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Solfeggietto (H 220, Wq. 117: 2) is a short solo keyboard piece in C minor composed in 1766 by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.[1] According to Powers (2002:232) the work is correctly called Solfeggio, although the Solfeggietto title is widely used today. Owens refers to the work as a toccata.[2]

\relative c'{\new PianoStaff <<\new Staff{\key c \minor \hideNotes r4 \unHideNotes c16 ees d c b \hideNotes r8. \unHideNotes g'16 f ees d ees\noBeam c ees g c ees d c d c b a g f ees d} \new Staff{\key c \minor \clef "bass" ees,16\noBeam c ees g \hideNotes r4 r16 \unHideNotes g b d \hideNotes r4 r1}>>}

The work is unusual for a keyboard piece in that the main theme and some other passages are fully monophonic, i.e. only one note is played at a time. The piece is commonly assigned to piano students and appears in many anthologies; pedagogically it fosters the playing of an even sixteenth note rhythm by alternating hands.

This piece is easily Bach's best-known, to the point that Paul Corneilson's introduction to The Essential C.P.E. Bach is subtitled "Beyond the Solfeggio in C Minor".[3] Owens also describes it as C. P. E. Bach's most famous work.[4]

The work is often performed by left-hand alone. [5]

The Canadian pianist Marc-André Hamelin has arranged the piece with additional voices as Solfeggietto a cinque for player piano.[6]

The piece was used as a main theme in the 1990 educational computer game Treasure Mountain!.[]



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