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YAMAHA Casual Wind Instrument"Venova" YVS-100【Japan Domestic Genuine Products】 | Music Gear At Popflock.com


YAMAHA Casual Wind Instrument"Venova" YVS-100【Japan Domestic genuine products】



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Product features ★ With a new wind instrument "Venova", you will have a new wind in your everyday life ● Venova is a new wind instrument that can be easily started and enjoy full-fledged performances. ◆ Easy ● Light and compact design that can be carried easily ● Washable OK, easy to clean ● Gentle fingering similar to a recorder ◆ Authentic ● Expressive rich tone like saxophone and authentic blowing comfort ● A simple structure but two octave range ◆ Adoption of "branch pipe" ● By using "branch pipe" which branched cylindrical tube, sound like the conical wind instrument is realized with compact size. ◆ Tube meandering ● By making a straight pipe meander, shortening the space between the sound holes and realizing a simple structure that does not use keys as much as possible. ● Easy to play even for the first time wind instruments, easy fingering similar to a recorder. ◆ Durable material that you can handle easily ● Body made of ABS resin is strong and can be washed with water. ※ ★ ★ Detailed description By "Newsbridge" ★ ★ ※

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