Toyota Model Codes
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Toyota Model Codes

Every Toyota vehicle has a model code which describes the basic vehicle (e.g. Corolla), its generation and major options (engine type, gearbox type, body style, grade level). The model codes fall into three periods, 1937 to late 1950s, late 1950s to late 1970s and late 1970s to present. There was some overlap as new models were phased in using new codes while old models were phased out using the old codes. The model code is not the same as the VIN.

1937 to 1956

Each model was known by its engine code and a single letter for the chassis/body.


Code Engine Body
AA A type 1936-43 sedan
AB A type 1936-43 cabriolet
AC A type 1943-1948 sedan
SA S type 1947-1952 sedan
BJ B type 1953-1955 Jeep (later renamed as the Land Cruiser)
FJ F type 1954-1955 Jeep (later renamed as the Land Cruiser)
RH R type 1953-1955 sedan
RR R type 1955-1956 Master sedan
RS R type 1955-1958 Crown sedan

1956 to 1977

Each model was known by its engine code, chassis code, one or two digits for its generation, a single digit for variations within the generation and more letters representing options.[1]

engine family platform generation variation steering - options
T E 2 1 L - CAFD

Engine family:

K 3K-C, ...
M 2M, 4M, ...
R 3R-C, 8R-C, 18R-C, ...
T 2T-C, ...



Code Meaning
blank RHD


Code Meaning
A USA or Canada
C 2-speed automatic
D Deluxe
G Fold down tailgate
F 4-door
H 3-speed automatic (A30) with floor shift
J 3-speed automatic (A40)
K 4-speed manual with floor shift
M 5-speed manual with floor shift
N 3-speed automatic (A30) with column shift
V Station wagon (on some models)

1977 to present

The new code was similar to the previous but now the options were grouped into specific columns.[2]

engine family suffix of engine family or prefix of platform or combination (optional) platform generation variation steering wagon
- model name
body type transmission grade engine class market
M S 12 3 L - S E M G F W

Engine family:

A 2A, 4A, ...
C 1C, 2C, ...
F F, ...
H HZ,...
K 4K, ...
L L, 2L, ...
M 5M, ...
R 21R, 22R, ...
S 1S, 2S, ...
T 2T, 3T, ...
Y 1Y, 2Y, 3Y, ...

Platform and model name:


Code Meaning
blank RHD


Code Meaning
blank not wagon or van
G wagon or Van

Model name:

Body type:

Code Passenger vehicle Commercial vehicle
C coupe
D 2-door sedan double cab
E 4-door sedan
G 3-door hatchback wagon
H 5-door hatchback
L Liftback
P Pickup
S 2-door hardtop softtop
T 4-door hardtop
V 2-door van van hardtop
W 4-door wagon
X 4-door van
Y 2-door blind van
Z 2-door wagon


Code Meaning
J 4-speed manual, column shift
B 4-speed manual, column shift
K 4-speed manual, floor shift
M 5-speed manual, floor shift
F 6-speed manual, floor shift
C 2-speed automatic
H 3-speed automatic
S 4-speed automatic, column shift
P 4-speed automatic, floor shift
X CVT automatic, floor shift


Engine class:

Code Meaning
blank standard engine with single carburettor
S standard engine with single carburettor
B twin carburettors
G twin cam
F twin cam, EFI
C emission control
X diesel turbo


Code Meaning
blank general countries
C Switzerland, Sweden
D Indonesia
K Canada
N South Africa
Q Australia
V Middle East
W Europe

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