Bible Translations Into Kurdish
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Bible Translations Into Kurdish

Part of the Bible was first available in the Kurdish language in 1856 in the Kurmanji dialect. The Gospels were translated by Stepan, an Armenian employee of the American Bible Society and were published in 1857. Isaac Grout Bliss, of the ABS, translated the rest of the New Testament, and the entire NT was published in Istanbul by A.H. Bohajian in 1872 in the Armenian Alphabet. A part of the Bible was first available in the Mukri dialect of Sorani Kurdish in 1909. In 1919, Ludvig Olsen Fossum of the United Norwegian Lutheran Church of America finished those parts under the Arabic script under the title Injil Muqqades. Part of the Bible became available in Kermanshahi in 1894.

Modern translations are being done into many different dialects.


Kurdish Sorani Standard Bible (KSS) is a recent translation of the complete Bible in Sorani Kurdish by Biblica (International Bible Society). It was released in Arabic script version in April 2017.[1]


Latin Kurmanji

The Bible Society in Turkey published the New Testament in modern Kurmanji in 2005. The Psalms were added in a subsequent printing (2015). Since then, translation of Old Testament books has been continuing and translations that have been consultant-checked are uploaded to[2] (Also referred to as the YouVersion app).[3] As of March 2021, 21 of the 39 books of the Old Testament are available for reading there. Audio readings of those books have been made available on Soundcloud[4] to help oral learners, and to garner feedback on the translations for eventual printing of the whole Bible.

There is another translation available - a translation of both Testaments - which was done independently of the Bible Society in Turkey. In the Pê?gotin (Foreword), it is described as the work of Resûl and Seîd. It was published by GBV-Dillenburg in 2004.[5]

Kurmanji Cyrillic

Institute for Bible Translation is translating the Bible into Cyrillic Kurmanji for Kurds in the post Soviet Union. The New Testament was completed in 2000 and a revised edition was released in 2011. There is ongoing work on the Old Testament.


Portions of the Bible have been translated into Behdini: first John's Gospel, then Proverbs (independent of the KLA team), Luke/Acts and in 2019, the whole New Testament.[6]


The gospel of Luke has been translated into Zaza Kurdish.

Translation John 3:16
1919 Fossum translation ? ? ? ? .
Modern Kurmanji translation Çimkî Xwedê wusa ji dinyayê hez kir ku Kurê xwe yê yekta da, da her kesê ku baweriyê bi wî bîne helak nebe, lê jiyana wî ya herheyî hebe.
IBT Modern Kurmanji ?w ?' , ' ?w ? ?' , w ? w? w ? ? ?, w ?'-?' ?.
IBS Modern Sorani ? ? ? ? ? ? .
KLA Modern Behdini ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? .

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