U.S. Route 3
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U.S. Route 3

U.S. Route 3 marker

U.S. Route 3
US 3 highlighted in red
Route information
Length277.90 mi[] (447.24 km)
Major junctions
South end / in Boston, MA
North end near Chartierville, Quebec
StatesMassachusetts, New Hampshire
CountiesMA: Middlesex
NH: Hillsborough, Merrimack, Belknap, Grafton, Coos
Highway system
MA ->
NH ->
N.E. ->

U.S. Route 3 (US 3) is a United States highway running 277.9 miles (447.2 km) from Boston, Massachusetts, through New Hampshire, to the Canada-US border near Third Connecticut Lake, where it connects to Quebec Route 257.

Massachusetts Route 3 connects to the southern terminus of US 3 in Cambridge and continues south to Cape Cod. Though it shares a number, it has never been part of US 3. Both routes, which connect end-to-end, are treated as a single 91.3-mile (146.9 km) state highway by the MassDOT. From Boston to Burlington, U.S. 3 is routed on surface streets through the dense suburbs in the Greater Boston area. After a brief concurrency with the Massachusetts Route 128 freeway, the route follows its own freeway northwest, bypassing Lowell and entering New Hampshire at Nashua.

In New Hampshire, current and former parts of US 3 are known as the Daniel Webster Highway. From Burlington, Massachusetts, to Nashua, New Hampshire, US 3 is a freeway. The segment in New Hampshire is a free portion of the Everett Turnpike, while the portion in Massachusetts is known as the Northwest Expressway. There are two super two freeway portions in northern New Hampshire, one on the Laconia Bypass, and one where US 3 and Interstate 93 use the Franconia Notch Parkway. Elsewhere the route is generally two to four lanes of undivided road with at-grade junctions.

Route description

  mi[1] km
MA 35.70 57.45
NH 241.953 389.386
Total 277.653 446.839


Boston to Burlington

US 3 begins in the south on the Longfellow Bridge in Boston. After it crosses the Charles River, it heads west along Memorial Drive in Cambridge, along the river's southern bank, at an interchange with Massachusetts Avenue (Route 2A). The road continues as southbound Massachusetts Route 3 towards downtown Boston, while northbound US Route 3 heads west, then north along the river towards Harvard University, joining with Route 2 along the way. It runs along the north bank of the Charles River, opposite Soldiers Field Road in Allston along this stretch. Passing south of Harvard Square, US 3 and Route 2 transition onto the Fresh Pond Parkway and join Route 16. Near the Alewife MBTA station, Route 2 splits off as a freeway to the west (Concord Turnpike), while US 3 / Route 16 stay on the Alewife Brook Parkway. Shortly thereafter, US 3 splits from the Parkway (which continues as Route 16) and joins Route 2A (Massachusetts Avenue) westbound, crossing into Arlington. In the center of town, US 3 and Route 2A split from Massachusetts Avenue and overlap briefly with Route 60 before continuing along Mystic Street. Route 2A splits from US 3 just to the north. US 3 continues through parts of Winchester and Woburn without any major intersections before entering Burlington and interchanging with Interstate 95 / Route 128 (Yankee Division Highway) at exit 33. US 3 joins the freeway to connect with the Northwest Expressway, while its historic surface alignment continues as Route 3A.

Burlington to Tyngsborough (Northwest Expressway)

US 3 runs along 1.6 miles (2.6 km) of I-95 (Route 128) in a wrong-way concurrency before exiting at exit 32A onto its own freeway, the Northwest Expressway.

Originally built in the 1950s, before the cancellation of the Inner Belt, the US 3 freeway was to have extended into metro Boston before being truncated to I-95. Consequently, a partially completed cloverleaf interchange connects US 3 to I-95, and exit numbers on the US 3 freeway start at 25 and increase sequentially to 36.

The freeway closely parallels Route 3A, the historic alignment of US 3, along its entire 19-mile (31 km) length from Burlington to the New Hampshire state border. It passes through Billerica and into Chelmsford, where it connects with I-495 and the Lowell Connector, a freeway spur into downtown Lowell. Continuing north, the freeway briefly enters Lowell, then passes through North Chelmsford and Tyngsborough before crossing the state line into Nashua, New Hampshire. The freeway continues north as the Frederick E. Everett Turnpike.

New Hampshire

US 3 is one of New Hampshire's most well-known roads, as it passes through most of the state's major cities and towns and is the only highway to extend from the Massachusetts state border in the south to the Canada-US border in the north. Running for 242 miles (389 km) in New Hampshire, US 3 is by far the longest signed highway in the state. For much of its routing, US 3 closely parallels I-93, serving as a local route to the freeway.

US 3 crosses the state border into Nashua and immediately becomes concurrent with the Everett Turnpike, running on the freeway for 6.7 miles (10.8 km) along the western side of the city. US 3 leaves the Everett Turnpike at exit 7E, crosses NH 101A and turns northeast for approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 km) along a segment known as the Henri Burque Highway, before turning north onto Concord Street, which soon becomes known as the Daniel Webster Highway. (Some locals erroneously refer to the Everett Turnpike from exit 7 through the I-293 interchange as Route 3 and refer to the actual US 3 only as the Daniel Webster Highway or "Old Route 3".)

US 3 continues north through the town of Merrimack and into Bedford, where it becomes South River Road. The highway parallels I-293 until it turns east in Manchester and then crosses the Merrimack River on Queen City Avenue, just after its intersection with I-293 / NH 3A and NH 114A. US 3 and NH 3A are signed in a wrong-way concurrency for approximately 0.6 miles (0.97 km) before US 3 turns north onto Elm Street towards downtown Manchester. After approximately 2.2 miles (3.5 km), US 3 turns east onto Webster Street, then joins NH 28 to proceed in a northeasterly direction towards Hooksett, interchanging with I-93. The two routes continue as Hooksett Road, then the Daniel Webster Highway.

In Suncook, NH 28 leaves to the northeast, and US 3 proceeds northwest towards Concord on Pembroke Street, becoming Manchester Street when it enters the Concord city limits. After crossing the Merrimack River and interchanging with I-93, US 3 intersects NH 3A (South Main Street), which terminates at its parent route. US 3 traverses downtown Concord as North and South Main streets (briefly overlapping with US 202 and NH 9), then follows North State Street to Fisherville Road to Village Street in Penacook before crossing the Contoocook River into Boscawen. US 3 travels north through Boscawen, briefly overlapping with US 4. The highway parallels the Merrimack River north into Franklin, where the highway meets NH 11. US 3 joins NH 11 and turns east; NH 3A also resumes at this intersection, continuing north. US 3 and NH 11 briefly form a three-route concurrency with NH 127 in Franklin, then pass through Tilton, crossing NH 132 and passing the western end of NH 140. Continuing northeast past Winnisquam Lake, US 3 and NH 11 reach Laconia and turn onto the Laconia-Gilford Bypass, intersecting with NH 106, NH 107, and NH 11A. At the northern end of the bypass, US 3 and NH 11 split after a 17.3-mile (27.8 km) overlap, with the U.S. highway continuing north on Lake Street to Weirs Beach and an intersection with NH 11B. US 3 continues north as the Daniel Webster Highway to Meredith at the northern end of Meredith Bay on Lake Winnipesaukee. In Meredith, US 3 intersects the northern terminus of NH 106, then joins NH 25 and continues north past Squam Lake into Holderness, passing the western termini of NH 25B and NH 113. Through Holderness, US 3 and NH 25 gradually turn west, then southwest, passing the southern end of NH 175, and then reaching the northern end of NH 132 in Ashland.

From Ashland to North Woodstock, US 3 proceeds north, roughly paralleling I-93 in the Pemigewasset River valley. Along this stretch it passes through the towns of Plymouth (NH 25 splits from US 3 near I-93 in Plymouth, which also marks the true northern terminus of NH 3A), West Campton (where it meets the western end of NH 49, the principal access road to Waterville Valley), Thornton, and Woodstock. In North Woodstock, US 3 crosses NH 112 (known to the east as the Kancamagus Highway).

Continuing north, US 3 joins with I-93 as it passes through Franconia Notch State Park, one of the more scenic drives in the White Mountains. This stretch of freeway is known as the Franconia Notch Parkway and is the only section of Interstate highway in the country with only one lane in each direction.

US 3 separates from I-93 at exit 35, shortly north of the northern park boundary in Franconia. From there, NH 141 branches northwest and US 3 heads north and east toward Twin Mountain and a junction with US 302. This portion of the road is noted for fairly frequent moose sightings, especially during sunrise and sunset when moose are particularly active.

Heading north from Twin Mountain, US 3 passes through the village of Carroll, where NH 115 branches to the northeast and US 3 bears to the northwest and the town of Whitefield. In the center of Whitefield, NH 142 branches to the northwest and NH 116 crosses, running roughly southwest to northeast. US 3 continues north to Lancaster, where it joins US 2 in the town center, and where NH 135 branches off to the west. After US 2 leaves to the west, US 3 continues north, roughly paralleling the course of the Connecticut River (which also forms the border with Vermont), through Northumberland and Groveton, where NH 110 ends. North of Groveton, US 3 continues to follow the river, through Stratford, North Stratford, and Columbia, until it reaches Colebrook, where it crosses NH 26 and meets the southern terminus of NH 145. Still following the Connecticut River north, US 3 passes through portions of Stewartstown and Clarksville. In Stewartstown, the road turns more directly east (still following the Connecticut River, which is no longer a boundary), before resuming a northeasterly direction through Pittsburg. Its last major intersection is at the northern terminus of NH 145. US 3 continues north for another 22 miles (35 km), eventually reaching the Pittsburg-Chartierville Border Crossing, where the road crosses into Chartierville, Quebec and becomes Quebec Route 257.

In total, US 3 runs along the Connecticut River and its source lakes for approximately 70 miles (110 km).


New England Interstate

New England 6.svg

Before the establishment of the U.S. Highway system, the section of US 3 / Massachusetts Route 3 from Orleans, Massachusetts, to Colebrook, New Hampshire, was part of the New England road marking system as New England Interstate Route 6 (NEI 6 or NE-6). It was replaced in its entirety with the establishment of US 3 and Massachusetts Route 3 in 1926.


US 3 in Massachusetts closely follows the route of the early 19th-century Middlesex Canal and Middlesex Turnpike.

The modern Northwest Expressway was begun near Route 110 in Lowell before World War II. In the 1950s, it was extended south to Route 128 (later overlapped by I-95), and by the 1960s, it was completed north from Chelmsford to New Hampshire. By 2005, the chronically congested four-lane road, largely with antiquated ramps around Lowell, was widened to six lanes (as it had been in Nashua, New Hampshire, a few years prior) with a breakdown lane on both the left and right sides of the road, and many interchanges were modernized in what was comically known as "The Big Wide", in reference to Massachusetts' other "Big" construction project (the Big Dig). The roadbed and bridges were built to support a fourth lane in each travel direction for future expansion. The $365 million, 21-mile (34 km) widening project was completed in 2005 from Burlington to the New Hampshire border.

The final section of the expressway was planned for inner suburban towns northwest of Boston, Massachusetts. The expressway was to supply a new route for U.S. Route 3, between MA 128 and the cancelled Interstate-695/Inner Belt. This was one of the expressway projects cancelled in Gov. Francis Sargent's 1970 moratorium on expressway construction within MA 128. The latter section of the expressway was a key component of the "Master Plan Highway Plan for Metropolitan Boston."[2][3] The highway would have traveled through Lexington, Arlington, Medford, Somerville, and Cambridge, before linking with the Inner Belt Expressway.[2]

The original plan called for U.S. 3 and MA 2 to link up at the Lexington-Arlington border, and continue southeasterly, crossing MA 16/Mystic Valley Parkway at the Arlington-Somerville border and proceeding into Cambridge toward Union Square, Somerville. A 1962 plan called for Routes 2 and 3 to converge at Alewife Brook Parkway with a longer stretch of new highway for Route 3 paralleling Lowell Street in Lexington and Summer Street in Arlington.[2]

Exit numbers along the Northwest Expressway section in Massachusetts were to be changed to mileage based numbers under a project to start in 2016,[4] but that project was postponed.[5] However, in November 2019, the MassDOT announced it would be proceeding with the project in late summer of 2020.[6]


According to the AASHTO route log, the southern terminus of US 3 is at the junction of Route 2A and Route 3 in Cambridge, which is where Route 2A crosses the Charles along the Harvard Bridge (also known as the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge).[7] This is a change from AASHTO's 1989 Route Log which placed the terminus at US 20 in Boston, where Route 2 currently meets US 20 after crossing the Charles River at the Boston University Bridge.[8] This was where US 3 met US 1 until that highway was re-routed in 1971.

The original northern terminus of US 3 (in 1926) was at Colebrook, New Hampshire, but the highway was extended to West Stewartstown in 1928, and to Pittsburg in 1937. Colebrook was the northern terminus again from 1939 to 1940. Since 1940, the highway has run through Pittsburg to the Pittsburg-Chartierville Border Crossing.

Major intersections

Although the MassDOT inventories Massachusetts Route 3 and US 3 as one continuous route, this table includes the mileage only for US 3 starting from its southern terminus in Cambridge.

StateCountyLocation[1][9]mi[10][1][9]kmOld exitNew exit[11]DestinationsNotes
MassachusettsMiddlesexCambridge0.0000.000 east (Massachusetts Avenue south) / south (Memorial Drive) - BostonDiamond interchange; southern terminus of US 3; northern terminus of Route 3; no direct access from US 3 to westbound Route 2A
1.0471.685 east (Boston University Bridge) - BostonRoundabout interchange; south end of concurrency with Route 2
3.9756.397 west (Huron Avenue) - Watertown, West NewtonSouth end of concurrency with Route 16
5.4448.761 west (Concord Turnpike) - Concord, FitchburgNorth end of concurrency with Route 2
5.8209.366 / east (Massachusetts Avenue) / Alewife Brook Parkway north - Medford, BostonNorth end of concurrency with Route 16; south end of concurrency with Route 2A
Arlington7.19811.584 west (Pleasant Street) - Belmont, WalthamSouth end of concurrency with Route 60
7.28311.721 east (Chestnut Street) - Medford, RevereNorth end of concurrency with Route 60
7.45712.001 west (Summer Street) / Mystic Valley Parkway east - Lexington, ConcordNorth end of concurrency with Route 2A
Burlington13.44221.633 north ( north) / north (Cambridge Street) - Burlington, Portsmouth, NHInterchange; south end of concurrency with I-95/Route 128; I-95 exit 33A
14.86623.925 north / north - Portsmouth, NH, GloucesterI-95 north exit 32A; north end of concurrency with I-95/Route 128; US 3 follows I-95 C/D lanes
32B50BMiddlesex Turnpike - BurlingtonShared exit with I-95 C/D lanes
25B72B south / south - Providence RIExit 32A (old exit 50A[12]) on I-95
Bedford17.64628.3982673 (Burlington Road) - Burlington, Bedford
Billerica21.16734.0652776Concord Road - Billerica, Bedford
22.59136.3572878Treble Cove Road - North Billerica, Carlisle
Chelmsford24.69139.7362979 (Billerica Road) - Billerica, Chelmsford
25.55441.12530B80Lowell Connector northNo southbound exit; indirect southbound access to Lowell Connector via exit 30A, scheduled to be exit 81A,[11] to exit 35C on I-495
3081A-B - Marlboro, LawrenceSouthbound: Split into exits 30A (north) and 30B (south); Northbound: exit 30A (north) and exit 30C (south)[11]
26.57142.7623181C (Chelmsford Street) - Lowell, Chelmsford
28.76246.2883284 (North Road) - North Chelmsford, Chelmsford
30.81949.5983386 (Groton Road) - Groton, Lowell
Tyngsborough33.02953.1553488Westford Road - Tyngsborough, Westford
34.64455.7543590 (Kendall Road) - Dunstable, Tyngsborough
New Hampshire line
Hillsborough county line
Nashua line
3691Middlesex Road - South Nashua NHNo southbound exit; northbound entrance extends into New Hampshire, where it merges with exit 1
South end of Everett Turnpike
New HampshireHillsboroughNashua0.8341.3421Spit Brook Road - South Nashua
1.5532.4992 To / / Daniel Webster Highway - HudsonAccess via the Circumferential Highway; signed as exit 1A from northbound collector-distributor lane
2.8194.5373Daniel Webster Highway - South NashuaSouthbound left exit and northbound entrance
3.0554.9174East Dunstable RoadFAA Center signage was removed at the request of the FAA shortly after 9/11
4.7247.6035 to  - Nashua, Pepperell, MASigned as exits 5E (east) and 5W (west)
5.0598.1425ASimon StreetNorthbound exit only, formerly exit 5EA
6.28510.1156 (Broad Street) - Nashua, Hollis
6.78110.913 north /  - Nashua, Amherst, MilfordExit 7 on Everett Turnpike; northern end of concurrency with the Everett Turnpike
Merrimack10.83217.432Everett Turnpike.svg Industrial Drive to Exit 10 on Everett Tpke.
12.10919.488Everett Turnpike.svg Greeley Street to Exit 11 on Everett Tpke.
15.74525.339Everett Turnpike.svg Bedford Road to southExit 12 on Everett Tpke.
Everett Turnpike.svgRaymond Wieczorek Drive to Manchester Airport; To / / S. River Road - LitchfieldExit 13 on Everett Tpke.
20.90033.635 to /  - Boston, Concord, Manchester AirportSouthbound exit to and entrance from NH 101 east via Meetinghouse Road
21.33134.329NH Route 101.svg Kilton Road to NH 101 west - Bedford
Manchester22.69036.516 west / / north - Concord, BostonExit 4 on I-293; eastern terminus of NH 114A; southern terminus of wrong-way concurrency with NH 3A
23.33337.551 south (South Elm Street)Northern end of wrong-way concurrency with NH 3A
25.97441.801 south (Beech / Maple Streets)Southern end of concurrency with NH 28
to  - Salem, ConcordExit 9 on I-93
28.58646.005 south - LondonderryNorthern terminus of NH 28A
29.08246.803 east - Candia, RaymondWestern terminus of NH 27
29.57847.601 south - DerryNorthern terminus of NH 28 Bypass
Allenstown35.23756.708 north - Epsom, AltonNorthern end of concurrency with NH 28
Pembroke39.50663.579 north - Loudon, LaconiaSouthern terminus of NH 106
Concord41.70467.116Korean Veterans Memorial Bridge over the Merrimack River
to /  - Manchester, Lebanon, Plymouth, PortsmouthExit 13 on I-93
42.17367.871 south (Main Street)Southern end of silent concurrency with NH 3A
42.72968.766 west / west (Pleasant Street) to Southern end of concurrency with US 202 / NH 9
43.02469.240 east (Loudon Road) to Northern end of concurrency with NH 9
43.41169.863 east to eastNorthern end of concurrency with US 202
Boscawen50.81281.774 east - ConcordSouthern end of concurrency with US 4
52.16883.956 west - AndoverNorthern end of concurrency with US 4
Franklin60.64597.599 south - SalisburySouthern end of concurrency with NH 127
61.30798.664 north / west - Andover, BristolNorthern end of concurrency with NH 3A; southern end of concurrency with NH 11
61.75599.385 north - New HamptonNorthern end of concurrency with NH 127
BelknapTilton64.925104.487 south to south - Northfield, ConcordSouthern end of concurrency with NH 132
 - Canterbury, Concord, Boston, New Hampton, Plymouth
east - Belmont, Gilmanton
Exit 20 on I-93; western terminus of NH 140
66.678107.308 north - SanborntonNorthern end of concurrency with NH 132
Belmont72.845117.233 - Laconia downtownWestern terminus of NH 11A
Laconia74.355119.663 to  - Laconia, Belmont, ConcordPartial interchange; no southbound exit to NH 106 north; no northbound entrance from NH 106 south
74.999120.699 - Laconia, GilmantonPartial interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
Gilford76.040122.375 - Gilford, LaconiaInterchange
78.649126.573 east - AltonNorthern end of concurrency with NH 11
Gilford-Laconia line79.442127.850 south - LaconiaNorthern terminus of NH 107
Laconia82.684133.067 - Gilford, Alton BayNorthern terminus of NH 11B
Meredith86.334138.941 - LaconiaNorthern terminus of NH 106
86.847139.767 - New HamptonEastern terminus of NH 104
87.693141.128 east - Center Harbor, Ossipee, ConwaySouthern end of concurrency with NH 25
Center Harbor90.778146.093 - Center HarborWestern terminus of NH 25B
GraftonHolderness95.526153.734 - SandwichSouthern terminus of NH 113
96.661155.561 - CamptonSouthern terminus of NH 175
Ashland99.271159.761 - New Hampton, TiltonNorthern terminus of NH 132
 - Tilton, Concord, Plymouth, LittletonExit 24 on I-93
Plymouth105.397169.620 to  - HoldernessWestern terminus of NH 175A
106.202170.916 south / west to  - Rumney, Bristol, Concord, LittletonInterchange; northern end of concurrency with NH 25; northern terminus of NH 3A
Campton109.525176.263 To  - Campton, Littleton, Plymouth, ConcordExit 27 on I-93 via Blair Road
112.375180.850 to  - Campton, Waterville ValleyWestern terminus of NH 49
 - Plymouth, Concord, Franconia, LittletonExit 29 on I-93
 - Franconia, Littleton, Plymouth, ConcordExit 30 on I-93
125.420201.844 - CamptonNorthern terminus of NH 175
126.031202.827 to  - Lincoln, Conway, Woodsville
 - Concord, LittletonExit 33 on I-93
131.562211.729 southExit 34A on I-93; southern end of concurrency with I-93 and the Franconia Notch Parkway
Franconia135.923218.74734BCannon Mountain Tramway - Old Man Historic SiteExit numbers follow I-93
136.623219.87334C - Echo Lake Beach, Peabody Slopes, Cannon MountainSouthern terminus of NH 18
138.080222.218 northExit 35 on I-93; northern end of concurrency with I-93 and the Franconia Notch Parkway
139.044223.770 to /  - FranconiaEastern terminus of NH 141
CoosCarroll148.497238.983 - Bethlehem, Bretton Woods, ConwayIn village of Twin Mountain
150.510242.222 - Jefferson, Berlin, GorhamSouthern terminus of NH 115
Whitefield156.871252.459 south / south - Bethlehem, LittletonSouthern end of concurrency with NH 116 / NH 142
156.918252.535 north - DaltonNorthern end of concurrency with NH 142
156.959252.601 north - Jefferson, GorhamNorthern end of concurrency with NH 116
Lancaster165.330266.073 east - Jefferson, Gorham, BerlinSouthern end of concurrency with US 2
165.372266.140 - Dalton, Gilman VTNorthern terminus of NH 135
166.126267.354 west - St. Johnsbury VTNorthern end of concurrency with US 2
Northumberland175.152281.880 - Stark, BerlinWestern terminus of NH 110 in village of Groveton
North Stratford188.576303.484 To  - Bloomfield VT
Colebrook201.458324.215 east - Dixville NotchSouthern end of concurrency with NH 26
201.565324.387 westNorthern end of concurrency with NH 26
201.647324.519 - ClarksvilleSouthern terminus of NH 145
Pittsburg219.573353.368Northern terminus of NH 145
241.953389.386Continuation into Quebec
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Special routes

US 3 has one existing special route, a business route through Laconia, New Hampshire. Three other special routes may have existed in the past: a business route between Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, and Concord, New Hampshire, and bypass routes around Concord and Nashua, New Hampshire.

Laconia business loop

U.S. Route 3 Business
LocationBelmont, New Hampshire-Laconia, New Hampshire
Length4.144 mi[1] (6.669 km)

U.S. Route 3 Business is a 4.144-mile-long (6.669 km)[1] long unsigned business route running north-south through downtown Laconia, New Hampshire. It runs from US 3 and New Hampshire Route 11 in Belmont north to US 3 in Laconia, along NH 107 and NH 11A. It is a former alignment of U.S. 3, used before the Laconia-Gilford bypass was built.

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