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TreeWorks Chimes (U.S.A. Large Single Row, 35-Bar Wind Chime Made From Tennessee Black Walnut Wood (Video) (TRE35 | Music Gear At Popflock.com


TreeWorks Chimes (U.S.A. Large Single Row, 35-Bar Wind Chime Made from Tennessee Black Walnut Wood (Video) (TRE35



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" The full size single-row chime above is the model TRE35. It's TreeWorks' most popular chime and is considered the industry standard. The metal chime bars are made of TreeWorks' exclusive Aluminum/Titanium alloy, comprised of 11 different metals melted together. They are heat treated for 8 hours to create a crystal clear tone, then the bars are polished to a brilliant finish. The unique chromatic-like tuning has been described as ethereal and shimmering. It blends beautifully in all musical settings. This distinctive sound is what made TreeWorks Chimes famous. The mantle, TreeWorks' name for the wooden frame, is crafted from solid Tennessee hardwood. The deep color is brought out with a hand-rubbed oil finish that is high-end, yet understated. Each chime bar is individually hand-tied to the mantle. One-bar-at-a-time. NO PLASTIC TIES and NO STAPLES are used. The braided CordLoc employed can hold up to 50-pounds (think miniature rappelling rope). To say TreeWorks' chimes are durable is an understatement. As you have probably noticed by this point, TreeWorks is serious about build quality. This level of craftsmanship has attracted musicians from all walks of life. For example, the top 24 DCI Drum Corps use TreeWorks Chimes, as do professional drummers and percussionists, Broadway shows, churches, universities, recording studios, high school marching and concert bands, elementary school music teachers, music therapists, yoga studios and even sound healers. TreeWorks Chimes is a small company in Nashville, Tennessee that specializes in handcrafting chimes (sometimes called bar chimes, wind chimes or chime trees). Their instruments are incredibly well made and produce lush, beautiful waves of tone with a sweep of your hand. They are simple to play. Use your finger to drag along the face of the chime bars just below the hole where the strings are mounted and let one chime gently drop into the next. TreeWorks does not recommend using a beater or striker, due to the contact sound it creates. The magic comes from the chime bars themselves making contact. Add another dimension to your sound with this chime, and you will have invested in the best instrument of its kind that will serve you your entire career. All TreeWorks Chimes are made in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A. Optional accessories for the TRE35 Classic Chime include a Chime Holder / Mounting Clamp Bracket (TRE52), Chime Damper (TRE54), Soft Bag (LG24) and Professional Hard sided Gig Bag (TRE51). - Made in the U.S.A. - Shimmering tone from TreeWorks' exclusive chime alloy - Each chime bar is hand-tied with super strong micro braided cord (No plasitc ties) - Solid Tennessee hardwood with hand rubbed oil finish - Unique tuning blends with all styles of music "

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