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Televis%C3%A3o Independente

Televisão Independente
TVI logo 2017.png
Broadcast areaPortugal
SloganEstá nas nossas vidas.
("It's in our lives")
HeadquartersQueluz de Baixo (Oeiras)
Picture formatResolution:
576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Aspect Ratio:
OwnerMedia Capital
Sister channelsTVI 24
TVI Ficção
TVI Reality
TVI Internacional
TVI África
Launched20 February 1993; 27 years ago (1993-02-20)
Former names4 (1993-1995)
TDTChannel 4
NOSChannel 4
NowoChannel 4
NOSChannel 4 (HD)
MEOChannel 4 (SD)
MEOChannel 4
VodafoneChannel 4

Televisão Independente (TVI) ("Independent Television") is Portugal's fourth terrestrial television channel, launched in 1993. It was the most watched channel in Portugal from 2005 to 2019.[1] It competes directly with SIC and RTP1.


TVI was the second private Portuguese TV channel to be launched, SIC having been launched five months before, and the fourth channel in all. Already under the name TVI, but marketed as 4, in which the '4' was the sole element in its logo, TVI was initially owned by some prominent Catholic Church institutions, including Rádio Renascença, RFM, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Público, Editorial Verbo and União das Misericórdias; Antena 3 Televisión (which consisted of La Vanguardia, ABC-Prensa Española, Manuel Martín Ferrand (4,3%), Rafael and Manuel Jiménez de Parga, Europa Press and Grupo Zeta), the Luxembourgish Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Télédiffusion, (CLT, now RTL Group), Sonae, the Scandinavian SBS Broadcasting Group and ITV contractor Yorkshire Television were minor stakeholders of TVI.[2] This majority-Catholic ownership pushed TVI's programming in the direction of Christian values. In the first years of its existence, TVI assumed the role of an 'alternative' television broadcaster, dedicating segments of its airtime to distinct target audiences, with part of the morning dedicated to housewives and the elderly and part of the afternoon to the young. Broadcasts were initially experimental, before upgrading to regular status in October the same year.

During this period, TVI was known for its American series and movies, including X-Files and Baywatch, and most notably the Spanish show El gran juego de la oca (translated as O Jogo do Ganso) imported from Antena 3. TVI also brought in some prominent names in Portuguese television, including Manuel Luís Goucha and Artur Albarran, but the viewing figures had were always lower than expected - higher than RTP2 but lower than the top 2 channels then, SIC and RTP1 - and it entered into deep financial crisis.

TVI's recovery happened when it was totally acquired by Media Capital in 1999, one of the most important media conglomerates in Portugal, whereupon it started broadcasting more Portuguese-produced programs, including soap operas. This helped to increase its audience significantly, but it was in September 2000, when Big Brother started, that the channel gained a boost in popularity. The once 3rd-ranked (by 2000) TVI went on to surpass RTP1 for second place in 2001 and four years later, defeated SIC to take first place, which it maintained for 14 consecutive years before losing it once more to SIC in 2019.

Currently, TVI is known for having a large number of national reality shows and soap operas. It broadcasts a mix of local productions, such as soap operas, family series and reality shows, news programs and international movies and series (mostly American). It is currently owned by Media Capital, which is owned by Grupo Prisa. Until February 2007, Media Capital was co-owned by RTL Group and Grupo Prisa. The station works with Media Capital-owned production company Plural Entertainment to produce its national fictional content.

Like public service broadcaster RTP and unlike commercial rival SIC, which have always shown foreign programs in the original language with subtitles, TVI tried, unsuccessfully, to dub foreign programs into Portuguese after achieving marginal success with Latin American Spanish-language soap operas dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese. Experiments of dubbing included the US series Dawson's Creek and other shows directed at younger audiences.


In July 2010, TVI censored a kiss between two male characters on the youth TV series Morangos com Açúcar, due to pressure by a fundamentalist far-right organization, "National Resistance".[3] This cut has led to a major outcry, and has been widely perceived as an occurrence of homophobia. At least 10 civil society organizations called for the reinstatement of the cut scene.[4] As of 2015, TVI no longer censors homosexual scenes and has become an important symbol of it in Portugal.[5][6]

TVI had still broadcast in 4:3 as of 2015, even though, on its early days, it received European funds to promote and broadcast in 16:9 PAL-plus.[7][8] However, the network's board of directors announced in September 2015 that its channels will move to the widescreen format, starting with the premiere of Santa Bárbara on 28 September[9] and finalizing the move on 3 October, one day before the general elections.

Some viewers criticized the channel as it broadcasts US television series after midnight. TVI's prime time is reserved for in-house programming, mainly soap operas, viewer-participation quizzes and reality shows, in a similar manner to its direct competitor SIC.[]



All times are WET.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
06:00 1.° Hora

Diário da Manhã (Breaking News)

  1. Diário da Manhã (Morning Diary) - Breakfast News Show
06:30 Portuguese TV series - children's programming
10:00 Você na TV (You on TV) - Talk Show 10:30 Inspetor Max (Inspector Max) - Portuguese Series Sunday Eucharist - religious programming
12:30 Selfie (Selfie) - magazine
13:00 Jornal da Uma (News at One) - afternoon newscast
14:30 Belmonte - Portuguese Telenovela - [reairing]

Doce Tentação - Portuguese Telenovela - [reairing]

14:00 Conta-me Como És - magazine Somos Portugal (We're Portugal) - entertainment
16:15 A Tarde é Sua (The Afternoon is Yours) - Talk Show 15:00 various U.S TV series and movies
19:15 Ver pra Crer - Show Apanha se puderes - Show Apanha se puderes - show 18:30 Apanha se Puderes - Show
20:00 Jornal das 8 (News at Eight) - TVI's flagship newscast
21:50 Valor da Vida (Value of Life)- Portuguese Telenovela 21:50 Valor da Vida (Value of Life) " A Herdeira " - (The Inherited) - Telenovela
23:00 A Teia (The Web) - Portuguese Telenovela 00:00 Filmes (movies) - Show Querido, Comprei uma Casa (Dear, I Bought a House) - Home Improvements Show
00:00 Filmes (Movies) - Show
01:00 various TV series and movies Querido Mudei a Casa! (Honey, I've Changed Our Home!) - Home Improvements Show
02:15 ¬ "Doce Tentação" (Sweet Temptation) - (Portuguese Telenovela)
05:00 TV Shop - infomercials


Soap operas currently airing

Recently previous soap operas

TV Series


TVI cameraman
  • Diário da Manhã - Morning Diary
  • Jornal da Uma - News at One
  • Jornal das 8 - News at Eight

Talent shows

Reality shows

Talk shows

  • A Tarde é Sua - The Afternoon is Yours
  • Você na TV - You, on TV
  • Somos Portugal - We're Portugal


Series currently airing


Movies from the following studios/distributors:



  • Sunday Eucharist and 8° Dia (8th Day) - Sunday Christian Catholic mass and religious show broadcast on Sundays, before the lunchtime news block.
  • Cartaz das Artes (Arts' Poster) - weekly cultural agenda show, displayed in the first hours of Friday, hosted by João Paulo Sacadura.
  • EuroMillions - the lottery draw that gives its name to the show, is broadcast on Tuesdays and Fridays after News at Eight.


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