Sedot Mikha Airbase
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Sedot Mikha Airbase
Sdot Micha Airbase
Air Wing 2
Sdot Micha AB is located in Israel
Sdot Micha AB
Sdot Micha AB
Coordinates31°44?19?N 34°55?10?E / 31.73861°N 34.91944°E / 31.73861; 34.91944
TypeMilitary missile base
Site information
OwnerIsraeli Air Force
Site history
BuiltAround 1970

Sdot Micha Airbase (in Hebrew ?) is an IAF missile base and depot of which existence Israel neither confirms nor denies. It is situated in the center of Israel halfway from Jerusalem to the Mediterranean Sea and extends nearly 13 km from southeast to northwest. The center of the base is located 1.5 km north of the moshav Sdot Micha.


Sdot Micha is not the base' official name since Israel does not announce it, but it is used in most publications worldwide. Sometimes it is also called Sdot HaElla[1]Sedot Mikha, Zekharia, Zachariah or Zekharyeh according to another nearby moshav.


It is believed that the base is a missile launch facility for nuclear-tipped Jericho 2 IRBMs and probably Jericho 3 ICBMs. Likely positions of the launch sites with nearby bunkers are 31°43?47.9?N 34°55?45.7?E / 31.729972°N 34.929361°E / 31.729972; 34.929361 (Jericho missile bunkers) and 31°44?48.5?N 34°56?0.2?E / 31.746806°N 34.933389°E / 31.746806; 34.933389 (Jericho missile bunkers). Satellite images show these launch areas for mobile missiles very explicitly, which is part of their deterrence.[2][3][4]

The roads for the mobile missile systems are in between ridges of hills, which has the advantage that the missile bunkers could be dug into the limestone hills around and only need massive doors to protect them from nuclear explosions - direct hits excluded. The missile sites are also hidden there and cannot to be seen from the outside.[5]

According to Jane's Defence Weekly Sdot Micha is also a location for the new Arrow 3 ABM to intercept (nuclear) missiles coming from Iran. This is a joint venture of Israel and the United States and has been deployed there in the beginning of 2017. Satellite photos show the construction of four bunkers capable to withstand nuclear explosions. In each bunker a mobile launcher with six Arrow 3 missiles can be deployed. The US have accidentally published where the exact locations of the bunkers are: 31°45?18.5?N 34°54?35.6?E / 31.755139°N 34.909889°E / 31.755139; 34.909889 (Vier Arrow 3 Raketenbunker).[6]

All larger missiles of Israel are built in the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) MLM Division missile plant in Be'er Ya'akov, 20 km northwest to the base (31°55?45.1?N 34°50?6.7?E / 31.929194°N 34.835194°E / 31.929194; 34.835194 (MLM Division (IAI) missile plant)).[7][8] Northwest near the base is also Tel Nof Airbase where F-15 jets can be equipped with nuclear bombs probably stored in the depot of Sdot Micha (31°47?45.3?N 34°51?15.2?E / 31.795917°N 34.854222°E / 31.795917; 34.854222 (Depots auf Sdot Micha)).[9]


The base was established around 1970 on the land of the depopulated Palestinian village of Al-Burayj.[10]


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