The Wall (British Game Show)
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The Wall British Game Show

The Wall
The Wall - UK.jpg
GenreGame show
Directed byRichard van't Riet
Presented byDanny Dyer
Voices ofAngela Rippon
Theme music composerMichael Lord
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original English
No. of series2
No. of episodes14
Executive Richard Hague
Stephen Lovelock
Production location(s)
Running time45 minutes
Production Remarkable Television
DistributorBanijay Group
Original networkBBC One
Picture format16:9
Original release12 October 2019 (2019-10-12) -
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The Wall is a British television series hosted by Danny Dyer, broadcast on Saturday evenings on BBC One. It is based on the American version of the same name.[3] The first series of the show was filmed on the set of the Polish version, at Transcolor Studio in Szeligi near Warsaw[1] between 1 and 6 July 2019,[4] and the second was filmed at Wembley Arena due to travel restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.[5][2] The questions are voiced by Angela Rippon.[6]


The Wall is a four storey tall pegboard, similar to a pachinko game or bean machine; it also is similar to the Plinko board used for that pricing game of the same name on The Price is Right. The bottom of the board is divided into 15 slots marked with various pound sterling amounts, some of which increase as the game progresses. Seven numbered "drop zones" are centered at the top of the board (above the centre seven slots), from which balls can be dropped into play.

A team of two contestants plays each game, with a potential top prize of £687,495.[7][8] Green balls dropped on the board will add to the team's bank, while red balls dropped on the board will subtract from it. Throughout the game, the bank has a floor of £0.

Round 1: Free Fall

In Free Fall, the team is asked a series of five questions, each with two answer choices. As each question is asked, three balls are simultaneously released from drop zones 1, 4, and 7. The team must select one answer and lock it in before any portion of a ball crosses the threshold of a money slot. If the team's answer is correct, the balls turn green and their values are added to the team's bank. If the team answers incorrectly or fails to lock in an answer, the balls turn red and their values are subtracted from the team's bank.

If the team's bank balance is zero at the end of this round, the game ends immediately and they leave with no winnings. Otherwise, their earnings become part of a guaranteed payout to be offered to them at the end of the game. The maximum amount that a team can bank in this round is £37,500.

The values on the board range from £1 to £2,500, and are arranged as follows:

£1 £500 £100 £2,000 £10 £1,000 £1 £2,500 £1 £1,000 £10 £2,000 £100 £500 £1

Round 2

At the start of the second round, the contestants are separated from each other for the remainder of the game. One enters an isolation chamber behind The Wall, while the other remains onstage. Two green balls are played simultaneously, dropped from zones chosen by the onstage player. Three multiple-choice questions are then played, each with three answer choices. The onstage player is shown only the answers to each question, and must decide which zone to use, based on how confident he/she is that the isolated player can answer correctly. The question and answers are then presented to the isolated player; after he/she responds, the ball is dropped from the chosen zone. A correct answer turns the ball green and adds the value of the slot it lands in to the team bank, while a miss turns the ball red and deducts the value. The isolated player is not told which of his/her answers are correct or given any information on the team bank.

The onstage player is offered an opportunity to "Double Up" on the second question and "Triple Up" on the third; these options allow him/her to play two or three balls from the selected drop zone instead of one, respectively.

After the third question, if the banked total is at least £3 (as the least that could be lost from two red balls is £2), two red balls are dropped simultaneously from the same zones that were chosen for the initial two green balls. The maximum amount that a team can bank in this round is £199,998.

The values on the board range from £1 to £25,000, and are arranged as follows:

£1 £500 £100 £1,000 £10 £2,500 £1 £5,000 £1 £10,000 £10 £15,000 £100 £25,000 £1

Round 3

Gameplay proceeds as in Round 2, but each of the three questions now has four answer choices. In addition, three green and three red balls are played at the start and end of the round respectively, and are dropped one at a time, rather than simultaneously. The "Double Up" and "Triple Up" options are available as before.

The maximum amount that a team can bank in this round is £449,997.

The values on the board range from £1 to £50,000, and are arranged as follows:

£1 £2,500 £100 £5,000 £10 £10,000 £1 £15,000 £1 £20,000 £10 £25,000 £100 £50,000 £1

Final Decision

After the third question in Round 3, the isolated player is sent a contract by the host and must either sign or destroy it. Signing the contract gives up the team bank in favor of a guaranteed payout, equal to the Free Fall winnings plus an additional £2,500 for every question answered correctly in Rounds 2 and 3. If the isolated player destroys the contract, the team receives their final bank total instead. After the three red balls have dropped in Round 3 and the final bank is calculated (or after the last question if there is less than £3 banked), the isolated player returns to the stage to reveal his/her decision. Only at this point does he/she learn the number of correct answers given, the payout total, and the team's final bank. If the isolated player destroys the contract, the team receives their final bank total instead.

The maximum possible guaranteed payout is £52,500, obtained by scoring £37,500 in Free Fall and answering all six questions correctly in Rounds 2 and 3. The maximum possible bank total is £687,495, obtained by answering every question correctly, having every green ball drop into the highest-valued slot, and having the five mandatory red balls each drop into a £1 slot.


Series Start date End date Episodes
1 12 October 2019[9] 16 November 2019[10] 6[10]
2 3 October 2020[11] TBD 8


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