2007-08 A1 Grand Prix of Nations, Mexico
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2007-08 A1 Grand Prix of Nations, Mexico
Flag of Mexico.svg 2007-08 A1GP of Mexico
Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez.svg
Race Details
Race 8 of 10 in the 2007-08 A1 Grand Prix season
DateMarch 16, 2008
LocationAutódromo Hermanos Rodríguez
Mexico City, Mexico
Sprint race
PoleFlag of South Africa.svg South Africa (Adrian Zaugg)
1stFlag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand (Jonny Reid)
2ndFlag of the United Kingdom.svg Great Britain (Oliver Jarvis)
3rdFlag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland (Neel Jani)
Fastest Lap
FLFlag of the People's Republic of China.svg China (Cong Fu Cheng)
Time1'21.589, (Lap 11)
Feature race
PoleFlag of Canada.svg Canada (Robert Wickens)
1stFlag of Ireland.svg Ireland (Adam Carroll)
2ndFlag of the United Kingdom.svg Great Britain (Oliver Jarvis)
3rdFlag of the United States.svg USA (Jonathan Summerton)
Fastest Lap
FLFlag of the United Kingdom.svg Great Britain (Oliver Jarvis)
Time1'21.417, (Lap 37)
Official Classifications
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The 2007-08 A1 Grand Prix of Nations, Mexico is an A1 Grand Prix race, held on March 16, 2008 at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, Mexico City, Mexico. This is the eighth meeting in the 2007-08 A1 Grand Prix season.


David Martínez (Mexico) who race two venues in the 2005-06 season was recalled to drive Rookie sessions due to ineligibility of current main driver David Garza Perez.[1] Josef Král (Czech Republic) was replaced by Filip Salaquarda for the last three meetings.[2] This Czech driver race in one round in 2006-07. Initially, Josef Král was called for race all four rounds but its results in the last South African venue (18th and 16th) weren't enough for its team.


In Rookie sessions, David Rigon (Italy) top the classification for its first A1GP appearance.[3] This performance was only achieved before by Jonathan Summerton (USA) in 2006-07, Australia.

Mexico and France made disappointing qualifying sessions.[4] David Garza Perez (Mexico) spin and hit the wall in the Peraltada corner in its last hot lap, he start from last row of the grid in each races. Jonathan Cochet line up on 16th and 14th position for his first race weekend replacing Loïc Duval for French team who is second in the standings before Mexican rounds.

Robert Wickens (Canada) make the Feature race pole position under yellow flag during the last qualifying session when David Garza Perez (Mexico) spin off. These circumstances are controversial according to several drivers, like Neel Jani who realize the second time, but the race stewards take no action against the Canadian team.[5]

Sprint race qualifications
Pos Team Time Gap
1 South Africa South Africa 1'20.315 -
2 New Zealand New Zealand 1'20.397 +0.082
3 United States USA 1'20.426 +0.111
4 Switzerland Switzerland 1'20.518 +0.203
5 United Kingdom Great Britain 1'20.556 +0.241
6 Canada Canada 1'20.621 +0.306
7 Republic of Ireland Ireland 1'20.769 +0.454
8 Brazil Brazil 1'20.842 +0.527
9 Portugal Portugal 1'20.940 +0.625
10 Italy Italy 1'20.961 +0.646
11 Netherlands Netherlands 1'21.005 +0.690
12 China China 1'21.028 +0.713
13 Germany Germany 1'21.054 +0.739
14 Malaysia Malaysia 1'21.099 +0.784
15 Pakistan Pakistan 1'21.176 +0.861
16 France France 1'21.417 +1.102
17 Australia Australia 1'21.789 +1.474
18 India India 1'21.799 +1.484
19 Lebanon Lebanon 1'22.012 +1.697
20 Indonesia Indonesia 1'22.044 +1.729
21 Mexico Mexico 1'22.370 +2.055
22 Czech Republic Czech Republic 1'22.373 +2.058
Main race qualifications
Pos Team Time Gap
1 Canada Canada 1'20.278 -
2 Switzerland Switzerland 1'20.320 +0.042
3 Germany Germany 1'20.646 +0.368
4 United Kingdom Great Britain 1'20.705 +0.427
5 Republic of Ireland Ireland 1'20.708 +0.430
6 New Zealand New Zealand 1'20.743 +0.465
7 United States USA 1'20.783 +0.505
8 Portugal Portugal 1'20.825 +0.547
9 China China 1'20.859 +0.581
10 South Africa South Africa 1'20.870 +0.592
11 Malaysia Malaysia 1'20.939 +0.661
12 Italy Italy 1'20.953 +0.675
13 Netherlands Netherlands 1'21.263 +0.985
14 France France 1'21.310 +1.032
15 Australia Australia 1'21.358 +1.080
16 Lebanon Lebanon 1'21.441 +1.163
17 Pakistan Pakistan 1'21.484 +1.206
18 Brazil Brazil 1'21.675 +1.397
19 Indonesia Indonesia 1'21.788 +1.510
20 India India 1'21.909 +1.631
21 Czech Republic Czech Republic 1'22.333 +2.055
22 Mexico Mexico 1'22.371 +2.093

Sprint race

It is 28 °C for the sprint race and a near 50 °C for the track temperature.[6] A second start was planned because of multiple crash in the first. Oliver Jarvis (Great Britain) hit the back of Neel Jani (Switzerland) car's. Pakistan and then Australia hit Germany. Ireland and Brazil went off the track. Red flag is brandished and a new start is scheduled 20 minutes later. All teams had time to repair damages and line up in their qualifying position except Germany who cannot take part in the second start.

The start is properly done this time and South Africa take the lead but only for two laps to have sustained a puncture. New Zealand lead Great Britain, Switzerland and Ireland. Australia is out since Lap 1, hitting Pakistan. Jonathan Cochet (France passes Narain Karthikeyan (India) in Lap 4 for 13th. The Safety car is out in Lap 6 when Filip Salaquarda (Czech Republic) spin in the chicane.

After the safety car comes on in Lap 9, Great Britain, Switzerland and Ireland are close together using PowerBoosts to make the difference but all preserve their own position. In Lap 10, Cong Fu Cheng (China) hit David Garza Perez (Brazil) and go to the pits. China make the fastest lap on Lap 13. Jonny Reid (New Zealand) take its fourth win of the season behind Great Britain, Switzerland, Ireland, USA, Portugal, Canada, Netherlands, Malaysia and Brazil finished 10th.

Pos Team Driver Laps Time Points
1 New Zealand New Zealand Jonny Reid 14 20'59.462 15
2 United Kingdom Great Britain Oliver Jarvis 14 +2.697 12
3 Switzerland Switzerland Neel Jani 14 +3.745 10
4 Republic of Ireland Ireland Adam Carroll 14 +4.291 8
5 United States USA Jonathan Summerton 14 +4.721 6
6 Portugal Portugal Filipe Albuquerque 14 +7.125 5
7 Canada Canada Robert Wickens 14 +7.787 4
8 Netherlands Netherlands Jeroen Bleekemolen 14 +8.597 3
9 Malaysia Malaysia Alex Yoong 14 +9.599 2
10 Brazil Brazil Bruno Junqueira 14 +10.952 1
11 Italy Italy Edoardo Piscopo 14 +11.538
12 France France Jonathan Cochet 14 +12.483
13 India India Narain Karthikeyan 14 +14.859
14 Indonesia Indonesia Satrio Hermanto 14 +15.600
15 Lebanon Lebanon Jimmy Auby 14 +16.970
16 Mexico Mexico David Garza Perez 14 +18.363
17 China China Cong Fu Cheng 11 +1 lap +1
Ret Czech Republic Czech Republic Filip Salaquarda 4 +10 laps
Ret Pakistan Pakistan Adam Langley-Khan 4 +10 laps
Ret South Africa South Africa Adrian Zaugg 2 +12 laps
Ret Australia Australia John Martin 0 +14 laps
DNS Germany Germany Michael Ammermüller - -

Main race

The start was aborted because Brazil was way out of its position.[7] At 15:15 the race was restarted and Canada took the lead behind Switzerland, Great Britain, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, USA, Portugal, Malaysia, South Africa. Australia and Italy get in the pits but Edoardo Piscopo (Italy) retire. In Lap 4, China passes Malaysia for 10th. In Lap 7, Neel Jani (Switzerland) grabb the lead to Robert Wickens (Canada). Australia receive a drive-through penalty. The first window to mandatory pit stops is open on Lap 10.
New Zealand loses some positions with its bad pit stop. Switzerland made the festest lap just after pitting. France then Indonesia, for the first time in A1GP history, lead the race due to late stops. After the first mandatory stops, in Lap 16, Switzerland take the lead behind Ireland, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, USA, New Zealand, South Africa, Netherlands and China. In the next lap, Oliver Jarvis (Great Britain) passes Robert Wickens (Canada) for 3rd. During the next laps, Switzerland increase its advance to 6 secondes, Michael Ammermüller (Germany) come near to Canada and try to passes without success and Jonathan Summerton (USA) close to Germany.
In Lap 27, Jonny Reid (New Zealand) hit the kerb in the chicane and finish in the tire wall. The Safety car is out until lap 29. New Zealand is still in the race but in 20th. In Lap 32, USA passes Canada by way of its Power-to-Pass. Malaysia who were 10th, loses two positions in the same Lap 33. Portugal passes at Turn 2 and Brazil on a side-by-side overtake in Turns 4 and 5. Next lap, Germany and Canada hits each other and Michael Ammermüller (Germany) should change its car's nose. It's the second mandatory pit stops.
Switzerland, Ireland, Great Britain and USA pit immediately. Switzerland and Ireland exit side-by-side gratefully to the Ireland pits team. Adam Carroll (Ireland) take the lead at the end of the pit lane. Switzerland its second behind Great Britain, USA, Netherlands, Canada, South Africa, Portugal, Brazil and Malaysia. New Zealand and France are fighting but for 16th. Czech Republic and Switzerland receive a drive-through penalty in Lap 41 when Great Britain made the fastest lap. In Lap 44, Neel Jani (Switzerland) is 11th behind Pakistan. Jonathan Summerton (USA) is close to Oliver Jarvis (Great Britain) and try to passes during the last laps of the race.
The final order is Ireland, the 15th team to win a race in A1GP behind Great Britain, USA, Netherlands, Canada, South Africa, Portugal, Brazil, India and China. The championship leader finish 12th for New Zealand, 13th for France and 19th for Switzerland. Switzerland lead the series by 15 points behindNew Zealand and 20 points behind France who not score any points this weekend.

Pos Team Driver Laps Time Points
1 Republic of Ireland Ireland Adam Carroll 47 1:07'47.858 15
2 United Kingdom Great Britain Oliver Jarvis 47 +3.355 12+1
3 United States USA Jonathan Summerton 47 +4.104 10
4 Netherlands Netherlands Jeroen Bleekemolen 47 +13.653 8
5 Canada Canada Robert Wickens 47 +15.175 6
6 South Africa South Africa Adrian Zaugg 47 +16.195 5
7 Portugal Portugal Filipe Albuquerque 47 +16.542 4
8 Brazil Brazil Bruno Junqueira 47 +17.253 3
9 India India Narain Karthikeyan 47 +26.504 2
10 China China Cong Fu Cheng 47 +30.671 1
11 Indonesia Indonesia Satrio Hermanto 47 +35.536
12 New Zealand New Zealand Jonny Reid 47 +36.051
13 France France Jonathan Cochet 47 +39.464
14 Mexico Mexico David Garza Perez 47 +49.082
15 Malaysia Malaysia Alex Yoong 47 +53.860
16 Czech Republic Czech Republic Filip Salaquarda 47 +1'06.153
17 Lebanon Lebanon Jimmy Auby 47 +1'24.771
18 Pakistan Pakistan Adam Langley-Khan 46 +1 lap
19 Switzerland Switzerland Neel Jani 46 +1 lap
20 Germany Germany Michael Ammermüller 46 +1 lap
21 Australia Australia John Martin 46 +1 lap
Ret Italy Italy Edoardo Piscopo 2 +45 laps



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