Smegma (band)
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Smegma Band
OriginPasadena, California, USA
GenresNoise, Free improvisation
MembersJu Suk Reet Meate, Dennis Duck, Cheese it RItz, Cheesebro, Amazon Bambi, Chucko Fats, Pizza Rioux, Iso, Dr.Id, Dr.Odd, Jerry, Foon, Ace Farren Ford, Electric Bill, Jerry A., Arsene Zara, Borneo Jimmy, Burned Mind, Conroy, Oblivia, Victor Sparks, Harry Cess Poole, Samak Cosemano, Nour Morbarak, Madelyn Villano.

Smegma is an American experimental noise group formed in Pasadena, California in 1973.[1] Author Richard Meltzer became their vocalist in the late 1990s.[1] The group was included in the Nurse with Wound list and was featured on the cover of the August 2006 edition of The Wire.[2][not in citation given]

Partial discography

  • Sing Popular Songs (includes guest vocalists such as Wild Man Fischer) (1974)
  • Can't Look Straight/Flashcards, single (1979)
  • Glamour Girl 1941 (1979)
  • Soundtracks 1-5 EP, Non/Smegma (1980)
  • Pigs for Lepers (1982)
  • Nattering Naybobs of Negativity (1987)
  • Smell the Remains (1988)
  • Ism (1994)
  • The Goodship Poleshiner (1995)
  • Songs from the motion picture Theodore Rex (1995)
  • The Mad Excitement, The Barbaric Pulsations, The Incomparable Rhythms Of... (1996)
  • Smegma Plays Merzbow Plays Smegma (collaboration with Merzbow) (1996)
  • Glamour Girl 1941 (1997)
  • Rumblings (compilation 1997-2003) [3]
  • Tiromancy
  • Sing Popular Songs (includes guest vocalists such as Wild Man Fischer)
  • The Beast (collaboration with Wolf Eyes)
  • Thirty Years of Service
  • Live at No Fun Fest
  • One/Don't Tell Roberto (Split with Sissy Spacek (John Wiese) & Kommissar Hjuler und Frau)
  • The Good Fight/Blues for M./Self-Hypnosis (Split with Kommissar Hjuler und Frau)


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