Sumatra Treaty
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Sumatra Treaty

Article I

Her Britannic Majesty desists from all objections against the extension of the Netherland Dominion in any part of the island of Sumatra, and consequently from the reserve in that respect contained in the notes exchanged by the Netherland and British Plenipotentiaries at the conclusion of the treaty of 17 March 1824.

Article II

His Majesty the King of the Netherlands declares, that in the Kingdom of Siac Srie Indrapoora and its dependencies as it is defined in the compact concluded by the Netherland Indian Government with that Kingdom on the 1st of February 1858, the trade of British subjects and the British navigation shall continue to enjoy all the rights and advantages that are or may be granted there to the trade of Netherland subjects and to the Netherland navigation, and further that the same assimilation shall be granted to the trade of British subjects and to the British navigation in any other native State of the Island of Sumatra that may here after become dependent on the Crown of the Netherlands, provided always that British subjects conform themselves to the laws and regulations of the Netherland Government.

Article III

The stipulations of the preceding article shall not interfere with the distinction established by the Netherland Indian laws and regulations between individuals of Western and individuals of Eastern extraction, nor with the application of the stipulations of the convention of 27 March 1851.

Article IV

The present convention shall be ratified as soon as possible and shall remain without force or effect until it has received, as far as shall be required, the approval of the States-General. In witness whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the same and have affixed thereto the seal of their arms. Done at The Hague the second day of November in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy-one.

(signed) L. Gericke Van Bosse

(signed) E. A. J. Harris

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