The Telltale Moozadell
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The Telltale Moozadell
"The Telltale Moozadell"
Sopranos ep309.jpg
Episode no.Season 3
Episode 9
Directed byDan Attias
Written byMichael Imperioli
Cinematography byPhil Abraham
Production code309
Original air dateApril 22, 2001
Running time55 minutes

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"The Telltale Moozadell" is the 35th episode of the HBO original series The Sopranos and the ninth of the show's third season. It was written by Michael Imperioli and directed by Dan Attias, and originally aired on April 22, 2001.


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Fifteen-year-old Stefani Germanotta, who would later become famous as Lady Gaga, makes an uncredited appearance as a classmate of A.J.'s. She is seated on the swimming pool bleachers, smoking a cigarette.

Episode recap

Tony and his family celebrate Carmela's birthday. He continues his affair with Gloria, who, unbeknownst to Tony, has a suicidal past and an unhealthy relationship streak. During a visit to the Bronx Zoo, they have sex in a deserted reptile house. On their date, in an upscale hotel room, Gloria is aroused when she finds Tony's gun strapped to his ankle. At her therapy session, Gloria is taken aback when Dr. Melfi questions her about the male voice that was heard during their last phone conversation. At his own session with Melfi, Tony tells her that he has had a very successful week and gives her a bonus on top of his regular payment. A suspicious Melfi tries to refuse the extra money, but Tony insists on leaving the cash. When Melfi's son calls asking to buy some expensive books for college, she looks down at the extra cash Tony left.

On the night of Carmela's birthday, A.J. and his friends break into their high school and swim in the pool. The excursion escalates when they throw garbage cans and items from the teachers office into the pool and trash the trophy case. The police trace a pizza found at the scene to A.J., resulting in a parent-teacher conference with A.J.'s principal and his football coach. The principal expels A.J., but suspends his sentence and puts him on academic probation instead due to his role on the school's football team. Not feeling that the school's punishment is harsh enough, Tony and Carmela ground A.J. for a month with no entertainment, and force him to clean out the rain gutters. They are slightly appalled when A.J. doesn't even know what a rain gutter is.

The Soprano crime family takes over a night club in Long Branch. Christopher gives the club to Adriana to manage, and she renames it "Crazy Horse". Chris sees the club as an opportunity for the gang to run their business in a safe environment without FBI interference. However, at the opening, Matush Giamona is caught dealing ecstasy in the bathroom and thrown out. Jackie Jr. asks Chris to let his friend Matush continue his dealing inside the club, but is refused. Not wanting to be embarrassed, Jackie lies to Matush and tells him that Chris approved Matush making deals outside the club. He does so, and is severely beaten by Furio and his men. While they prepare dinner at Rosalie's house, Jackie asks Ralphie for a "piece" and, without much questioning from Ralphie, is given a .38 revolver.

Carmela is concerned about Meadow's relationship with Jackie, but Tony assures her that Jackie will treat Meadow with respect. Carmela must hide her true feelings to remain friends with Rosalie, who is ecstatic about the arrangement. Meadow writes Jackie's English assignment, for which he receives an "A". During a heart-to-heart with Tony, Jackie promises that he will work hard and be faithful to Meadow; Tony warns Jackie that he will be keeping an eye on him. When Tony runs into Jackie at an illegal casino, he angrily scolds him and tells him to focus on his schoolwork if he wants to continue seeing his daughter. The next morning at breakfast, Carmela tells Tony that Jackie took Meadow to see Aida in New York City, which makes her rethink her original impression of him. Jackie also bonds with A.J., mentoring him in football.

First appearances

Title reference

  • The episode's title is a play on Edgar Allan Poe's short story "The Tell-Tale Heart". Moozadell is rough Italian-American slang for mozzarella cheese (which is commonly used on pizza), but can also be used as a derogatory name for an Italian man, according to Michael Imperioli.[1]
  • The title also refers to Jackie Aprile, Jr.'s dishonest dealings with Tony and Matush.[1]
  • The title also refers to Jackie's essay on Edgar Allan Poe, which Meadow wrote for him.
  • The title also refers to A.J.'s custom made pizza with extra mozzarella cheese -- leaving the pizza at the high school led to the police to determine that A.J. and his friends were responsible for the vandalism.

Cultural references

  • When Jackie Aprile hears the petition of Carlo and Matush, he strikes a pose modeled on Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino, in The Godfather.
  • When Meadow is at home asking her parents for a car, the NPR show Car Talk can be heard in the background.
  • The band Fear Factory is referenced both on a poster in Crazy Horse and on a hat worn by AJ. He also wears Machine Head and Pantera hoodies.
  • As Gloria unbuttons Tony's pants, he says "Her name is G...", referring to the Them song "Gloria".
  • The scene in which the police officers question the pizza shop staff is a gentle spoof of the old Dragnet TV series.


Lady Gaga appears in this episode as an extra (as one of AJ's friends), before becoming famous later in her career.



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