The Cooters
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The Cooters
The Cooters
The Cooters.jpg
The Cooters, in San Francisco, California, 2008. Left to Right: Gentry Webb (guitar), Newt Rayburn (bass and vocals), Mikey Namorato (drums).
Background information
Origin Oxford, Mississippi, US
Genres Punk rock, hardcore punk, thrash metal, heavy metal
Labels Profane Existence Records,
T-Bones Records,
Cooters Records,
Assault With Intent To Free
From Ashes Rise, Happy Bastards, Tyler Keith & the Apostles, Pissed., Nightmare On Sesame Street, 4 Dead Fish
Members Newt Rayburn
Gentry Webb
Mikey Namorato
Brad Boatright
Tom Queyja
Max Hipp
Jeff Lawrence
Jeff Allen
Tyler Keith

The Cooters are an American rock band from Oxford, Mississippi. Based out of the northern hill country town of Oxford (home of Ole Miss), the band has been touring and recording since 1993. The Cooters are well known in the region. While recording albums, embarking on tours, and winning awards, The Cooters have also dealt with controversy, trademark lawsuits, and even prison sentences.[1]

The Cooters have released albums and records on Minneapolis, Minnesota record label Profane Existence, as well as Grammy-Nominated label T-Bones Records. The Cooters have released much of their music themselves.[2]

The Cooters are critically acclaimed, and their music has been described as a "mix of punk and metal with an interesting Southern flavor" by fans, while their lyrics tackle social and political topics, usually in a humorous tongue-in-cheek manner.

The Cooters have toured across the United States, playing with bands such as Nashville Pussy, Jucifer, Blue Mountain, From Ashes Rise, Total Chaos, Bad Company, Seven Mary Three, Destroy!, Before I Hang, The Neckbones, Misery, and Wartorn.[3] In 2006, The Cooters toured extensively with the Swedish band Imperial Leather and the Oregon band Happy Bastards, who also toured with The Cooters in 2008.[4]

On March 27, 2014, The Cooters were the subject of the Mississippi Public Broadcasting television show, "Oxford Sounds," along with Mississippi guitarist George McConnell, former member of Beanland (band) and Widespread Panic. The TV show was broadcast statewide on public television. The Cooters performed five songs on the show, including "Let's Rock Tonight," "Bustin' Loose," "Dare To Defy," "Take A Stand," and "Fall Apart." Cooters vocalist and bassist Newt Rayburn was interviewed by George McConnell.[5]

The Cooters celebrated their 20th Anniversary with drummer Mike Namorato on November 21, 2014 at Proud Larrys' in Oxford, Mississippi. Other bands on the bill included Before I Hang and The Heard.[6]


  • Newt Rayburn - Bass & vocals
  • Gentry Webb - Guitar & vocals
  • Mikey Namorato - Drums

Former members & collaborators:

  • Brad Boatright - Guitar & Vocals, also of From Ashes Rise
  • Max Hipp - Guitar & Vocals, also of E*Meters, Kill The Ego, Morphist, Kincain, The Apostles
  • Tom Queyja - Vocals & Production, also of Fuzzy Crystals, Wobitty, New Madrid Click, Dead Fish, BMAO
  • Tyler Keith - Drums, also of The Neckbones, Preacher's Kids, The Apostles, Kid Twist
  • Jeff Allen - Guitar & Personality, also of Plaid Etude
  • Jeff Lawrence - Percussionist
  • Robert Freeland - Moog
  • Chris Robertson - Vocals, Saxophone, also of Nightmare On Sesame Street, Big K Cola


Official releases

7" vinyl

  • The Cooters (1995) 7" "The South Will Burn Again"b/w "I Don't Know" - Assault With Intent To Free Records
  • "Bustin' Loose" b/w "The Gooch" (2005) 7" Profane Existence Records
  • Happy Bastards and The Cooters (2008) 7" Profane Existence Records


  • Grisham's Army (1995) Cooters Records
  • Invasion of The Cooters (1996) Cooters Records
  • The Moon Will Rise Again (1998/2002) T-Bones Records
  • Live at Larrys' (2000) Cooters Records
  • Punk Metal (2004) Profane Existence Records
  • Chaos or Bust (2006) Profane Existence Records
  • Live and Loud at the Longshot (2007) Cooters Records
  • Sound & The Fury (2011) Cooters Records
  • Oxford Sounds (2014) Mississippi Public Broadcasting

Singles and Downloads

  • "I Don't Know" (1994/1995)
  • "Crusty" (1994/2004) aka "Freedom's Anthem"
  • "The Gooch" (1995/2004)
  • "Wheels In Motion" (1995/2004)
  • "Breaking The Law" (1995)
  • "Life Like" (1997/2004)
  • "Punch Yer Neighbor"( 1994/1998)
  • "Cooters Theme" (1994/1998)
  • "Cootersaurus" (1998)
  • "Purge" (1991/1998) and "Purge Reprise" (1993/1998)
  • "Dare To Defy" (1998)
  • "Soul Food" (1998)
  • "Society Sets The Stereotype" (1988/2003)
  • "Carpetbaggers" (1999)
  • "Cosmo Demonic" (2000)
  • "Sexy Daunter" (2000)
  • "Juggernaut" (2000)
  • "Sun God" (2000)
  • "Kill Them With Kindness" (1995/2004)
  • "Drama Mama" (2002)
  • "Woo Lord!" (2003)
  • "Bustin' Loose" (2005/2014)
  • "Waffle House Rock" (2005)
  • "Crapple Pie" (2005)
  • "Reign Lunacy" (2005)
  • "Let's Rock Tonight" (2006/2014)
  • "Put Your Dukes Up" (2008)
  • "I Don't Give A Fuck" (2011)
  • "Same Shit Different Pile" (2011)
  • "Fall Apart" (2011/2014)
  • "Take A Stand" (2011/2014)
  • "You're Hooked" (2011)


  • Terrible Rotten Things That Happen to Kids (1995) CD on Kathode Ray
  • Oasis Alternative (1997) CD on Oasis Discs
  • Oasis Alternative (2003) CD on Oasis Discs
  • Your Soundtrack on the Road to Hell (2007) Profane Existence Records
  • Profane Existence No. 54 Compilation CD (2007) Profane Existence Records
  • Profane Existence No. 55 Compilation CD (2008) Profane Existence Records
  • Profane Existence No. 56 Compilation CD (2008) Profane Existence Records
  • Profane Existence No. 57 Compilation CD (2008) Profane Existence Records
  • Songs of Freedom: Live and Let Rock (2011) Invisible Hand Painted Red
  • Songs of Freedom 3 (2012) Invisible Hand Painted Red
  • Songs of Freedom: Bayou Bootleg (2012) Invisible Hand Painted Red
  • Songs of Freedom: Rock Anthology (2012) Invisible Hand Painted Red

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