Wadjiginy Language
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Wadjiginy Language

Native toAustralia
RegionDaly River
Native speakers
5 (2005)[1]
  • Wadjiginy
Language codes

Wadjiginy, also known as Wagaydy (Wogait) and Batjamalh, is an Australian Aboriginal language. Apart from being closely related to Kandjerramalh, it is not known to be related to any other language, though it has borrowed grammatical and lexical material from neighboring Northern Daly languages.[1]

Wadjiginy (Wadyiginy, Wagaydy, Wogaity) is the name of the people; the language is Patjtjamalh (Batjamalh, Batytyamalh).[1]


Capell (1940) lists the following basic vocabulary items:[3]

gloss Wo:gaidj
man ?anan
woman ?oala?
head bödja
eye miba
nose widja
mouth ?a:g
tongue ?a:?al
stomach b?nman
bone big
blood gavin
kangaroo mudj
opossum dadjädaid
crow wagwag
fly mul
sun qeig
moon qa?a
fire vin
smoke wingar
water wi:g


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