Squares in London
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Squares in London
St. James's Square, c. 1722
Fitzroy Square

Squares have long been a feature of London and come in numerous identifiable forms. The landscaping spectrum of squares stretches from those containing more hardscape constituting town squares (also known as city squares) to those containing planted communal gardens, for which London is a major international exponent, known as garden squares.

A few in the capital of the United Kingdom such as Trafalgar Square were from the outset public open spaces in exactly the same way as other city squares worldwide, typically a plaza, piazza and a platz in Spain, Italy and Germany. Most, however, were garden squares that were originally built as private communal gardens for use by the inhabitants of the surrounding houses. All types of the space are more prevalent in parts of London with high (urban) density. Some of these gardens are now open to the public, while others, for example around Notting Hill, are railed (a form of fencing) and private.

The terminology has been loosely applied for over a century. Some have irregular shape — three triangles and pentagon feature among those officially named Square. Approbative and technical studies of garden squares commonly cover equivalent landscaped communal gardens not named as a Square many of which spaces have become small public parks — a diversity of descriptive names features at the list of London's "garden squares".

Name and shape

"Square" is a generic term for neat, planned or set aside urban open spaces larger than a verge or pavement overlooked by buildings. In London elements of fields were set aside, a fact reflected in the name of the square London Fields and two later examples: Coram's Fields and Lincoln's Inn Fields. Some are not actually square, or even rectangular. One reason for this is the use of a local nickname for the street, park or garden in question. Another is that some older squares were irregularly shaped to begin with, or lost their original layout due to the city's many transformations, not least following the Great Fire of London and The Blitz.

The street naming (or streetnaming) authority of each London Borough and the City of London Corporation by authority of an Act of 1939 imposes rules to authorise appropriate street names for new developments and for owners wishing to rename features.[1] Commercial building and retained historic names apart, new residential squares must in many boroughs be "for a square only" — considered not well elongated but rectangular and to some extent open.[2] Billiter Square, EC3 and Millennium Square, SE1 in districts dominated by retail, commerce and offices are among many modern buildings (not beside a visible rectangular open space) which have alternative, higher built density, square features to their design, such as a courtyard or a square footprint.

Some squares are paved (Granary Square); some grass and trees (Russell Square); many others diverse communal gardens. Most of those which are square have the word in their name and these are listed below; others more flexibly identified do not; such notable lists are commonly identified as list of garden squares or "estate gardens", "communal gardens", "formal gardens" about which many books have been written. Increasingly, spaces are being constructed that are legally private, although in practice open to the public (Paternoster Square).

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea contains over a hundred garden squares whose use is restricted to residents. The upkeep of these spaces (almost all named after their adjoining streets for example Square/Crescent/Gardens/Place) is partly paid for through a levy on top of residents' council tax.[3] One instance is a lens (pointed oval), The Boltons.

Toward the public end of the public/private continuum, London's growth has taken in village greens. A minority of these partly or wholly survive such as Newington Green to form council-run open spaces breaking up housing, road networks and/or retail streets. The categories of greens and garden squares become more well-visited scaled up, above an informal cut-off, being the today mainly government-run, characteristic parks and open spaces in London — less urban such land includes London's 26 commons most of which were significantly reduced in size in the period of Inclosure and 16 country parks.


Development of Squares

The making of residential squares fell into decline in the early 20th century, one of the last notable such squares having been designed by Edwin Lutyens for Hampstead Garden Suburb. Numerous squares were in danger of filling in for further building. This was banned by the London Squares Act of 1931.[clarification needed][4] In the last quarter of the 20th century a fashion for making office squares developed, a trend led by the Broadgate development. Developers such as London Square, Berkeley Homes and Taylor Wimpey (in the first two instances through their London subsidiaries) have built and set aside land in more than one of their 21st century London developments to create those of the residential type.[5][6][7][8][9][10] More broadly, mixed-use squares to give a focal area have become a resurgent planning design, reflected for instance in Times Square, Sutton and Canada Square, Canary Wharf.

Viewings and events in private communal gardens

Since 1998 many private squares (which term in that context takes in many other shapes of gardens between houses) temporarily open to the paying public: London's "Open Garden Squares Weekend", founded by Caroline Aldiss, takes place on the second weekend in June.[11] The event is organised by the London Parks and Garden Trust. In 2013 over 200 gardens took part, including the garden of the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street and the Gardens of HM Prison Wormwood Scrubs. Other events in keynote squares coincide such as a World Archaeology Festival, Gordon Square, Bloomsbury run by UCL Institute of Archaeology.[12]

The parks can be categorised as public garden squares, private garden squares or other squares.

Social importance

An illuminated wire sculpture of a nightingale, displayed in London's Berkeley Square as part of Lumiere London 2018, an art festival. The sculpture and the accompanying soundtrack A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square formed an art installation titled 'Was that a dream?' by a French artist Cédric Le Borgne.[13]

The local proliferation relative to other UK cities coupled with, since the early 20th century, their widespread opening up has similarly made squares broadly cited in portrayals of London. Initially cultural use was mainly confined to novels and, to a lesser degree, fine art.

"It's a Long Way to Tipperary" is a 1910s song featuring the line "Farewell Leicester Square". "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" is a romantic hit of 1940 with lyrics by Eric Maschwitz and music by Manning Sherwin, sang that year separately by Ray Noble and Vera Lynn and a theme of a film the next year, by Fritz Lang., Man Hunt. In the 1956 song "Why Can't The English?" from the musical My Fair Lady, Professor Henry Higgins laments, "Hear them down in Soho Square/Dropping H's everywhere."

Drama most notably includes the high-audience soap opera broadcast by the BBC running since 1985, EastEnders based on a semi-permanent set north of London's border, Albert Square. It had pre-release titles Square Dance, Round the Square, Round the Houses, London Pride and East 8.[14]

Soho Square garden contains a bench that commemorates the singer Kirsty MacColl, who wrote the song "Soho Square" for her album Titanic Days. After her death in 2000, fans bought a memorial bench in her honour, inscribing the lyrics: "One day I'll be waiting there / No empty bench in Soho Square".[15] The Lindisfarne album Elvis Lives On the Moon also includes a song named after that square.[16]

Notable communal gardens surrounded by buildings

Most notable town squares

List of Greater London squares

The tables below state whether each Square is set around an open-air focus. It comprises, only, roads and communal spaces with the word Square. Those marked No may be squares in an unconventional sense — a building or complex that has around it a paved or road area / a building with a covered forum and/or atrium or a throwback to when it may have had a communal focus.

Demolished squares are listed in a table at the end of this section.

They are arranged by postcode, see the map below of postcodes.

London post town postcodes

City (EC)

Name Post district Open-to-sky area between buildings Image
Exchange EC2 Yes Exchange Square, London.JPG
Monkwell EC2 Yes Obelisk in Monkwell Square - geograph.org.uk - 643310.jpg
Finsbury EC2 Yes Bistro in the Square, Finsbury Square. - geograph.org.uk - 1072846.jpg
Devonshire EC2 Yes Circular seated area in the middle of Devonshire Square - geograph.org.uk - 1021445.jpg
Paternoster EC4 Yes Paternoster Square, London EC2, at Christmas - geograph.org.uk - 1092286.jpg
St Helen's EC3 Yes London Lloyds of London von St Mary Axe 201008.jpg
Ludgate EC4 No Creed Lane (geograph 4279051).jpg
Reliance EC2 No Shoreditch, Reliance Square - geograph.org.uk - 1692298.jpg
Mark EC2 Yes Mark Square - geograph.org.uk - 1163071.jpg
Finsbury Avenue EC2 Yes Finsbury Avenue Square - geograph.org.uk - 1072706.jpg
New Inn EC2 No New Inn Square no number plates.png
Trinity EC3 Yes London . Widok z Trinity Square Gardens - panoramio.jpg
Brewery EC1 Yes Brewery Square, Clerkenwell EC1V small.png
Rosebery EC1 No Rosebery Square - a raised outdoor terrace of a mansion block.jpg[n 1]
(historically Cold Bath)
EC1 Yes Coldbath Square.jpg
St John's EC1 Yes Clerkenwell, The Order of St John, EC1 - geograph.org.uk - 756231.jpg
Myddelton EC1 Yes St Mark's Church, Myddleton Square - geograph.org.uk - 110035.jpg
America EC3 Yes Flowerbed in America Square - geograph.org.uk - 1004689.jpg
Aldermanbury EC2 Yes Looking from Aldermanbury into Basinghall Street - geograph.org.uk - 1256808.jpg
Salisbury EC4 Yes Salisbury Square, London, January 2018 03.jpg
New St EC4 Yes Looking towards Aldermanbury Square, London EC2 in the snow - geograph.org.uk - 879062.jpg
Gough EC4 Yes The courtyard of Gough Square (4044101858).jpg
Waterhouse EC1 Yes Holborn, Waterhouse Square, 142 Holborn Bars, EC1 - geograph.org.uk - 667992.jpg
King EC1 Yes King Square Gardens Borough of Islington London August 11th 2014 - 05.jpg
Northampton EC1 Yes Northampton Square - geograph.org.uk - 979.jpg
Charterhouse EC1 Yes Charterhouse Square.jpg[n 2][17]
Warwick EC4 Yes Warwick Square, near St Pauls, City of London EC4M.jpg[n 3]
Bartholomew EC1 No ?  07.JPG[n 4]
Bridgewater EC2 No A small pre-school playground

City (WC)

Name Post district Open-to-sky area between buildings Image
Queen WC1 Yes Bloomsbury, Queen Square, WC1 - geograph.org.uk - 669373.jpg
New WC2 Yes Lincolns Inn New Square 20130413 108.JPG
Red Lion WC1 Yes Red Lion Square park.jpg
Gray's Inn WC1 Yes Gray's Inn in the snow (8399086152).jpg
South WC1 Yes Gray's inn zzz.JPG
Bloomsbury WC1 Yes Bloomsbury Square gardens 01.jpg
Regent WC1 Yes Regent Square WC1 - geograph.org.uk - 1400805.jpg
Mecklenburgh WC1 Yes Mecklenburgh Square.jpeg[n 5]
Granville WC1 Yes Granville Square (geograph 2858772).jpg
Wilmington WC1 Yes Wilmington Square - geograph.org.uk - 1396214.jpg
Lloyd WC1 Yes Lloyd Square, Islington, London (geograph 3755756).jpg
Brunswick WC1 Yes BrunswickSquare.jpg[n 6]
Torrington WC1 Yes Torrington Square March 2016 01.JPG
Tavistock WC1 Yes 2013-02 gandhi tavistock square.JPG
Gordon WC1 Yes Gordon Square Gardens, London Borough of Camden, WC1.jpg
Woburn WC1 Yes Woburn Square Garden - geograph.org.uk - 1374266.jpg
Russell WC1 Yes Summer in the City - geograph.org.uk - 904991.jpg
Bedford WC1 Yes Bedford gardens.jpg
Fleet WC1 Yes [n 7]
Wells WC1 Yes [n 7]
Argyle WC1 Yes London - Crestfield Street - View on Argyle Square.jpg


North and northwest

Name Post district Open-to-sky area between buildings Image
Canonbury N1 Yes Canonbury Square, London Borough of Islington, N1 (2432814041).jpg
Union N1 Yes Union Square, Islington (geograph 4343015).jpg
Arlington N1 Yes Arlington Square.jpg
Claremont N1 Yes Claremont square, Islington (1) - geograph.org.uk - 1523970.jpg
Hoxton N1 Yes Hoxton square 2.jpg
Charles N1 Yes Charles Square, Shoreditch (geograph 3877762).jpg
Highbury N5 Yes Highbury Square interior.jpg
Euston NW1 Yes Piscator - geograph.org.uk - 913686.jpg
Munster NW1 Yes
Park NW1 Yes Park Square East - geograph.org.uk - 1396235.jpg
Dorset NW1 Yes Dorset Square, Marylebone - panoramio.jpg
Blandford NW1 Yes
Cloudesley N1 Yes Holy Trinity, Cloudesley Square (geograph 3486241).jpg
John Spencer N1 Yes [n 8]
De Beauvoir N1 Yes De Beauvoir Town, Looking across De Beauvoir Square - geograph.org.uk - 1729359.jpg
Old Royal Free N1 Yes Old Royal Free Water Tower - geograph.org.uk - 1394809.jpg
Lonsdale N1 Yes Lonsdale Square Gardens - geograph.org.uk - 110233.jpg
Gibson N1 Yes Gibson Square, Islington - geograph.org.uk - 1135628.jpg
Milner N1 Yes Milner Square, Islington - geograph.org.uk - 1376178.jpg
Barnsbury N1 Yes Barnsbury Square (geograph 1686928).jpg
Alwyne N1 Yes Alwyne Square, Canonbury - geograph.org.uk - 859054.jpg
Thornhill NW1 Yes Thornhill Square, Barnsbury - geograph.org.uk - 624532.jpg
Edward N1 Yes Edward Square, Islington 0588.JPG
Tolmers NW1 Yes Tolmers Square, Euston - geograph.org.uk - 660384.jpg
Chalcot NW1 Yes Chalcot Square - geograph.org.uk - 1005457.jpg
Oakley NW1 Yes Oakley Square Gardens, Camden Town - geograph.org.uk - 178583.jpg
Harrington NW1 Yes Harrington Square Camden - geograph.org.uk - 1593060.jpg
Ampthill NW1 Yes Ampthill Square Estate, Camden Town - geograph.org.uk - 404860.jpg
Wilton N1 Yes Wilton Square N1 - geograph.org.uk - 1091995.jpg[n 9]
St Mark's NW1 Yes St. Marks Church (7263664718).jpg[n 10]
South NW11 Yes 3-18 South Square, Hampstead Garden Suburb 3.JPG
North NW11 Yes The Manse, 14 North Square, Hampstead Garden Suburb.JPG
Litchfield NW11 Yes same layout as Lucas Square below
Lucas NW11 Yes Lucas Square, Hampstead Way, NW11 (geograph 2598438).jpg
Pond N6 Yes Georgian Houses, Pond Square, Highgate Village - geograph.org.uk - 1214770.jpg
Camden NW1 Yes Camden Square (6005623628).jpg
Anderson N1 Yes
Peabody N1 Yes
Packington N1 Yes
Canalside N1 Yes
Red House N1 Yes
Northpoint and
NW1 No [n 11]
1 Hamond N1 No [n 12]
Triton NW1 No Triton Square - geograph.org.uk - 1164984.jpg
Rochester NW1 No
Uhura N16 No

West and southwest

Name Post district Open-to-sky area between buildings Image
Berkeley W1 Yes Berkeley Square Park - panoramio.jpg
Grosvenor W1 Yes Grosvenor Square - geograph.org.uk - 1090067.jpg
Belgrave SW1 Yes Entrance to Gardens in Belgrave Square - geograph.org.uk - 1296516.jpg
Parliament SW1 Yes Westminster, London, UK - panoramio (60).jpg
Fitzroy W1 Yes Fitzroy Square London.jpg
Cavendish W1 Yes Cavendish Square - geograph.org.uk - 387126.jpg
Manchester W1 Yes Manchester Square nord.jpg
Portman W1 Yes Portman square garden - panoramio.jpg
Montagu W1 Yes Playpark in Montagu Square - geograph.org.uk - 1048040.jpg
Bryanston W1 Yes Bryanston Square - geograph.org.uk - 374401.jpg
Smith SW1 Yes Smith Square Westminster London - geograph.org.uk - 1092459.jpg[n 13]
Earl's Court SW5 Yes Earls Court Square, SW5 - geograph.org.uk - 876717.jpg
Redcliffe SW10 Yes Redcliffe Square Gardens - geograph.org.uk - 957168.jpg
Nevern SW5 Yes Nevern Square - geograph.org.uk - 1211002.jpg
St George's SW1 Yes Gardens in St George's Square, Pimlico - geograph.org.uk - 1300142.jpg
Warwick SW1 Yes St gabriel Warwick Square.jpg
Eccleston SW1 Yes Garden Path Eccleston Square - geograph.org.uk - 1297548.jpg
Vincent SW1 Yes Vincent Square SW1 (2) - geograph.org.uk - 139780.jpg
Lindsay SW1 Yes Lindsay Square, Pimlico (geograph 3295332).jpg
Dolphin SW1 Yes Dolphin Square (171233643).jpg[n 14]
Victoria SW1 Yes Victoria Square - geograph.org.uk - 1194345.jpg
Ebury SW1 Yes Westminster, Ebury Square Garden - geograph.org.uk - 1333419.jpg
Eaton SW1 Yes The Parish of St.Peter - panoramio.jpg
Lowndes SW1 Yes Anti-Pakistan demonstration outside High Commission of Pakistan, London 01.JPG
Cleveland W2 Yes Cleveland Square, Bayswater-geograph-2740555.jpg
Montpelier SW7 Yes Montpelier Square, Knightsbridge - geograph.org.uk - 481205.jpg
Trevor SW7 Yes Trevor Square, Knightsbridge (geograph 4338316).jpg
Brompton SW3 Yes Brompton Square, London SW3 - geograph.org.uk - 1108023.jpg
Thurloe SW7 Yes Thurloe Square from the V and A - geograph.org.uk - 1143578.jpg
Hereford SW7 Yes View up Hereford Square (geograph 4026598).jpg
Onslow SW7 Yes Onslow Square SW7 - geograph.org.uk - 190560.jpg
Admiral SW10 Yes Crossing Battersea railway bridge- view downstream including Chelsea Harbour development (geograph 2356478).jpg
Coleridge SW10 Yes Marjon Chelsea campus model 01.jpg
Alexander SW3 Yes GEORGE GODWIN - 24 Alexander Square South Kensington London SW3 2AU.jpg[n 15]
Ovington SW3 Yes Houses on Ovington Gardens (geograph 2484839).jpg
Wellington SW3 Yes Wellington Square, Chelsea, London - geograph.org.uk - 3722.jpg
Chelsea SW3 Yes
Carlyle SW3 Yes Carlyle Square Gardens - geograph.org.uk - 493841.jpg
Tedworth SW3 Yes
Cadogan SW1 Yes Buildings on Cadogan Square (geograph 3805645).jpg
Markham SW3 Yes Gardens in Markham Square - geograph.org.uk - 1150405.jpg
Sloane SW1 Yes Sloane Square.jpg
Duke of York SW3 No Duke of York Square SW3 - geograph.org.uk - 192560.jpg
Paultons SW3 Yes Communal garden in Paultons Square (geograph 4104043).jpg
St Mary's W2 Yes St Mary's Church, Paddington Green, W2 - Churchyard - geograph.org.uk - 351974.jpg
Cambridge W2 Yes Cambridge Square, London W2.jpg
Oxford W2 Yes Oxford Square 17.jpg
Sheldon W2 Yes Sheldon-square.jpg
Lancer W8 Yes Entrance to Lancer Square - geograph.org.uk - 811859.jpg
Rose SW3 Yes Rose Square, Fulham Road SW7 (geograph 2757075).jpg[n 16]
Chantry W8 Yes [n 17]
St Mary's or Old Ealing W5 Yes Old Ealing - geograph.org.uk - 86323.jpg
Kensington W8 Yes Porchester Square Gardens - geograph.org.uk - 363441.jpg
St Andrews W11 Yes
Wesley W11 Yes Refreshments on the lawn, Wesley Square (geograph 5012224).jpg
Mortimer W11 Yes
St Charles W10 No St Charles Square - geograph.org.uk - 925989.jpg
Colville W11 Yes
Powis W11 Yes Notting Hill Carnival - 2013 (geograph 3620364).jpg
Orme W11 Yes St Petersburgh Square (geograph 5514801).jpg
Porchester W2 Yes Porchester Square Gardens - geograph.org.uk - 363441.jpg
Princes W2 Yes Princes Square (geograph 5537487).jpg
Pembridge W2 Yes Kensington, Pembridge Square (geograph 3201133).jpg
Leinster W2 Yes Leinster Square Gardens.jpg
Katherine W11 Yes
Norland W11 Yes St. James, Norland Square church, W11 - geograph.org.uk - 1441797.jpg
Campden Hill W8 Yes Campden Hill Square, W8 - geograph.org.uk - 393930.jpg
Edwardes W8 Yes Edwardes Square, London 03.JPG
Wycombe W8 Yes
Ravenscourt W6 Yes Houses on Ravenscourt Square (geograph 3382083).jpg
St Peter's Square W6 Yes Greek Runner Hammersmith 364.JPG
Ashcroft W6 Yes Morris dancers, Ashcroft Square, King Street W6 (geograph 2997360).jpg
Westcroft W6 Yes
Essex Place (Market) Square
Chiswick High Road
W4 Yes
Lyric Square W6 Yes Lyric Square, W6 - geograph.org.uk - 1620314.jpg
Shuters W14 Yes
Orchard W14 Yes
Vine W14 Yes
Audley, South Audley Street W1 No Looking southwards down South Audley Street - geograph.org.uk - 1089831.jpg
Franklin W14 No Franklin Square, W14 - geograph.org.uk - 1443866.jpg[n 18]
Fountain SW1 No Fountain Square - geograph.org.uk - 646066.jpg
Brassey SW11 No
Chesterton W8 No Warwick Road & Pembroke Road, London SW5.jpg[n 19]
Lampeter W6 No [n 20]
Nottingdale W11 No [n 11]
St Edmunds SW13 Yes
Grafton SW4 Yes London Wealth and Poverty 1898-1899 Grafton Square, Clapham Old Town.jpg
Fenner SW11 Yes Abstract art on apartment block, Fenner Square (geograph 5198105).jpg[n 21]
Monarch SW11 Yes
Battersea SW11 Yes Battersea Square (geograph 4705633).jpg
Ivory SW11 Yes Gartons Way-Plantation Wharf - geograph.org.uk - 1261207.jpg
Heathfield SW18 No Heathfield Square enclosing HMP Wandsworth and Gordon Crescent enc green.jpg
Restoration SW11 No
White's SW4 No
Philpot SW6 No
Macaulay SW4 Yes
Imperial SW6 Yes Imperial Square, Fulham (geograph 3806153).jpg
Hurlingham SW6 Yes
Marryat SW6 Yes
Red Lion SW18 No
Hardwicks SW18 No


Name Postal district Open to air communal space Image
Brewery SE1 Yes Brewery Square, south of Tower Bridge - geograph.org.uk - 823101.jpg
Avondale SE1 Yes St Philip & St Mark, Avondale Square, Camberwell & Sculpture (geograph 2275982).jpg
Perkins SE1 Yes Perkins Square - geograph.org.uk - 1022903.jpg
Nelson SE1 Yes Nelson Square - geograph.org.uk - 920583.jpg
St Philip Battersea, SW8 Yes Battersea, St Philip's Church - geograph.org.uk - 1454062.jpg[n 22]
West SE11 Yes 6-19 West Square (geograph 4826425).jpg
Cleaver SE11 Yes Cleaver Square (geograph 3663479).jpg
Bermondsey SE16 Yes Alfie's Kitchen and Bar (3469030040).jpg
Merrick SE1 Yes Merrick Square, off Trinity Street (1) - geograph.org.uk - 1765992.jpg
Thorburn SE1 Yes Church in the square - geograph.org.uk - 1706294.jpg
Helsinki SE16 Yes Riverside flats (geograph 3703362).jpg
Gatehouse SE1 Yes Gatehouse Square - geograph.org.uk - 1022928.jpg
Surrey SE1 Yes Previously All Saints, Surrey Square, Walworth (geograph 2276019).jpg
Providence SE1 Yes Providence Square Garden (geograph 4378474).jpg
Millennium, Shad Thames SE1 Yes
Edward SE16 Yes Thames Developments (geograph 5663982).jpg
Elizabeth SE16 Yes Elizabeth Square, Lavender Wharf (geograph 2970021).jpg
Frederick SE16 Yes Thames Developments (geograph 5663982).jpg
Helena SE16 Yes Thames Developments (geograph 5663982).jpg
Sophia SE16 Yes Thames Developments (geograph 5663982).jpg
William SE16 Yes Thames Developments (geograph 5663982).jpg
New Place SE16 Yes
Lockwood SE16 Yes
Marden SE16 Yes
Layard SE16 Yes
St Olav's SE16 Yes [18][19]
Reveley SE16 Yes [n 18]
Greenacre SE16 Yes [n 18]
Great Guildford Business SE1 No
Bergen SE16 No
Tillett SE16 Yes
Graphite, Vauxhall Walk SE11 Yes
Cornwall, Kennings Way SW11 Yes [n 23]
John Parker SW11 Yes Flats, Clapham (geograph 3465010).jpg[n 21]
Holliday SW11 Yes [n 21]
Weekley SW11 Yes [n 21]
Winchester SE1 No
Cobalt Vauxhall, SW8 Yes Harleyford Road - geograph.org.uk - 1013044.jpg
Albert SW8 Yes
Walcot SE11 Yes Walcot Square SE11 - geograph.org.uk - 167290.jpg[n 24]
St Georges SE8 Yes [n 25]
Trinity Church SE1 Yes Trinity Church Square - north side - geograph.org.uk - 847609.jpg[n 26]
Montague SE15 Yes
Peabody SE1 Yes Peabody Square Model Dwellings, Blackfriars Road.jpg
Sutherland SE17 Yes Sutherland Square, SE17 (geograph 2668688).jpg
Peckham SE15 Yes Peckham Square - geograph.org.uk - 1741872.jpg
Granville SE15 Yes
Yarnfield SE15 Yes
Choumert SE15 Yes
Vivian SE15 Yes
Galatea SE15 Yes
Huguenot SE15
Shard's SE15 No [n 27]
Dickens SE1 Yes
Hamilton SE1 Yes
Fountain Green SE16 Yes Fountain Green Square (geograph 2127509).jpg
Bonnington SW8 Yes Bonnington Square Garden - geograph.org.uk - 1397632.jpg
Addington SE5 Yes Addington Square SE5 - geograph.org.uk - 165917.jpg
Rust SE5 Yes
Foxley SW9 Yes
Nightingale SW12 Yes Nightingale Square, Balham (geograph 3262823).jpg
Lorrimore SE17 Yes St Paul, Lorrimore Square, London SE17 - geograph.org.uk - 1750513.jpg
Flat Iron SE1 No [20]
Gagarin, Southwark Street SE1 No [n 24]
Westminster Business SE11 No [n 28]


Name Post district Open to air communal space Image
Clapton E5 Yes Clapton Square - geograph.org.uk - 1373803.jpg
Tredegar E3 Yes Tredegar Square (7060769943).jpg
Canada E14 Yes Canada Square in a sunny day - panoramio (1).jpg
Cabot E14 Yes Cabot Square, London (15679738743).jpg
Thomas More E1 Yes News Internaltional Building in London.JPG
Chow E8 Yes Chow Square, Dalston (geograph 2925892).jpg
Time E8 Yes
Lea E3 Yes
Hornbeam E3 Yes
Grayling E2 Yes
Murray E16 No Murray Square (geograph 3969625).jpg[n 29]
Patriot E2 No
Bishops, Spitalfields Market E1 Yes Spitalfields Re-development, London - geograph.org.uk - 64144.jpg
Spital E1 No [n 30]
Bartholomew E1 Yes St Bartholomew, Bethnal Green (geograph 4160985).jpg
Beaumont E1 Yes
Carlton E1 Yes
Harpley E1 Yes
Avis E1 Yes
Sidney E1 Yes Sidney Square Gardens - geograph.org.uk - 593785.jpg
Petticoat E1 Yes Petticoat Square, Middlesex Street, City of London - geograph.org.uk - 64260.jpg
Arbour Stepney, E1 Yes The former Raine's Foundation Grammar School building in Arbour Square - geograph.org.uk - 149017.jpg
Brayford E1 Yes [n 31]
Rectory E1 Yes Stepney Temple Court 03.jpeg
Roy E14 Yes [n 32]
York E14 Yes Queen's Head, E14 - geograph.org.uk - 1170452.jpg
Cutlers E14 Yes [n 33]
St David's E14 Yes Riverside Apartments, Isle of Dogs (geograph 3624562).jpg[21]
The Mother's E5 Yes [n 18]
Shalborne E9 Yes Hackney Wick, Eastway (geograph 5186295).jpg
Silk Mills E9 Yes Silk Mills Square (geograph 3046181) (cropped).jpg
Leabank E9 Yes
Oakum E11 Yes [n 34]
Stonechat E6 Yes [n 35]
Partridge E6 Yes [n 35]
Royal Victoria E16 Yes Sculpture in Royal Victoria Square, London in March 2011 - 04.jpg
Lampern E2 Yes
Old Market E2 Yes Columbia Road, Shoreditch (geograph 3484188).jpg
Ambassador E14 Yes [n 36]
St Georges E14 Yes
Alphabet Square E3 Yes [n 18]
Aqua Vista E3 Yes
Guerin E3 Yes
St George's E7 No
Regent E3 No
Old School E14 No
Athol E14 No
Torrens E15 No
Olympus E5 No
Sheffield E3 Yes
Trellis E3 Yes
Gerry Raffles Square and Theatre Square E15 Yes Theatre Royal Stratford East.JPG
Lanark E14 Yes View along Pepper Street back towards East Ferry Road (geograph 3236099).jpg
Burrells Wharf E14 Yes Burells wharf.jpg
Capstan E14 Yes
Cumberland Mills E14 No [n 37]
Torres, Bering and Vulcan E14 Yes [n 18]
Botanic E14 Yes Recent developments on Leamouth Peninsula (geograph 4950240).jpg
Transom E14 No
Forge E14 Yes
Hopewell E14
Hymek E14
Warrior E12 No
St Luke's E16 No Canning Town, Former St Luke's Church - geograph.org.uk - 762025.jpg
St Thomas's E9 Yes St Thomas Square, Hackney - geograph.org.uk - 402495.jpg
Goldsmith's E2 No The Albion in Goldsmith Row (geograph 2442547).jpg
Ion E2 Yes Ion Square Gardens, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, E2 (2404503484).jpg
St Peter's E2 Yes Bethnal Green, Church of St Peter and St Thomas - geograph.org.uk - 1716762.jpg
Evergreen E8 Yes Evergreen Square, Hackney (geograph 2965137).jpg
Pollard E2 Yes
Chant E15 No
Barnby E15 No
Market, Chrisp Street E14 Yes Global cuisine at Chrisp Street market - geograph.org.uk - 864538.jpg
Shaw E17 Yes
Fassett E9 Yes View from the roof of the German Hospital, Dalston (3058841015).jpg
Primrose E9 No
Principal, Chelmer Road E9 No
Sutton E9 Yes [n 18]
The Square, High Road E10 Yes
O'Leary E1 Yes
Education E1 No
Douthwaite E1 Yes
Cork E1 Yes
Wellclose E1 Yes
Albert E15 No Albert Square (geograph 5357366).jpg
Maryland E15 No Maryland Square (geograph 4684639).jpg
Portland E1 No [n 37]
Tollgate E6 No [n 38]
Goose E6 No [n 38]
Butterfield E6 No [n 38]
Martineau E1 No [n 38]



Name Post town Post district Open to air communal space Image
Brandesbury Woodford Green IG8 Yes Claybury Mental hospital, or London County Lunatic Asylum.jpg
Rosebury Woodford Green IG8 Yes Claybury Mental hospital, or London County Lunatic Asylum.jpg
Brackley Woodford Green IG6 Yes [n 39]
Eastbury Barking IG11 Yes Eastbury Manor Barking - geograph.org.uk - 52748.jpg
Warrington Dagenham RM8 Yes St Peter, Warrinton Road, Becontree - geograph.org.uk - 1762175.jpg
The Square Ilford IG1 Yes
The Square Woodford Green IG8 Yes
Noel Dagenham RM8 Yes [n 40]
Causton Dagenham RM9 Yes
Arnett London E4 Yes
Manor Dagenham RM8 No
Osborne Dagenham RM9 No
Hunters Dagenham RM9 No


Name Post town Post district Open to air communal space Image
Dolphin London W4 Yes [n 35]
Townfield Hayes UB3 Yes
Emerald Southall UB2 Yes
The Square Uxbridge UB11 Yes
Coleridge London W13 Yes [n 18]
Haliday Southall UB2 Yes [n 18]
Cubitt Southall UB2 Yes [n 18]
Chiswick London W4 No Boston House, Chiswick Square London.jpg
Drenon Hayes UB3 No
Tudor Hayes UB3 No

South West

Name Post town Post district Open to air communal space Image
Aubyn London SW15 Yes
Emerald London SW15 Yes
Toland London SW15 Yes
Vanneck London SW15 Yes
Chartfield London SW15 Yes
Barringer London SW17 Yes
Bevin London SW17 Yes
Pavilion London SW17 Yes [n 18]
Chapman London SW19 Yes The Chapman Lodge, Wimbledon (geograph 3284115).jpg
Sutton Hounslow TW5 Yes Sutton Square, Heston (geograph 2240086).jpg
Epsom Hounslow TW6 Yes Aircraft Service Hangar and Aircraft Holding Area (geograph 5242670).jpg
New Chapel Feltham TW13 Yes A244, Feltham (geograph 4715093).jpg
New Feltham TW14 Yes [n 18]
Market Kingston upon Thames KT1 Yes Kingston Market Square.jpg
Sigrist Kingston upon Thames KT1 Yes [n 18]
Topiary Richmond TW9 Yes Sunset over Topiary Square, Richmond (geograph 3731149).jpg
Heron Richmond TW9 Yes Richmond Courtyard - geograph.org.uk - 508174.jpg
Charlotte Richmond TW10 Yes
St Andrew's Surbiton KT6 Yes
Upper Isleworth TW7 Yes Water fountain and lamp standard, South St (geograph 2602171).jpg[n 24]
Lower Isleworth TW7 Yes Lower Square, Isleworth (geograph 2192600).jpg
Memorial Isleworth TW7 Yes Twickenham Road, Isleworth (geograph 3376048).jpg[n 24]
Cheriton London SW17 No Cheriton Square (geograph 3993481).jpg
Belvedere London SW19 No
George London SW19 No
Radcliffe London SW15 No
Magna London SW14 No
The Square Richmond TW9 No Princes Street - geograph.org.uk - 1071435.jpg
Mission Brentford TW8 No Brentford - Pottery Road (geograph 5192864).jpg
Ferry Brentford TW8 No
King George Richmond TW10 No
Fleetwood Kingston upon Thames KT1 No
Charter Kingston upon Thames KT1 No
Ernest Kingston upon Thames KT1 No
Rosebery Kingston upon Thames KT1 No
Waters Kingston upon Thames KT1 No
Ashcombe New Malden KT3 No [n 37]
St George's New Malden KT3 No
St Leonards Surbiton KT6 No
Cardington Hounslow TW4 No


Name Post town Post district Open to air communal space Image
Ryculff London SE3 Yes
Collins London SE3 Yes
Tristan London SE3 Yes
Lebrun London SE3 Yes
Gallus London SE3 Yes
Queen's Elm London SE3 Yes
James Clavell London SE18 Yes London-Woolwich, Royal Arsenal, James Clavell Square, cannons 02.jpg
School London SE10 Yes
Roman London SE28 Yes
The Gardens London SE22 Yes
Arpley London SE20 Yes
Watermen's London SE20 Yes
Palace London SE19 Yes
Talisman London SE26 Yes
Ealdham London SE9 Yes
Chiswell London SE3 Yes
Brook London SE18 No
Mortgramit London SE18 No
Reginald London SE8 Yes
Corvette London SE10 Yes
Gibbs London SE19 Yes
Kingston London SE19 Yes
Bury London SE19 Yes
Montbelle London SE19 Yes
Beresford London SE18 Yes
Les Smith London SE18 Yes
Old Clem London SE18 Yes
Artillery London SE18 Yes
Peppermead London SE13 Yes
Robert London SE13 Yes
Archer London SE14 Yes
Broadway Bexleyheath DA6 Yes
Market Bromley BR1 Yes
St Paul's Bromley BR2 Yes
Oregon Orpington BR6 Yes
Adams Bexleyheath DA6 No
Gainsborough Bexleyheath DA6 No
Regent Belvedere DA17 No


Name Post town Post district Open to air communal space Image
Red London N16 Yes
Arundel London N7 Yes
The Market London N9 Yes
North London N9 Yes
Topham London N17 Yes
Brunswick London N17 Yes
Broadfield Enfield EN1 Yes
Westbrook Cockfosters EN4 Yes
Cornwallis London N19 Yes
Albion London E8 Yes
Christina London N4 Yes
Schonfeld London N16 Yes [n 18]
Hamilton, Sandringham Gardens London N12 No
Chaplin London N12 No


Name Post town Post district Open to air communal space Image
Whitgift Croydon CR0 Yes
The Pavement Croydon CR0 Yes
Torrington Croydon CR0 Yes
Rathbone Croydon CR0 Yes
Kennet Mitchen CR4 Yes
Berkshire Mitcham CR4 Yes
Charlwood Mitcham CR4 Yes
Glebe Mitcham CR4 Yes
Bovingdon Mitcham CR4 Yes
Appleton Mitcham SM3 Yes
Stanley Carshalton SM5 Yes
Alexandra Morden SM4 Yes
Times Sutton SM1 Yes
Wallington Wallington SM6 Yes

North west

Name Post town Post district Open to air communal space Image
Chelmsford London NW4 Yes
St Leonard's London NW5 Yes
Seaton London NW7 Yes
Sentinel London NW4 Yes
Central London NW11 Yes
Belsize London NW3 Yes
Hampden London N14 Yes
Central Wembley HA9 Yes Central Square, Wembley (geograph 4571851).jpg
Elliott London NW3 No
New End London NW3 No
The Mount London NW3 No The Mount Square - geograph.org.uk - 609328.jpg


  • Angel Square, EC1
  • Billiter Square, EC3

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Notes and References

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  15. ^ Alexander Square is on one side trees to the back of houses on Egerton Crescent (the only square is conceived taking in Brompton Road), has three minor roads around the other sides of its thin strip of green divided in two by another minor road
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  27. ^ A narrow asphalted accessway
  28. ^ A non-enclosed small parking court
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  30. ^ A short street, leading past Bishops Square, becoming Lamb Street
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