2020 DTM Trophy
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2020 DTM Trophy

The 2020 DTM Trophy was the inaugural season of the DTM support series for GT cars eligible for E2-SH and E2-SC-class FIA categories. The series will be run by ITR, the association also organising the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters. The championship ran as part of selected DTM race weekends in 2020, commencing in Spa-Franchorchamps on 1 August and finishing on 8 November at the Hockenheimring.[1]

Teams and drivers

The following teams and drivers compete in the 2020 DTM Trophy. All teams compete with tyres supplied by Hankook. The entry list was revealed on 29 July 2020.[2]

Make Car Team No. Driver Status Rounds
Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-AMG GT4 Germany Leipert Motorsport[3] 2 Germany Fidel Leib[3] XP All
4 Poland Jan Kisiel[3] All
9 Spain Marc de Fulgencio[3] J All
Germany Superdrink by Bremotion[4] 7 Germany Jan Philipp Springob[4] J All
Austria HP Racing International[5] 46 Germany Tim Heinemann[5] All
Audi Audi R8 LMS GT4 Evo Germany Racing One[6] 5 Switzerland Lucas Mauron[7] J All
6 Netherlands Kelvin Snoeks[8] 1-3
Germany Dominique Schaak[9] 4-6
Romania Carbogaz Racing[10] 77 Romania David Serban[10] J 1-4, 6
Germany Superdrink by Spielkind Racing[11] 94 Germany Felix von der Laden[11] 1-4
BMW BMW M4 GT4 Germany FK Performance[12] 10 United Kingdom Ben Green[13] J All
11 Germany Luke Wankmüller[14] J All
Germany Walkenhorst Motorsport[15] 34 United Kingdom Ben Tuck[15] All
35 Netherlands Max Koebolt[16] All
Switzerland Hofor Racing by Bonk Motorsport[17] 61 Germany Michael Schrey[17] G 3
Porsche Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport Germany Phoenix Racing[18] 17 Switzerland Rudolf Rhyn[18] J All
Germany Allied Racing[19] 30 Switzerland Felix Hirsiger[19] J 1-4
Denmark Bastian Buus[20] 5
Austria Nicolas Schöll[21] J 6
Porsche Cayman PRO4 GT4 Germany PROsport Performance[22] 18 Germany Peter Terting[22] All
KTM KTM X-Bow GT4 Germany Teichmann Racing[23] 19 Germany Kevin Strohschänk[23] 1-2
Austria Reinhard Kofler[24] 3
20 Austria Laura Kraihamer[25] G 2
Germany Georg Griesemann[24] G 3
58 Germany Yves Volte[26] G 2
Toyota Toyota GR Supra GT4 Germany TGR Ring Racing[27] 90 Argentina José María López[28] 2, 6
Germany Heiko Hammel[29] 3
Belgium Nico Verdonck[30] 4-6
91 Germany Heiko Hammel[31] 2
Germany Andreas Gülden[29] XP 3
Germany Michael Tischner[30] XP 4-5
Icon Legend
J Junior class
XP XP class
G Guest driver[a]


The race calendar follows the DTM calendar, and was therefore also altered multiple times in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.[32][33]

Round Circuit Race 1 Race 2
1 Belgium Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps 1 August 2 August
2 Germany EuroSpeedway Lausitz 22 August 23 August
3 Germany Nürburgring Grand Prix 12 September 13 September
4 Germany Nürburgring Sprint 19 September 20 September
5 Belgium Circuit Zolder 17 October 18 October
6 Germany Hockenheimring 7 November 8 November

Results and Standings

Season summary

Round Circuit Pole position Fastest lap Winning driver Winning team
1 R1 Belgium Spa-Francorchamps United Kingdom Ben Tuck Spain Marc de Fulgencio United Kingdom Ben Tuck Germany Walkenhorst Motorsport
R2 Germany Tim Heinemann United Kingdom Ben Green United Kingdom Ben Green Germany FK Performance
2 R1 Germany EuroSpeedway Lausitz Switzerland Felix Hirsiger Poland Jan Kisiel Germany Tim Heinemann Austria HP Racing International
R2 Poland Jan Kisiel Germany Tim Heinemann Germany Tim Heinemann Austria HP Racing International
3 R1 Germany Nürburgring Grand Prix Germany Tim Heinemann Germany Tim Heinemann Germany Tim Heinemann Austria HP Racing International
R2 Germany Tim Heinemann Germany Tim Heinemann Germany Tim Heinemann Austria HP Racing International
4 R1 Germany Nürburgring Sprint Germany Tim Heinemann Germany Tim Heinemann Germany Tim Heinemann Austria HP Racing International
R2 Germany Tim Heinemann Germany Peter Terting Germany Tim Heinemann Austria HP Racing International
5 R1 Belgium Circuit Zolder Switzerland Lucas Mauron Switzerland Lucas Mauron Switzerland Lucas Mauron Germany racing one
R2 Switzerland Lucas Mauron Switzerland Lucas Mauron Switzerland Lucas Mauron Germany racing one
6 R1 Germany Hockenheimring Switzerland Lucas Mauron Switzerland Lucas Mauron Switzerland Lucas Mauron Germany racing one
R2 Switzerland Lucas Mauron Switzerland Lucas Mauron Germany Tim Heinemann Austria HP Racing International

Scoring system

Points were awarded to the top ten classified finishers as follows:

Race Position  1st   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   6th   7th   8th   9th   10th 
Points 25 18 15 12 10 8 6 4 2 1

Additionally, the top three placed drivers in qualifying also received points:

Qualifying Position  1st   2nd   3rd 
Points 3 2 1

Drivers' championship

No. Driver(s) Points
1 Germany Tim Heinemann 275
2 Poland Jan Kisiel 165
3 United Kingdom Ben Tuck 133
4 United Kingdom Ben Green 120
5 Switzerland Lucas Mauron 115
6 Germany Peter Terting 72
7 Netherlands Max Koebolt 62
8 Spain Marc de Fulgencio 62
9 Germany Jan Philipp Springob 54
10 Switzerland Felix Hirsiger 52
11 Belgium Nico Verdonck 36
12 Austria Nicolas Schöll 29
13 Germany Luke Wankmüller 24
14 Austria Reinhard Kofler 21
15 Switzerland Rudolf Rhyn 20
16 Netherlands Kelvin Snoeks 12
17 Argentina José María López 12
18 Denmark Bastian Buus 12
19 Germany Felix von der Laden 4
20 Germany Fidel Leib 3
21 Germany Dominique Schaak 1
23 Germany Kevin Strohschänk 0
22 Germany Heiko Hammel 0
24 Romania David Serban 0
25 Germany Michael Tischner 0
26 Germany Andreas Gülden 0
27 Germany Michael Schrey 0

Junior standings

The junior standings is based on only race results of eligible drivers, and thus any bonus points for qualifying do not count towards the junior classification.

Pos. Driver Points
1 United Kingdom Ben Green 113
2 Switzerland Lucas Mauron 103
3 Spain Marc de Fulgencio 60
4 Germany Jan Philipp Springob 54
5 Switzerland Felix Hirsiger 49
6 Austria Nicolas Schöll 25
7 Germany Luke Wankmüller 24
8 Switzerland Rudolf Rhyn 18
9 Denmark Bastian Buus 12
10 Romania David Serban 0
Pos. Driver Points

XP standings

Pos. Driver Points
1 Germany Fidel Leib 286
2 Germany Michael Tischner 72
3 Germany Andreas Gülden 50
Pos. Driver Points

Teams' championship

Pos. Team Points[b]
1 Austria HP Racing International 254
2 Germany Leipert Motorsport 161
3 Germany Walkenhorst Motorsport 149
4 Germany FK Performance Motorsport 135
5 Germany Hella Pagid-Racing One 133
6 Germany Allied Racing 51
7 Germany PROsport Performance 70
8 Germany Superdrink by Bremotion 68
9 Germany Ring Racing 58
10 Germany Phoenix Racing 32
11 Germany Teichmann Racing 31
12 Romania Carbogaz Racing 4
13 Switzerland Hofor Racing by Bonk Motorsport 0
Pos. Team Points[b]


  1. ^ As a guest driver, the driver is ineligible to score points
  2. ^ a b The teams championship only includes results of the highest placed entrant of each team. Any subsequent point scoring entrant of the same team is ignored. This is valid for both the race results as well as qualifying bonus points.[35]



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