September Mourning
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September Mourning
September Mourning
OriginNew York City, United States
MembersEmily Lazar
Rich Juzwick
Patrick Romanelli
Kyle Mayer
James Duran
Nobuaki Hayashi
Steve Podgorski
Xavier Moreux
Skot Christ
Shawn Cameron
Tommy Joe Ratliff

September Mourning is a heavy metal band, which incorporates a transmedia dark culture project created by Emily Lazar and Marc Silvestri. The band was formed by frontwoman, vocalist, and screamer, Emily Lazar in New York in 2009. The concept narrative created by Lazar and incorporated in the band and their performances, centers around the fictional story of a human-grim reaper hybrid named September, as she navigates the worlds of the living and the dead. The character's human-side possesses the empathy to give some human souls a second chance. The story is presented on different media platforms, including music, comic books, and live concerts. The comic books are published by Top Cow Productions Image Comics.


Development (2009-2010)

The storyline of September Mourning was first created by Lazar. Marc Silvestri of Top Cow Productions became involved after Lazar pitched the idea to him via Myspace. Together, they developed the world and storyline of September Mourning.[1] Lazar described the project:

"It's a storyline that has a musical component to it. An artistic component to it. The storyline is what holds it all together. The music is like the icing on the cake. It's very important of course, but it's the vehicle to tell the story."[2]

In early 2009, Lazar began to focus on the project's music. Together with guitarist and programmer Chris Egert and guitarist James Duran, Lazar began writing songs for September Mourning and touring with rotating drummers and bass players.[3] After moving from New York to Los Angeles in late 2010, the lineup changed with Lazar becoming the only constant member.

At the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, Top Cow Productions announced the creation of Marc Silvestri and September's concept story, September Mourning, whose preview story summary would be published that year in the first edition of their Holiday Special.[4][5] In late 2011, at the San Diego Comic Con, MTV Geek[6] announced a partnership with Marc Silvestri and September to create webisodes based on the characters in the storyline September Mourning, as well as online comics and other media for their website, and David Hine signed on as writer for the series. The unfortunate cancellation of MTV Geek led to the webisodes never coming to fruition.

Melancholia demos (2011)

At the start of 2011, Egert and Lazar began self-producing an album containing the first demo songs written by the band. Melancholia was released on Repo Records exclusively in Germany on May 9, 2012, and features guest drummer Ryan Seaman of Falling In Reverse and bassist Phil Buckman of Filter. The album was mixed and mastered by Dave Ogilvie.

On July 17, 2012, a demo of a new song, Before the Fall,co-written and produced by Sahaj Ticotin, and its music video, were featured in the TNA Wrestling commercial for their Hardcore Justice PPV August 2012. This single was released independently to the iTunes Store and Spotify the following week and showcased the progression of the band's songwriting and move towards a more commercial sound.

In September 2013 September Mourning played the Schecter Guitars Party at NAMM. Lazar continued to develop the look and theatricality of the band and to write new material for the project. September Mourning played some one-off shows in the California area while being shopped to labels. Later in 2013 September Mourning was signed to Virgin Records.

Volume I (2015)

In late 2014, the September premiered a new song, "Children of Fate", co-written by Sahaj Ticotin and produced by Howard Benson on Loudwire.[7] On July 12, 2015, September Mourning launched a Kickstarter Campaign to fund the release of the first issue of a comic book connected to the project's storyline.[8] The Kickstarter achieved its funding goal in under 72 hours.[9] In September, Loudwire premiered another track from their debut EP, Eye of the Storm.[10] The EP, mixed and produced by Sahaj Ticotin, was released on October 2, 2015.

The comic titled A Murder of Reapers, was released in October 2015 through Top Cow Productions/Image Comics alongside Volume I, the band's first release in the USA. The EP was well received, with The Front Row Report saying that the "all components of the project's impact present the sensation of strength and vitality. With such a unique method of storytelling and direct communication of passion, September Mourning have set themselves up for success with Volume 1".[11] stated that "in less than 20 minutes, Volume I establishes September Mourning as one of the few truly unique acts active today. The title implies this is the only beginning, which is a promising, exciting thought.".[12]

Volume II (2016)

In March 2016, September Mourning announced that the band had been signed to Sumerian Records, and released the music video for "Eye of the Storm".[13] The full-length album, Volume II produced by Sahaj Ticotin, was released on July 29th, 2016, alongside the second issue of the comic. Lazar stated that "Volume II is a continuation of the first step in our journey which began with our self-released EP, Volume I and A Murder of Reapers, the first issue of our comic book. Volume II follows our hero, September Mourning's tale throughout the second issue of the comic book entitled, The Hand of Fate".[14] To promote the release, an animated lyric video for "Skin And Bones", was premiered on Loudwire in July 2016.[15]

Band members

Current members

Former members

  • James Duran - guitars (2009-2010)
  • Chris Egert - guitars, programming (2009-2010)
  • Nobuaki Hayashi - guitars (2012)
  • Steve Podgorski - guitars (2012-2013)
  • Xavier Moreux - guitars (2014-2015)
  • Skot Christ - bass, backing vocals (2012-2013)
  • Shawn Cameron - drums (2012-2013)
  • Tommy Joe Ratliff - bass (2014-2015)
  • Clayton Ryan - bass (2015)
  • Jeriah Eager - bass (2015-2016)
  • Andy DeCicco - bass (2016)
  • Kyle Ort - guitars (2015-2017)
  • Josh Fresia - drums (2014-2018)


Studio albums

  • Volume II (2016)


  • Volume I (2015)
  • Volume III (2019)


Title Year US
"Before the Fall" 2015 -- Volume II
"Eye of the Storm" 2016 40
"20 Below" 2017 39
"'Til You See Heaven" --
"Empire" 2018 -- Non-album single
"Glass Animals" --
"Unholy" 2019 -- Volume III
"Hiding from Heaven" --


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