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The guitar is a stringed musical instrument that is used both to accompany singers and other instrument players with chords and as a melodic instrument which plays melodies and guitar solos, often with single notes. It is used in a wide variety of musical styles, and is also widely known as a solo classical instrument. It is most recognized in popular culture as the primary instrument in blues, country, rock music, and many types of pop music and it is also an important accompaniment and solo instrument in jazz. There are two main types of guitar: the acoustic guitar, which produces sound through its hollow body, and the electric guitar, which is plugged onto an amplifier and speaker. The guitar is usually associated with a six-stringed format but variations include the four-, seven-, eight-, ten-, and twelve string guitars. Other variations are semi-hollowbody electric guitars, solidbody electric guitars as well as guitars with more than one neck (see Gibson EDS-1275). Guitars are designed, made, maintained and repaired by luthiers; as well, guitar technicians do many maintenance and repair tasks. Since electric guitars are plugged into guitar amplifiers, they can easily be made loud enough for large performance venues. As well, many pop and rock performers use electronic effect pedals such as distortion and reverb to modify the sound of the instrument. The bass, lower-pitched version of an electric guitar is called the electric bass.

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John Williams
John Williams (born 24 April 1941) is one of the world's best-known classical guitarists. Born in Melbourne, Australia, Williams was taught initially by his father Len Williams. At the age of twelve he went to Italy to study with Andrés Segovia. Later, he attended the Royal College of Music in London, studying piano because the school did not have a guitar department at the time. Upon graduation, he was offered the opportunity to create such a department. Being such a lover of the instrument, he seized the opportunity and ran it for the first two years. Williams has maintained links with the College (and with the Northern College in Manchester) ever since.

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Angus Young's SG, a signature from Gibson USA.

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Major-thirds tuning repeats itself (at a higher octave) after three strings. Thus, chords can be shifted vertically on the same frets.  The shift of a C major chord (with notes C,E,G) is displayed.




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