Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/Blum, Robert
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Collier's New Encyclopedia 1921 /Blum, Robert

BLUM, ROBERT, a German Liberal leader, born in very humble circumstances at Cologne, Nov. 10, 1807; was secretary and treasurer of a theater at Cologne, and subsequently at Leipsic, until 1847, when he established himself as bookseller and publisher. His leisure was devoted to literature and politics, and in 1840 he founded at Leipsic the Schiller Society, which celebrated the poet's anniversary, as a festival in honor of political liberty. When the revolutionary movement broke out in 1848, Blum was one of its most energetic leaders. He was elected one of the Vice-Presidents of the Provisional Parliament at Frankfort, and as such ruled that turbulent assembly. In the National Assembly he became leader of the left, and was one of the bearers of a congratulatory address from the Left to the people of Vienna, when they rose in October. At Vienna he joined the insurgents, was arrested, and was shot on Nov. 9, 1848.

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