Social Democratic Party (Andorra)
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Social Democratic Party Andorra

The Social Democratic Party (Catalan: Partit Socialdemòcrata, PS) is a social-democratic[1]political party in Andorra.


The party was established in the run-up to the March 2001 parliamentary elections when the National Democratic Group split in two, with the Democratic Party also being formed.[3] The new party received 28.7% of the vote and won six seats.[4]

In the buildup to the April 2005 parliamentary elections the party formed an alliance named L'Alternativa with the Parochial Union of Independents Group (GUPI) and Democratic Renewal to contest parish-level seats.[4] The party won six seats at the national level, whilst the alliance won six seats at the parish level. With a total of twelve seats, the party remained in opposition.

The April 2009 parliamentary elections saw the party renew its alliance with GUPI and some independents.[5] The alliance won 14 of the 28 seats and PS leader Jaume Bartumeu became Prime Minister, with the Andorra for Change party supporting the government.[6]

In 2010 the APC withdrew its support for the PS-led government, and in 2011 the General Council rejected the government's budget, forcing early elections.[6] The April 2011 parliamentary elections saw the PS receive 34.8% of the vote, reducing its representation to six seats.[6]

In the March 2015 parliamentary elections, the party ran in alliance with the Greens of Andorra, Citizens' Initiative and independent candidates. The alliance's vote share fell to 24%, winning only three seats.

Election results

General Council elections

Election Votes % Seats +/- Position Government
2001 3,083 28.7
Increase 6 Increase 2nd Opposition
2005 4,711 36.9
Increase 6 Steady 2nd Opposition
2009 6,610 45.0
Increase 2 Increase 1st Majority
2011 5,397 34.8
Decrease 8 Decrease 2nd Opposition
2015 3,462 23.5
Decrease 3 Decrease 3rd Opposition
2019 5,445 30.6
Increase 4 Increase 2nd Opposition

Local elections

Election Votes % Seats +/- Position
2003 3,695 33.8
Increase 21 Increase 2nd
2007 5,003 38.3
Increase 8 Steady 2nd
2011 3,182 25.2
Decrease 21 Steady 2nd
2015 2,022 15.1
Decrease 3 Decrease 3rd


Some notable past and present members are:


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