Sindhi Baloch
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Sindhi Baloch

The Baloch of Sindh, also known as the Sindhi-Baloch (Sindhi: ? ?‎, Urdu: ?‎), are Baloch tribes living in Sindh province of Pakistan.

Baloch migration to Sindh

It is believed that the Balochis migrated from Balochistan during the Little Ice Age[1]. The Little Ice Age is conventionally defined as a period extending from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries,[2][3][4] or alternatively, from about 1300[5] to about 1850.[6][7][8] Although climatologists and historians working with local records no longer expect to agree on either the start or end dates of this period, which varied according to local conditions. According to Professor Baloch, the climate of Balochistan was very cold and the region was inhabitable during the winter so the Baloch people migrated in waves and settled in Sindh and Punjab.[9]

Notable people


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