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Jon Gooch
Background information
Jonathan Gooch
  • Feed Me
  • Spor
  • Unicron
  • Seventh Stitch
  • Snort & Leisure
Born (1984-08-22) August 22, 1984 (age 34)
Hertfordshire, England
  • Record producer
  • DJ

Jonathan Gooch (born 22 August 1984 in Hertfordshire, England), more commonly known by his stage names Feed Me and Spor, is a drum and bass, dubstep and electro house producer and DJ.[1] He is currently managed by Three Six Zero Group.


Jon Gooch obtained the name Spor after an authentication of particular IP identities.[] After a successful partnership with Renegade Hardware and Barcode Recordings, and releases with Teebee's Subtitles Recordings, in 2006, Spor and long-term friend Chris Renegade launched Lifted Music and signed music from producers such as Apex, Evol Intent, Ewun and Phace.

On 24 February 2010, Spor released his second double EP, Conquerors and Commoners, on the Lifted Music label. In an interview with K Magazine, he said the title was inspired by a quote by Harlan Ellison.[2] The album was well received by drum and bass fans, with two of the tracks from the album ("Halogen" and "Kingdom") being played on Andy C's Nightlife 5 mix CD.[3] Spor has since then been playing his music at clubs across the world under the Lifted Music guise. Gooch was also involved in a second side project called "Seventh Stitch", which produced alternative IDM. Under this alias, he worked with another artist named Andrew Aker on a track entitled "Oceans".

Gooch also has an electro house and dubstep project: Feed Me. A two-track EP titled "The Spell" / "Raw Chicken" was released under deadmau5's label, mau5trap. Another track, "Mordez Moi" was released on Noisia's label Division alongside the group's original track "B.R.U.L.". He released a second EP under mau5trap on 25 December 2010, titled Feed Me's Big Adventure. It featured eight tracks, including both electro house and dubstep. His third EP of four tracks called To the Stars was released on 3 June 2011. He released another EP titled Feed Me's Escape From Electric Mountain on 6 February 2012. It features six tracks, with vocals from Hadouken! and Lindsay.

On 20 August 2012, Gooch released a new single titled "Little Cat Steps". Soon after, it was revealed he was producing a full-length album. On 28 October, he released another single with folk band Crystal Fighters, titled "Love Is All I Got". The EP also features four remixes, including Gooch's "Matilda" remix. On 20 December, he stated on Twitter, "One more single and two B sides, then it's album and tour time." The tracks were posted on his SoundCloud, and were titled "Death by Robot", "Dial-Up Days" and "Gravel". The Death by Robot EP was released on 16 January 2013.

On 22 May 2013 Gooch released a series of statements on his Twitter informing his fans that, come Autumn, there will be a hiatus in his DJ-ing.[4] He explained to his fans, 'What I really love doing is making music, art, telling stories; being creative. I don't want a situation where this becomes a back seat.' He later tweeted, 'Seems common to assume writing music means wanting to DJ - I started by accident? It's a fun and enriching social experience but not art.' He later confirmed via Facebook that he will resume touring in 2014 after he has spent time creating a short film featuring Feed Me, established his own label, working on artwork for his shows, and writing his next studio album.[5]

Gooch has founded the record label Sotto Voce to release music under the Feed Me alias as well as provide a platform for new, aspiring artists to release their music. His debut studio album Calamari Tuesday was released on 14 October 2013 through the new label featuring 15 original tracks from his alias Feed Me, two of which were previously released as singles.[6] It was revealed in an interview with DJ Mag that Gooch would like to release albums under each of his Spor, Feed Me and Seventh Stitch aliases in 2013.

Jonathan has also appeared on the podcast/radio show DVDASA on 15 January 2014.

Gooch released "Caligo" as Spor on 19 February 2015 on his own label, Sotto Voce - the 13 track album was released via BitTorrent on a pay-what-you-want model, and included additional art and unreleased mix material.[7]

Gooch (as Spor) collaborated with producer Linguistics for an addition to the compilation album "Mind State, Vol. 1" in 2018. The album's proceeds benefited mental health charities and was connected to a 24-hour mental health festival. [8][9]


As Feed Me

Studio albums

Title Album details Peak chart positions
Independent[10] Dance[11] Heatseekers[12]
Calamari Tuesday 39 3 6

Charted extended plays

Year Title Peak chart positions
Independent[13] Dance[14] Heatseekers[15]
2012 Feed Me's Escape From Electric Mountain 38 13 5
2015 A Giant Warrior Descends On Tokyo -- 16 23
2016 Feed Me's Family Reunion -- 7 --

Charted singles

Year Title Peak chart positions[16]
2012 "Love Is All I Got"

(with Crystal Fighters)

60 18 72 21 78


Year Title Type Catalogue number
2008 The Spell / Raw Chicken EP[17] MAU5010
2010 Feed Me's Big Adventure EP[18] MAU5CD006
2011 To the Stars EP MAU5036
2012 Feed Me's Escape from Electric Mountain EP MAU5047
Little Cat Steps Single MAU5056
Love Is All I Got
(with Crystal Fighters)
Single/EP[19][20] MAU5059
2013 Death by Robot Single/EP[21][22] MAU5060
Calamari Tuesday Album SOVO001[23]
2014 Feed Me's Psychedelic Journey EP SOVO003
Far Away
(with Kill the Noise)
Single SOVO005
2015 A Giant Warrior Descends on Tokyo EP SOVO007
2016 What it Feels Like
(featuring Nina Nesbitt)
Single SV014
Feed Me's Family Reunion EP SV014
2017 Feed Me's Existential Crisis EP[24] MAU50121

Guest appearances

Year Title Appears on Album artist Catalogue number
2008 "Mordez Moi" Mordez Moi / B.R.U.L. Feed Me / Noisia DIVISION003
2011 "Cott's Face" Meowingtons Hax Tour Trax Various Artists MAU5CD008
2012 "Thumbs Up (For Rock n' Roll)" Black Magic Kill the Noise OWS025
2015 "I Do Coke" Occult Classic Kill the Noise OWS120

Production credits

Year Title Artist Album
2011 "Midnight Run" Example Playing in the Shadows
"Bleeding Out" Korn The Path of Totality
"Ebb & Flow" (Pop Mix / Freebee Mix) Tasha Baxter Ebb & Flow - Single
"Ebb & Flow" (Original Mix)
"Bikes" Bikes - Single
2012 "Perfect Replacement" Example The Evolution of Man
2018 "24/7" Foreign Beggars 2-2 Karma


Year Title Original artist Release
2008 "Knights of Cydonia" (Feed Me Remix) Muse N/A
2009 "If You Knew" (Feed Me Remix) Chris Lake feat. Nastala If You Knew (single)
"Until I Die" (Feed Me Remix) September Until I Die (single)
"Morning After Dark" (Feed Me Remix) Timbaland Morning After Dark (Remixes)
2010 "On Melancholy Hill" (Feed Me Remix) Gorillaz The Vampire Diaries (Original Television Soundtrack)[25]
"Let You Go" (Feed Me Remix) Chase & Status feat. Mali Let You Go (single)
2011 "Call Your Girlfriend" (Feed Me Remix) Robyn Call Your Girlfriend (Remixes)
"Innocence" (Feed Me Remix) Nero Guilt (EP)
"What You Know" (Feed Me Cover) Two Door Cinema Club N/A
2012 "Sail" (Feed Me Luxe Remix) Awolnation Kill Your Heroes (single)
"Love Is All I Got" (Feed Me Matilda Remix) Feed Me and Crystal Fighters Love Is All I Got (single)
2013 "Messiah" (Feed Me Remix) I See Monstas Messiah (EP)
"Soothe My Soul" (Feed Me Remix) Depeche Mode Soothe My Soul (download only)
2016 "I Do Coke" (Snort & Leisure [Kill The Noise & Feed Me] Remix) Kill The Noise & Feed Me Alt Classic (Remixes)
"Strobe" (Feed Me Remix) deadmau5 Strobe (Remixes)
2017 "Hurricane" (Feed Me Remix) Vaults Hurricane (Remixes/Pt.1)

As Spor and other various names

  • Spor - "Pull the Sun Down" (with Linguistics) (part of a compilation) (2018) (GET001DD)
  • Spor - Black Eyed EP (2016) (SOVO012)
  • Spor - Caligo (2015) (SOVO008)
  • Spor - "Ziggurat" / "Push Me, Pull You" (2012) (LFTD013)
  • Phace & Spor - "Out of Focus" (2011) (NSGNLEP001)
  • Spor - Pacifica EP (2011) (LFTDUB002)
  • Noisia & Spor - "Falling Through" (2010) (VSN009)
  • Spor - "Knock You Down" (Eskmo Remix) (2010) (LFTDUB001)
  • Spor - Conquerors & Commoners (2010) (LFTD009)
  • Spor - "Silver Spaceman" / "Some Other Funk" (2009) (LFTD006)
  • Spor - "Aztec" / "Do Not Shake" (2009) (SHA025)
  • Spor - "Claret's March" / "Stoppit" (2008) (LFT005)
  • Spor - Breath In, Scream Out EP. (2008) (SUBTITLES066)
  • Spor - From the Inside Out (with Apex, Ewun, Evol Intent & Phace) (2008) (LFTD003)
  • Spor - Supernova (2007) (LFTD002)
  • Spor - "Molehill" (2007) (SUBTITLES057)
  • Spor - "Hydra" (2006) (ZIQ159)
  • Spor - "Knock You Down" (2006) (LFTD001)
  • Spor - "Powder Monkey" (2006) (SUBTITLES055)
  • Spor - "Ignition" (2006) (RH75/RHLP10)
  • Spor & Infiltrata - "Three Faces" (2006) (BAR14)
  • Spor - Tactics EP (2005) (RH72)
  • Spor - "Ultimate Technology" / "Cyberpunk" (2005) (BAR12)
  • Spor - "Alpha Trion" (2005) (BARLP01CD)
  • Spor - "Way of the Samurai" (2005) (BARLP01)
  • Spor - "Haunt Me" / "Brickbeats" (2005) (BAR08)
  • Spor - "Dante's Inferno" (2005) (BAR07)
  • Final Reckoning (Spor & Codex) - "Nothing Less" / "A Thousand Worlds" (2005) (TOV73)
  • Final Reckoning (Spor & Codex) - "Ghosthacker" (2005) (TOV71)
  • Unknown Error / Unicron - "Shadows" (Unicron Remix) / "You Must Believe" (2005) (TOV69)
  • Unicron - "Orion's Five" (2005) (TOVLP06)
  • Spor - "Insecticide" (2004) (TOV67)
  • Spor - "Three Ravens" (2004) (BAR04)
  • Spor - "Haywire" (2004) (RH63)
  • Spor - "Nebulous" (2004) (RH62CD)
  • Spor - "Outbroken (That Track)" (2004) (RH62)
  • Spor - "Running Man" (2004) (NITE002)
  • Spor - "Judderman" / "The Whisper" (2004) (DMIND008)


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