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We Kana
transliteratione, we
hiragana origin?
katakana origin?

?, in hiragana, or ? in katakana, is a nearly obsolete Japanese kana.

It is presumed that ? represented [?e] and that ? and ? indicated different pronunciations until somewhere between the Kamakura period and the Taish? period when they both came to be pronounced as [je] , later shifting to the modern ? [e][]. Along with the kana for wi (? in hiragana, ? in katakana), this kana was deemed obsolete in Japanese in 1946, and replaced with ? and ?. It is now rare in everyday usage; in onomatopoeia or foreign words, the katakana form (U-[small-e]) is preferred, as in "?" for "west".

The kana still sees some modern-day usage. Ebisu is usually written "", but sometimes "" like Ky?to Ebisu Shrine (?, Ky?to Ebisu Jinja),[1] and name of the beer Yebisu (), which is actually pronounced "Ebisu". The Japanese title of the Rebuild of Evangelion series is Evangelion: New Theatrical Edition (, Evangerion Shin Gekij?ban). Katakana ? is sometimes written with a dakuten, ?, to represent a /ve/ sound in foreign words; however, most IMEs lack a convenient way to write this and the combination is far more common.

Hiragana ? is still used in several Okinawan orthographies for the syllable /we/. In the Ry?ky? University system, ? is also combined with a small ?, /, to represent the sound /wi/. Katakana ? is used in Ainu for /we/.

Stroke order

Stroke order in writing ?
Stroke order in writing ?

Other representations

Encodings decimal hex decimal hex
Unicode 12433 U+3091 12529 U+30F1
UTF-8 227 130 145 E3 82 91 227 131 177 E3 83 B1
Numeric character reference ゑ ゑ ヱ ヱ
Shift JIS 130 239 82 EF 131 145 83 91
  • Braille

Japanese Semaphore Basic Stroke 9.svg Japanese Semaphore Basic Stroke 3.svg Japanese Semaphore Basic Stroke 1.svg


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