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A stadsdeel (Dutch pronunciation: ['st?dzde:l]; pl. stadsdelen; lit. city part) is the name used for urban or municipality districts in some of the larger municipalities of the Netherlands.

Amsterdam calls 7 of its 8 deelgemeenten stadsdeel. They form a level of government, both executive (stadsdeelwethouders) and legislative (Stadsdeelraad, a council elected by the inhabitants), and can therefore be regarded as boroughs or wards. Until 2010, Amsterdam had 15 deelgemeenten, but the number has been decreased to eight.[1]

Eindhoven's stadsdelen correspond to the former municipalities that fused into that of Eindhoven in 1920; their use to subdivide Eindhoven is standard on traffic signs and in official documents and publications, but they have no political or administrative independence.

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