Semai Language
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Semai Language
Engrok Semai
Native toPeninsular Malaysia
Ethnicity42,400 Semai people (2008)[1]
Native speakers
10,000 (2007)[1]
Language codes

Semai (Engrok Semai) is a Mon-Khmer language of western Malaysia spoken by about 44,000 Semai people. It is perhaps the only Aslian language which is not endangered, and even has 2,000 monolingual speakers.

One notable aspect of Semai phonology is its highly irregular pattern of expressive reduplication, showing discontiguous copying from just the edges of the reduplicant's base, thus forming a minor syllable.

Examples of words in Semai:

English Malay Semai
I Saya Eng
Eat Makan Cak
Drink Minum Ngaut
Bathe Mandi Mehmu
Clean Bersih Parlain
Good Bagus Bor
Chicken Ayam Bafung/Fung
Rice Beras Cengroy
Mushroom Cendawan Cenai
Why Kenapa Jalek
How Bagaimana Rahalook



Oral vowels
Front Central Back
Close i i: ? ?: u u:
Close-mid e e: o o:
Open-mid ? ?: ? ? ?:
Open ? ?:
Nasal vowels
Front Central Back
Close ? ?: : ? ?:
Mid : :
Open :



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