Sharaf Al-Zaman Al-Marwazi
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Sharaf Al-Zaman Al-Marwazi

Sharaf al-Zam?n hir al-Marwaz? or Marvaz? (Arabic: ? ?‎; fl. 1056/57-1124/25 CE) was a physician and author of Nature of Animals (? ? Kit?b ?abi? al-?ayaw?n al-Ba?r? wa-al-Barr?).

He was a native of Merv, part of the Khorasan region in modern day Turkmenistan.

Nature of Animals

Al-Marwaz? drew upon the works of Aristotle, Dioscorides, Galen, Oribasius, Timotheos of Gaza, Paul of Aegina, and the Muslim scholar Al-Jahiz. The work comprises five parts:[1]

  • On human beings
  • On domestic and wild quadrupeds
  • On land and marine birds
  • On venomous creatures
  • On marine animals


Al-Marwazi served as physician at the courts of the Seljuk Sultan Malik-Shah I and his successors.[2] As a physician, he recorded observations of parasitic worms.[1]


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