
NWA Blue Collar Wrestling 2015 Oregon
NWA Branded Outlaw Wrestling David Schulze, Jr 2012 San Antonio, Texas
NWA Central States Championship Wrestling Charles Wilcox 2013 East St. Louis, Illinois Power Slam Entertainment
NWA Combat Sport Travis Edgeworth/Lucha Locura 2015 Pensacola, Florida
Diamond Stars Wrestling 2016 Tokyo
NWA Florida Wrestling Alliance 2011 St. Petersburg, Florida
NWA Insanity 2009 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Insane Championship Wrestling
Irish-Italian Wrestling Mike Dube 2017 New England
NWA Mid South Pro Wrestling Darrell Freeman 2014 South Carolina Old School Wrestling Alliance
NWA New Revolution Wrestling Matt Yaden 2010 Denver, Colorado
NWA Next Level Wrestling Devin Driscoll 2013 Knoxville, Tennessee
NWA Old School Wrestling Fred Urban III 2013 Odessa, Texas
NWA Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling Vinnie Vain 2012 North Carolina NWA Warzone Wrestling
NWA Southern Pro Wrestling


Innovate Wrestling Tony Givens 2004-2017 Kingsport, Tennessee NWA Smoky Mountain Wrestling
NWA Smoky Mountain
Championship Wrestling Alliance
NWA Blue Ridge
Southern States Wrestling
NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling Jason Womack 2007 Nashville, Tennessee Showtime All-Star Wrestling
NWA Supreme Jeremy Bevins Southern Indiana South Central Wrestling, Infinity Pro Wrestling, Supreme Championship Wrestling, American Wrestling All-Stars Supreme
NWA Mid West James J. Martin Marion, Ohio
NWA Texas Stampede Wrestling James Beard 2013 Balch Springs, Texas
NWA Texoma Robert Langdon 2011 Ardmore, Oklahoma
NWA Top of Texas Jack Kelso 2011 Amarillo, Texas Pro Wrestling Federation
NWA Amarillo
NWA Vendetta Pro Wrestling[42] Billy Blade
Joseph Duncan
2009 California & Nevada
NWA World Class Carmine DeSpirito 2009 Rio Grande Valley, Texas
NWA Wrestling Revolution James Dante 2007 McAllen, Texas
NWA Wrecking Ball Wrestling Tony Martin 2007 Wichita, Kansas Frisco, Texas Wrecking Ball Wrestling


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