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Pro-Europeanism, sometimes called European Unionism,[1][2] is a political position that favours European integration and membership of the European Union (EU).[3] It includes European federalists, who seek to create a federal European Union known informally as a United States of Europe.[3] A related term is 'Europhile'.[3]

As such, it is the opposite of Euroscepticism, which refers to political attitudes sceptical of--or opposed to--European integration, not to be confused with the term 'Anti-Europeanism'.

Cultural-sovereign politics

Pro-Europeanism and Europhilia also are political terms used in a variety of contexts, implying sentiment or policies in approval for a confederate European Union. As stated in the Treaty of Amsterdam and Lisbon, the European Commission has expressed positive sentiments for enhanced federalization.

In the context of cultural politics, this may refer to the culture or peoples of Europe. In the shorthand of "Europe" (standing for the European Union or European integration), it may refer to European federalism, the deliberating institutional process of the European Commission to form an informal confederation. In the context of lateral cultural policy, it may refer to forced assimilation by the European Commission in the member states.

The terms may also be variously used in the context of criticizing various behaviours, usually historic, seen as imperialist, or genocidal, as stereotype and prejudice associated with Europe, as eradication of local cultures, as desist of national sovereignty and as a moral statement of opposing the perceived inherent negativity that goes with Europe.

Pro-EU political parties

Pan-European level

Within the EU

Outside the EU

Multinational European partnerships

  • Council of Europe: an international organisation whose stated aim is to uphold human rights, democracy, rule of law in Europe and to promote European culture. It has 47 member states, with approximately 820 million people.
  • Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe: the world's largest security-oriented intergovernmental organization, with 57 participating states mostly in Europe and the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Paneuropean Union: the oldest European unification movement.

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