Auburn Cayugas
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Auburn Cayugas
Auburn Cayugas
(1877, 1888-1889, 1897-1899, 1906-1907, 1936-1940, 1946-1951)
Auburn, New York
Minor league affiliations
Previous classesClass C (1897, 1899, 1938, 1940, 1946-1951)
Class D (1906-1907)
Previous leagues
League Alliance (1877)
Central New York League (1888)
New York State League (1889, 1897-1899)
Empire State League (1906-1907)
Canadian-American League (1938, 1940)
Border League (1946-1951)
Major league affiliations
Previous teamsBoston Red Sox (1948)
Minor league titles
2 1888, 1889
Team data
Previous names
Auburn Auburnians (1877)
Auburn Yankees (1888-1889)
Auburn Maroons (1897-1898)
Auburn Pioneers (1899)
Auburn (1906-1907)
Auburn Bouleys (1938)
Auburn Colts (1940)
Auburn Cayugas (1946-1950)
Auburn Falcons (1951)
Previous parks
Seward Avenue Park (1877, 1888-1889, 1897-1899)
Falcon Park (1938, 1940, 1946-1951)

The Auburn Cayugas was a primary moniker of the minor league baseball franchises based in Auburn, New York and their namesake Cayuga County, New York between 1877 and 1951. Auburn teams played as members of the League Alliance (1877), Central New York League (1888), New York State League (1889, 1897-1899), Empire State League (1906-1907), Canadian-American League (1938, 1940) and Border League (1946-1951).

The Auburn Cayugas were an affiliate of the Boston Red Sox in 1948.

Auburn continued play from 1958 through 2020, evolving into the Auburn Doubledays.


Minor league baseball started in Auburn, New York in 1877. The Auburn Auburnians played the 1877 season as a member of the League Alliance, which had over thirty teams. The manager was Billy Arnold.[1][2][3]

The Auburn Yankees played as a member of the 1888 Central New York League. Auburn won the 1888 Central New York League Championship with a 22-10 regular season record. The Central New York League permanently disbanded after the 1888 season.[4][5]

The Auburn Yankees won the New York State League Championship in 1889. Auburn finished the season in 1st place with a 32-19 record under Manager Frank Leonard. Auburn finished 2.0 games ahead of the Elmira, New York team, in winning the six-team league championship. Auburn did not return to the New York State League in 1890.[6][7]

The Auburn Maroons returned to play in the Independent New York State League in 1897. The 1987 Maroons finished 50-41, 3rd in the five-team league under Manager Tim Shinnick. Auburn finished 4.5 games behind the league champion Canandaigua Rustlers. On August 24, 1889, Auburn hosted of one of the first games played under electric lights at Seward Avenue Park.[8][6][9][10]

The 1898 Auburn Maroons finished 3rd in the eight -team New York State League with a record of 52-50. The 1898 Managers were Tim Shinnick, Barney McManus and Mickey Finn. Auburn finished 5.5 games behind league champion Canandaigua Rustlers.[11][9][6]

The Auburn Pioneers continued play as members of the Class C New York State League in 1899. The Auburn Prisoners were managed by Tim Shinnick and Charles Faatz. Auburn had a 27-43 record when the franchise moved to Troy, New York on August 1, 1899. The franchise finished the season as the Troy Washerwomen and combined were 43-69, 7th in the New York State League.[12][6][13]

Auburn joined the Class D Independent Empire State League in 1906. The franchise was owned and managed by Willard Hoagland. Auburn finished the season 3rd, with a 37-35 record under Manager Hoagland. Auburn finished 7.0 games behind the champion, Seneca Falls, New York.[14][15][16][17]

In 1907, Auburn again finished 3rd in the Empire State League. Auburn had a 44-39 under Willard Hoagland, 10.0 games behind the champion Oswego Starchmakers. The Empire State League permanently folded after the 1907 season.[18][16][19]

After the 1937 season, the Smiths Falls Beavers of the Class C Canadian-American League were purchased by Auburn investors, headed by William Bouley. The 1938 Auburn Bouleys finished 49-68, 7th in the Canadian-American League regular season. The Manager was John Cimpi. Season attendance was 16,178, an average of 277 per game. After finishing last in the eight-team league in attendance, the franchise was sold and moved to become the Utica Braves in 1939.[20][21][22][23][24]

In 1940, the Auburn Colts returned to play in the Canadian-American League. The Auburn Colts finished 28-93, 8th (last) in the Canadian-American League. The Colts' Manager was George Lee. The Auburn Colts season attendance was 10,040, an average of 166 per game. The franchise folded after the 1940 season.[25][26][27][28][29]

In 1946, the Auburn Cayugas became charter members of the Class C Border League. The 1946 six-team league standings featured the Auburn Cayugas (72-44), Granby Red Sox (54-60), Kingston Ponies (58-55), Ogdensburg Maples (50-68), Sherbrooke Canadians (46-71) and Watertown Athletics (69-51).[30][31][32][33][34]

The 1946 Auburn Cayugas, captured the Border League pennant in their first season. The Cayugas finished the regular season 72-44 1st in the Border League. Playing under Manager Phillip Hearn, Auburn was defeated by the Kingston Ponies 3 games to 1 in the playoffs. Auburn season attendance was 48,683, 3rd in the Border League.[35][30][36][31][37]

The Auburn Cayugas qualified for the playoffs in 1947. The Cayugas finished 66-60 3rd in the 1947 Border League regular season under Manager was Phillip Hearn. In the playoffs, the Ottawa Nationals swept Auburn in 4 games. The 1947 Auburn season attendance was 59,637.[38][39][31]

The 1948 Auburn Cayugas were an affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. With a Border League regular season record of 49-78, the team finished 6th under Phillip Hearn. Auburn did not qualify for the playoffs. Season attendance was 43,102, an average of 679 per game.[40][41][31]

The Auburn Cayugas advanced to the 1949 Border League Finals. With a 67-62 (4th place) regular season record under Manager Phillip Hearn, Auburn qualified for the playoffs. In the semi-finals, the Auburn Cayugas defeated the Ottawa Senators in a seven-game series 4 games to 3. In the Border League Finals, the Geneva Robins defeated Auburn 4 games to 2. Season attendance was 55,634.[42][43][31]

In 1950, Auburn missed the playoffs. With a 50-77 record, 6th in the Border League under Managers William Sisler Tom Accardo and Bill Gates, the Cayugas failed to qualify for the playoffs. 1950 season attendance was 41,755.[44][45][31]

With Auburn continuing play in the 1951 Border League, the league folded mid-season. The Auburn Falcons, were in 4th place under Bill Gates at 26-26, when the Border League permanently disbanded on July 16, 1951.[31][46][33][37][34]

The 1958 Auburn Yankees succeeded the Auburn Falcons, beginning began play as members of the New York-Penn League. Today, Auburn remains in the New York-Penn League as home to the Auburn Doubledays. Selected alumni of all Auburn minor league teams are honored in the Auburn Baseball Wall of Fame at Falcon Park.[47][48]

The ballparks

Beginning in 1877, early Auburn teams including the Auburn Maroons played at Seward Avenue Park. On August 24, 1889, the ballpark hosted Auburn in playing one of the first baseball games under electric lights.[10][3]

In seasons between 1927 and 1951, Auburn teams played at Falcon Park. The address was 108 North Division Street. Built in 1927 by the Polish Falcons, the ballpark was torn down and rebuilt following the 1994 baseball season. Today, the new Falcon Park is home to the Auburn Doubledays of the New York-Penn League.[49][50][51][52][53]

Notable alumni

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