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Ancient Greek

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From ? (aíth?).




o (aith?rm (genitive ?); third declension

  1. heaven
  2. aether; ether
  3. theoretical medium of great elasticity and extreme thinness of consistency supposed to fill all unoccupied space and transmit light and heat
  4. The upper or purer air as opposed to erebus ( (Érebos)), the lower or dirtier air; the clear sky.


Derived terms

  • (hupaíthrios)


  • -> Arabic: (?ar, "air")
  • -> Bulgarian: ? (eter)
  • -> Croatian: eter
  • Greek: (aithír); ? (aithéras)
  • -> Hebrew: (eter)
  • -> Latin: aether, ?ther
  • -> Old Armenian: ? (et?er)
    • -> Armenian: ? (et?er) (learned)
  • -> Persian: ?(asir)
  • -> Polish: eter
  • -> Russian: (efír)
  • -> Serbo-Croatian:
    Cyrillic: ?
    Latin: etar
  • -> Ukrainian: (efír)


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