Samba Rock
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Samba Rock

Samba rock (also known as samba-soul, samba-funk, and sambalanço)[1] is a genre that combines samba, soul, rock, and funk music.[2]


Samba rock developed alongside the Tropicália movement within the mid-1960s musica popular brasileira genre, which itself had modernized traditional bossa nova rhythms with influences from other Brazilian and international pop rock sounds.[2] Originators of samba rock included Jorge Ben, Tim Maia,[2] and Trio Mocotó.[3] Ben's 1960s music in particular contributed to the style's rhythmic identity. Departing from bossa nova's European musical influences, Ben drew on African American music--such as jazz, rhythm and blues, and eventually soul, funk, and rock music--to develop a unique rhythm, which he called "sacundin sacunden".[1]

The genre experienced a resurgence at the turn of the 21st century, which Universal Music Brasil capitalized on with their "Samba Soul" reissue series in 2001, re-releasing albums by Ben and other 1970s acts.[4]

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