Liberalism in Serbia
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Liberalism in Serbia

Liberalism in Serbia is limited to liberal parties with substantial support, mainly proved by having had a representation in parliament. The sign => denotes another party in that scheme. For inclusion in this scheme it is not necessary so that parties labeled themselves as a liberal party.


Liberal parties were active in former Serbia and later in Yugoslavia. After the restoration of democracy liberal factions became active again.

The timeline

From Liberals to Nationalists

  • 1848: Beginning of differentiating of political currents, liberals noticeable next to the conservatives
  • 1858: Liberals organized themselves though not yet as political party in the modern sense
  • 1881: The group established the Society for the promotion of Serbian Literature (? ) NGO
  • 1883: The organization is formed into a political party: Liberal Party ( ?)
  • 1904: A left-wing faction seceded as the => Liberal Democratic Party ( ?) returning to original liberal ideas, the remainder continues as the National Party (? ?) straying far away from liberalism
  • 1905: The => Liberal Democratic Party reunited the National Party into the People's Party (? ?) of the liberal center
  • 1919: The party merged with the Independent Radical Party and the Serbian Progressive Party (among many others) into the => Yugoslav Democratic Party

Progressive Party

  • 1842: The Constitution-defenders () are organized, first forefathers of the progressives
  • 1868: The Young Conservatives are organized, although not yet as a political party
  • 1881: The Serbian Progressive Party ( ?) is founded with many strong liberal ideas
  • 1896: The party dissolved
  • 1906: The party is reestablished, fully reformed
  • 1914: The conservative faction seceded as the Serbian Conservative Party (? ?)
  • 1919: The party merged with the People's Party and the Independent Radical Party (along with many others) into the => Yugoslav Democratic Party
  • 1920: The party is reestablished by the remainder that didn't join into the Democrats
  • 1925: The party ceased to exist

Radical Party

From Democrats to Liberals

  • 1919: A group of hard-core republicans secedes
  • 1920: The republican dissidents form the Republican Democratic Party (? ? / Republikanska demokratska stranka)
  • 1921: Republican Party is renamed as Yugoslavian Republican Party (? ? ? / Jugoslovenska republikanska stranka)
  • 1921: The party is formally named as the Yugoslav democratic Party (? ? / Jugoslovenska demokratska stranka) gaining a statute
  • 1924: A faction formed the => Independent Democratic Party (? ? / Samostalna demokratska stranka)
  • 1929: monarchic dictatorship is established and parties are banned
  • 1935: preserving structure, the Democrats return into politics with the reintroduction of multi-parliamentarism
  • 1945: Parties are again banned, JDS goes into pacifist resistance to Communism
  • 1948: JDS is destroyed by Communists, but "Our Word" (Na?a re?) emigrant newspaper is organized maintaining Democrats' ideology
  • 1963: emigrants reform the party as the Democratic Alternative (Demokratska alternativa) emigrant movement abroad
  • 1968: student liberal demonstrations in Belgrade, opposition to Communist dictatorship formed => Committee for the Protection of Human Rights (? ? ? / Komitet za za?titu ljudskih prava), considered predecessor of the modern Democratic Party
  • 1982: Democratic Alternative ceases to exist
  • 1989: Reestablishment of the party declared
  • 1990: The party is reorganized as a political party, but just in Serbia
  • 1990: "Our Word" stops editing
  • 1991: A nationalist group seceded as the Serbian Liberal Party ( ? / Srpska liberalna stranka)
  • 1992: Right wing seceded as the Democratic Party of Serbia ( ? / Demokratska stranka Srbije)
  • 1996: A faction seceded as the Democratic Center ( / Demokratski centar)
  • 2001: The party changed its ideology to social democracy
  • 2004: The => Democratic Centre returned into the Democratic Party
  • 2005: A faction seceded as the => Liberal Democratic Party
  • 2007: => Civic Alliance of Serbia merged into the Liberal Democratic Party

From Union of Reform Forces of Yugoslavia to Reformist Party

Civic Alliance of Serbia

Liberal leaders

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