Rulers of Mbundaland
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Rulers of Mbundaland

The following is a complete list of rulers of the Mbunda Kingdom, established in the southeast of present-day Angola, covering Moxico and Cuando Cubango Provinces.

Early monarchs

Name Descendants
King Nkuungu
  • Princess Naama
Queen Naama
  • Prince Nkonde
  • Prince Chinguli
  • Princess Yamvu
  • Princess Lukokesha Mema Kafu Mbwita
Queen Yamvu
  • Prince Katongo,
  • Prince Chiti,
  • Prince Nkole
King Nkonde
  • Prince Chinguli
  • Prince Chimbangala
  • Prince Yambayamba
  • Prince Nkonde
  • Prince Chombe
King Chinguli cha Nkonde
  • Princess Mbaao
  • Prince Nkonde
  • Prince Luputa
Queen Mbaao ya Chinguli
  • Princess Kaamba
  • Princess Mbayi
  • Prince Kwandu
  • Prince Chondela
  • Prince Lilu

Mbunda Kingdom in south-eastern Angola

Name Descendants
Vamwene Kaamba ka Mbaao
  • Prince Chingwanja
  • Prince Mulondola
  • Prince Ndongo
  • Princess Muyeji
  • Princess Katheketheke
King Chingwanja cha Kaamba
  • Prince Lweembe
  • Prince Nkonde
  • Prince Nkombwe
  • Prince Ndongo
  • Prince Mwiinga
  • Prince Kamenga
  • Princess Vipalo
  • Prince Luputa
King Lweembe lwa Chingwanja
  • Prince Katete
  • Prince Mununga
  • Prince Kathangila
  • Prince Chondela
  • Princess Mukenge
King Katete ka Lweembe
Queen Mukenge wa Lweembe Livindamo
  • Prince Kathangila
  • Princess Naama
  • Princess Chioola
  • Princess Muulo
  • Princess Mununga

Migration to Moxico and Cuando Cubango

Name Descendants
King Kathangila ka Mukenge
  • Prince Yambayamba Kapanda
  • Prince Chingumbe
  • Princess Mpande
  • Princess Kamana
  • Princess Muulo
King Yambayamba Kapanda
  • Princess Mukombe
  • Princess Xwaka
  • Prince Munamwene Muyakata
  • Prince Munamwene Chikungwe
  • Prince Munamwene Nambwa
King Chingumbe
  • Prince Nkombwe Kapamuka
  • Prince Yembe Katete
  • Prince Chitengi Chingumbe Chiyengele
  • Princess Kakuhu
  • Prince Mpili
King Mwene Chitengi Chingumbe Chiyengele
  • Prince Ngulungu.
King Mwene Ngonga I Chiteta
  • Prince Kathaka
  • Prince Lyangongama
  • Prince Vunonge
  • Prince Liwanika
King Nyumbu Luputa lwa Mpande
King Ngonga II Linjengele Kawewe
King Katavola I Mwechela
King Katavola II Muthangu
King Mwene Mbandu I Lyondthzi Kapova
  • Prince Mumbamba Lyondthzi
  • Prince Limbwambwa Kalyangu Lyondthzi
  • Prince Kalimbwe Lyondthzi
  • Prince Kameya Muyeji Lyondthzi
King Mbandu II Kathzungo Xaanda
King Mbandu III Mbandu Lifuti


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