Yahya Ibn Ma'in
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Yahya Ibn Ma'in

Ya?y? ibn Man (Arabic: ? ?‎) was a classical Islamic scholar[3] of Persian[8] origin.

He was a close friend of Ahmad ibn Hanbal and is often quoted regarding Ilm ar-Rijal.[9] Alongside Ibn Hanbal, Ali ibn al-Madini and Ibn Abi Shaybah, Ibn Ma'in has been considered by many Muslim specialists in hadith to be one of the four most significant authors in the field.[10]

His teachers included; Ibn al-Mub?rak, Isml ibn ?Iy?sh, 'Ab?d ibn 'Ab?d, Sufy?n ibn ?Uyainah, Gundur, Ab? Muwiyyah, tim ibn Isml, ?af? ibn Giy?th, Jar?r ibn ?Abdul-?am?d, 'Abd ur-Ruzz?q, Wak?' and many others from Ir?q, ?ij?z, Jaz?rah, Sh?m and Mi?r.[11]

From amongst his students were; A?mad bin ?anbal, Mu?ammad bin S?ad, Ab? Khaithamah, al-Bukh?r?, Muslim, Ab? D?w?d, ?Abb?s al-Dawr?, Ab? tim, and many others.[12]

His zeal for knowledge was recognised through his endeavours. A notable example is that after the passing of his father he inherited 1,050,000 dirhams. He spent it all towards seeking ?ad?th to the extent that nothing remained to even purchase a pair of shoes.[13]

We also see the Im?m's zeal for seeking knowledge by the various journeys he made, such as: Basrah, Bagd?d, Har?n, Dimasq, al-Ras?fah, al-Ray, San', Kuf?, Mi?r and Makkah al-Mukaramah.[14]

His works were not limited to mere approbations and disapprobation of narrators albeit a science he was a master in, or narrating of ad?th,[15] rather, he progressed forward as an author writing many books, many of which are not found today,[16] despite him formally writing as an author at the age of twenty.[17] Of the books available today are; Ma'rifatul al-Rij?l,[18] T?r?kh ?Uthm?n bin Sad al-D?rim?, Ya?y? bin Man wa Kit?buhu 'l-T?r?kh and a small treatise titled 'Min Kal?m Ab? Zakariyy? Ya?y? bin Man fi 'l-Rij?l'.


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