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Bayrami, Bayramiye, Bayramiyya, Bayramiyye, and Bayramilik refer to a Turkish Sufi order (tariqah) founded by Hajji Bayram (Hac? Bayram-? Veli) in Ankara around the year 1400 as a combination of Khalwat?, Naqshband?, and Akbar? Sufi orders. The order spread to the then Ottoman capital Istanbul where there were several tekkes and into the Balkans (especially Rumelia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Greece). The order also spread into Egypt where a tekke was found in the capital, Cairo.

Influences on the other sufi orders

Although the order today is almost nonexistent, its influence can be seen in Aziz Mahmud Hudayi founder of the Jelveti order, and the prolific writer and Muslim saint ?smail Hakk? Bursevî.

Historical evolutionary development of "B?yr?m?" (B?ir?mee) order throughout Anatolia

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