Velar Ejective Stop
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Velar Ejective Stop
Velar ejective stop
IPA Number109 + 401
Entity (decimal)k​ʼ
Unicode (hex)U+006B U+02BC
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The velar ejective is a type of consonantal sound, used in some spoken languages. The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents this sound is ⟨k'⟩.


Features of the velar ejective:


Language Word IPA Meaning Notes
Abkhaz ???/aky [ak'?] 'one'
Adyghe Temirgoy ??/? 'calf'
Shapsug ?/y? 'tail' Palatalized. Corresponds to [t'] in other dialects.
Archi ?I/k'an [k'an] 'bottom'
Armenian Yerevan dialect[1] ?/kekhts [k't?s'] 'false' Corresponds to tenuis [k?] in other Eastern dialects.
Chechen /khant [k'?:nt] 'boy'
English[2][3] Non-local Dublin[4] back [bak'] 'back' Allophone of /k/ for some speakers.[4]
Northern English[5][6][7][8] Pre-pausal allophone of /k/ for some speakers;[5][7] may be somewhat palatalised.[5] See English phonology
Southern English[4][5][6][7]
Scottish[9] Occasional word-final allophone of /k/.[9]
Georgian ?/k'aba [k'aba] 'dress'
Haida hai|ttsanskkaagid{} [ts'ansk'a:kit] 'beams'
Hausa ?o?ari [k'ò:k'?] 'effort'
Kabardian Baslaney ?/kl'apsè 'rope' Palatalized. Corresponds to [t'] in other dialects.
K'iche' k'ak' [k'a:k'] 'new'
Lezgian ?I/k'ir [k'ir] 'fang'
Navajo k'os [k'òs] 'cloud'
Ossetian Iron /khona ['k'onä] 'hearth'
Digoron ææ/dzækholæ [d?z?'k'o] 'bag'
Quechua k'aspi [k'aspi] 'stick'

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