The Fantastics
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The Fantastics
The Fantastics
Tag team
MembersBobby Fulton
Tommy Rogers
Name(s)The Fantastics
The Fantastic Ones
Billed heights5 ft 10 in (1.78 m) - Bobby
5 ft 9 in (1.75 m) - Tommy
billed weight
442 lb (200 kg)
HometownLos Angeles, California
Billed fromLos Angeles, California
Jackie Fulton

The Fantastics were a professional wrestling tag team composed of Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers that worked together extensively between 1984 and 2007. At times, Bobby Fulton would team up with his brother Jackie Fulton under the same name.

Team history

While in the Mid-Southern area (Memphis), Terry Taylor was teamed with a budding young wrestler named Bobby Fulton, who at the time was a jobber on TV but showed promise. To capitalize further on the success of The Fabulous Ones, they were named "The Fantastic Ones" and teamed only for a brief time before splitting up.[1] In 1984, Bobby Fulton moved to the Mid-South area and teamed with Tommy Rogers shortening the name of the team to "The Fantastics". They began a feud with The Midnight Express that would extend into the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA).[2] In 1985 "The Fantastics" would continue the Midnight Express feud over the World Class Wrestling Association's WCWA Tag Team Championship.[3] They hired a bodyguard, Silo Sam who stood at 7"7. In 1986, they had a feud with The Sheepherders in the Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF). In 1987, back in World Class Championship Wrestling, they feuded with Mike Davis and Tommy Lane, The Rock 'N Roll RPM's. They won the feud by winning a scaffold match at the Parade of Champions 4 on May 3, 1987.[4] In 1988, they went to the NWA's Jim Crockett Promotions to continue their feud with the Midnight Express, going on to win the NWA United States Tag Team Title on two separate occasions throughout the year.[5] In 1989, they left the NWA, due to problems with booker Kevin Sullivan.[2] Rogers wrestled in Japan while Fulton resurfaced in the American Wrestling Association (AWA) teaming with his brother, Jackie Fulton, as the Fantastics. They briefly feuded with AWA Tag Team Champions Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom. In 1990, the brother tandem also had a short run in the NWA and wrestled on the independent circuit. Rogers and Fulton would reunite a year or so later and both versions of the team (Rogers and Fulton/Fulton and Fulton) would team together throughout the country and in Japan. When Jim Cornette began his own promotion, Smokey Mountain Wrestling (SMW) Fulton and his brother wrestled as "The Fantastics" for Cornette's company[6] and occasionally as "The Fantastic Ones" in other promotions. In subsequent years the Fantastics occasionally worked as a team on the independent circuit, until 2007, when Rogers retired from the ring.[7]

On June 1, 2015, Tommy Rogers died at the age of 54. Since then, Fulton has done multiple reunions with Terry Taylor as the Original Fantastics aka The Fantastic Ones. On April 12, 2019, Bobby and Jackie Fulton were scheduled to have a Fantastics reunion at the NCWA's Chair City Clash in Thomasville, North Carolina, where they were to go into battle against George South and Dangerous E.[]

In their early years, they used the song "Sharp Dressed Man" as an entrance theme. One night they were approached and told that Dusty Hill was inviting them to meet him at a local bar in Texas, which Rogers and Fulton thought was a prank. When Hill actually showed up, they expected to be served with a cease and desist order for using the song. Hill was actually a huge fan of them, and loved that they used the song.[8]

Championships and accomplishments

  • IWA Tag Team Championship (1 time)
  • SCW Tag Team Champions (1 time)


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