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Wikipedia's contents: Overviews

An overview is a survey of what is covered or included in an area. Below is an outline of Wikipedia, divided into 12 sections, each providing an overview of a major subject area, presenting key articles in the respective subject.

P literature.svg General reference   (see in all page types)

P culture.svg Culture and the arts   (see in all page types)

Culture and Humanities  – Celebrities o Classics o Critical theory o Language o Movements o Mythology o Philosophy o Popular culture o Traditions o Tourism

Art and The arts  – Art galleries o Art schools o Museums 
Literature  – Poetry
Performing arts – Comedy (Humour) o Dance o Film o Music o Opera o Theatre o Circus
Visual arts – Animation o Architecture o Comics o Design o Drawing o Painting o Photography o Sculpture o Textile arts o Fashion
Entertainment and Recreation – Cooking o Festivals o Hobbies o Parties 
Games and Toys – Computer and video games o Role-playing games
Board games – Backgammon o Battleship o Chess o Cluedo (Clue) o Draughts (Checkers) o Go o Mastermind o Monopoly o Reversi o Risk o Scrabble o Stratego
Card games – Baccarat o Canasta o Collectible card game o Contract bridge o Crazy Eights o Cribbage o Go Fish o Patience (Solitaire) o Poker o Rummy o Spades o Speed o Spite and Malice o War
Sports – Association football (Soccer)  o American football o Baseball o Basketball o Cricket o Cue sports o Golf o Ice hockey o Olympics o Racing (Cycling, Formula One) o Rugby o Swimming o Tennis o Track and field
Mass media – Internet (Blogosphere, Podcasts, and Websites) o Newspaper o Publications o Publishing o Radio o Television

P countries-vector.svg Geography and places   (see in all page types)

See also: places near you
Main articles: Earth, Geography and Place

Geography – Atlas o City o Climate o Demographics o Earth o Exploration o Geographic information system o History of geography o Map o Park o Place o Population density o Region o Spatial analysis o Subregion o Surveying

Branches of Geography – Physical geography (Climatology, Hydrology) o Human geography o Regional geography
Natural geographical features
Landforms – Badlands o Canyon o Cave o Cliff o Coast o Continent o Coral reef o Crater o Desert o Forest o Geyser o Glacier o Gully o Grassland o Highland o Hill o Island o Mesa o Mountain o Mountain range o Plain o Prairie o Peninsula o Reef o Ridge o Savanna o Shoal o Steppe o Tundra o Valley o Volcano o Wetland
Bodies of water – Bay o Channel o Delta o Estuary o Fjord o Headlands o Lagoon o Lake o Marsh o Ocean o Pond o River o Sea o Sound o Source (river or stream) o Spring (hydrosphere) o Strait o Stream o Swamp o Waterfall
Manmade geographical features – Airport o Artificial dwelling hill o Artificial island o Breakwater o Bridge o Canal o Causeway o Country o Country subdivision o Dam (Levee) o Farm o Harbor o Nation o National park o Nature reserve o Park o Pier o Pipeline o Port o Railway o Ranch o Reservoir o Road (Street) o Settlement (Village, Town, City, Megalopolis) o Train station o Tunnel
The World
By hemisphere – New World o Old World |  Eastern world o Western world |  Eastern Hemisphere o Western Hemisphere |  Northern Hemisphere o Southern Hemisphere
By cultural region – English-speaking world o Arab world o Chinese world (Sinosphere) o Indosphere o Sub-Saharan Africa o Europe o Latin America o Oceania
By ordinal classification – First World o Second World o Third World o Fourth World o Fifth World
By economic development – Developed countries o Developing countries o Least Developed Countries
By continent – Africa o Antarctica o Australia o Eurasia (Europe and Asia) o North America o South America
Countries and polar regions of the world:

P medicine.svg Health and fitness   (see in all page types)

General  – Health care o Health care industry o Health disparities o Mental health o Population health o Preventive medicine o Public health o Complementary and alternative medicine

Self-care – Body composition o Life extension o Longevity o Physical fitness

Nutrition – Calorie restriction o Dietary supplements (Amino acids, Minerals, Nootropics, Nutrients, Vitamins) o Diet (nutrition) o Dieting o Healthy eating pyramid
Physical exercise – Stretching o Overtraining o Aerobic exercise o Anaerobic exercise o Sport o Walking
Hygiene – Cleanliness o Oral hygiene o Occupational hygiene

Health science – Dentistry o Occupational therapy o Optometry o Pharmacy o Physiotherapy o Speech-Language Pathology

Medicine – Midwifery o Nursing o Veterinary medicine o Dentistry o Alternative medicine
Human medicine – Anesthesiology o Cardiology o Dermatology o Emergency medicine o Endocrinology and Diabetology o Epidemiology o Geriatrics o Hematology o Internal medicine o Nephrology o Neurology o Oncology o Pathology o Pediatrics o Psychiatry o Rheumatology o Surgery o Urology
Illness  – Aging o Alcoholism o Atrophy o Deficiency disease o Depression o Disease o Disorders (types) o Drug abuse o Eating disorder o Foodborne illness o Malnutrition o Obesity o Smoking

Klepsydra-pt.svg History and events   (see in all page types)

History by region – Ancient Egypt o Ancient Greece o Ancient Rome o History of China o History of the Middle East o History of Mesoamerica o History of India

History by continent – Africa o The Americas o Antarctica o Asia o Australia o Eurasia o Europe o North America o Oceania o South America

List of time periods Prehistory o Protohistory o Ancient history o Modern history o Future history

The Ages of history – Stone Age o Copper Age o Bronze Age o Iron Age o Dark Ages (historiography) o Middle Ages o Age of Discovery o Renaissance o Age of Enlightenment o Industrial Age o Space Age o Information Age

History by subject

Cultural history Money o Sport
History of art Dance o Film o Music o Painting o Theatre
History of philosophy Ancient o Medieval o Modern o Contemporary
History of logic
History of science Theories/sociology o Historiography o Mathematics o Pseudoscience o Scientific method
History of the natural sciencesAstronomy o Biology o Chemistry o Ecology o Geography o Physics o Geology
History of the social sciencesAnthropology o Economics o Education o Geography o Linguistics o Political science o Psychology o Sociology
History of science by era In early cultures o In Classical Antiquity o In the Middle Ages o In the Renaissance o Scientific Revolution
History of technology Agriculture & agricultural science o Architecture o Biotechnology o Chemical engineering o Communication o Computing (Computer science, Software engineering) o Electrical engineering o Invention o Materials science o Measurement o Medicine o Military technology o Transport

P Human activities.svg Human activities   (see in all page types)

Human activity Arts o Childraising (Babysitting, Child care) o Crime (Harassment, Homicide) o Educating (Learning, Teaching) o Entertainment o Exercise o Exploration (Underwater exploration, Space exploration) o Globalization o Hobbies o Industrialisation o Innovation o Law enforcement o Learning o Leisure activities o Management o Massage o Medicine o Navigation o Philosophy o Politics (Governance) o Publishing o Recreation o Practicing religion (Worship) o Reproduction o Resource consumption o Sex o Shopping o Spending o Sport o Thinking o Transporting o Traveling o Underwater diving o Warfare

Agriculture (farming)Fisheries management o Fishing o Forestry o Gardening o Horticulture o Ranching
BusinessBusiness administration o Finance o Industry o Investing o Manufacturing o Marketing o Trading
CommunicatingConversing o Listening o Reading o Talking o Writing
TelecommunicatingBroadcasting (Radio broadcasting, Television broadcasting) o Email o Web navigation
ScienceApplied science o Formal science o Natural science o Physical science o Social science

Impact of human activityCars, effects on society o Population growth o Human overpopulation o Overconsumption o War, effects of

Human impact on the environmentBiodiversity loss o Conservation o Defaunation o Deforestation o Desertification o Ecological crises o Environmental degradation o Environmentalism o Forest degradation o Global warming o Habitat destruction o Habitat fragmentation o Holocene extinction event o Land degradation o Ocean acidification o Ozone depletion o Pollution o Resource depletion

P mathematics.svg Mathematics and logic   (see in all page types)

P physics.svg Natural and physical sciences   (see in all page types)

Main articles: Natural science and Nature   See also Science, Scientific method, Scientist, Scientific misconduct, and Fields of science

Biology Anatomy (Human anatomy) o Astrobiology o Biochemistry o Bioinformatics o Biological anthropology o Biophysics o Botany o Cell biology o Computational biology o Developmental biology o Ecology o Evolutionary biology o Genetics (Molecular genetics, Population genetics) o Genomics o Marine biology o Histology o Human biology o Immunology o Microbiology o Molecular biology o Neuroscience o Origin of life o Paleontology o Parasitology o Pathology o Physiology o Taxonomy o Zoology (Ethology)

Physical sciences Earth science o Systems theory

Astronomy – Radio astronomy
Chemistry  Analytical chemistry o Atomic theory o Biochemistry o Chemical bond o Chemical equilibrium o Chemical industry o Chemical laws o Chemical reaction o Chemical formulas o Chemists o Electrochemistry o Energy o History of chemistry o Inorganic compounds o Materials science o Ion o Periodic table o pH o Phase o Polymer chemistry o Redox o Thermochemistry
MatterAtom o Compound o Molecule o Substance (Acid, Base)
Chemical elements – Actinium o Aluminium o Americium o Antimony o Argon o Arsenic o Astatine o Barium o Berkelium o Beryllium o Bismuth o Bohrium o Boron o Bromine o Cadmium o Caesium o Calcium o Californium o Carbon o Cerium o Chlorine o Chromium o Cobalt o Copernicium o Copper o Curium o Darmstadtium o Dubnium o Dysprosium o Einsteinium o Erbium o Europium o Fermium o Flerovium (Ununquadium) o Fluorine o Francium o Gadolinium o Gallium o Germanium o Gold o Hafnium o Hassium o Helium o Holmium o Hydrogen o Indium o Iodine o Iridium o Iron o Krypton o Lanthanum o Lawrencium o Lead o Lithium o Livermorium (Ununhexium) o Lutetium o Magnesium o Manganese o Meitnerium o Mendelevium o Mercury o Molybdenum o Moscovium (Ununpentium) o Neodymium o Neon o Neptunium o Nickel o Nihonium (Ununtrium) o Niobium o Nitrogen o Nobelium o Oganesson (Ununoctium) o Osmium o Oxygen o Palladium o Phosphorus o Platinum o Plutonium o Polonium o Potassium o Praseodymium o Promethium o Protactinium o Radium o Radon o Rhenium o Rhodium o Roentgenium o Rubidium o Ruthenium o Rutherfordium o Samarium o Scandium o Seaborgium o Selenium o Silicon o Silver o Sodium o Strontium o Sulfur o Tantalum o Technetium o Tellurium o Tennessine (Ununseptium) o Terbium o Thallium o Thorium o Thulium o Tin o Titanium o Tungsten o Uranium o Vanadium o Xenon o Ytterbium o Yttrium o Zinc o Zirconium
PhysicsAtom o Atomic nucleus o Color o Elementary particle o Force o Gravitation o Mass o Matter o Optics o Phase o Quantum mechanics o Sound o Speed o Time o Weight o Energy o Radiation o Electromagnetic radiation o Visible spectrum o Special relativity o General relativity o Electromagnetism o Standard Model o Classical mechanics o Unsolved problems in physics

P vip.svg People and self   (see in all page types)

Person – Biography o Character orientation o Consciousness o Gender o Health o Human o Human body o Identity o Individual o Intelligence o Moral character o Personal identity o Personality o Physical fitness o Spirituality o Values o Virtues

Self – in philosophy o in psychology o in sociology o Self-actualization o Self-awareness o Self-education o Self-care o Self-concept o Self control o Self disclosure o Self-efficacy o Self-esteem o Self harm o Self help o Self-identity o Self image o Self monitoring o Self-perception o Self-regulated learning o Self talk
Personal life o Adventure o Aging (life cycle) o Career o Citizenship o Education o Employment o Everyday life o Experience o Family o Friendship o Goal o Health maintenance o Home o Homemaking o Human condition o Human ecology o Interpersonal relationship o Intimate relationship o Kinship o Leisure o Lifestyle o Lifeworld o Manual labour o Maslow's hierarchy of needs o Meaning of life o Pets o Physical quality-of-life index o Profession o Pursuit of happiness o Quality of life o Quality time o Real life o Sex life o Travel o Work-life balance
People – Adult o Alien (foreigner) o Child o Father o Genius o Human o Indigenous peoples o Man o Minor o Mother o Parent o Woman o Youth

Socrates blue version2.png Philosophy and thinking   (see in all page types)

Philosophy – Being o Common sense o Feminist philosophy o Futurology o Goodness and value theory o Happiness o -ism o Meaning of life o Mind o Rhetoric o Space o Unsolved problems in philosophy

By region – Indian Philosophy, Eastern philosophy o Western philosophy
Branches of philosophy – Aesthetics o Ethics o Epistemology o Logic o Metaphysics
Subdisciplines of philosophy – Education o Geography o History o Human nature o Language o Law o Literature o Mathematics o Mind o Philosophy o Physics o Politics o Psychology o Religion o Science o Social science o Technology  o War  o Culture
Schools of philosophy – Nyaya o Vaisheshika o Samkhya o Yoga o M?ms? o Vedanta o Analytic philosophy o Aristotelianism o Continental Philosophy o Critical theory o Deconstructivism o Determinism o Dialectical materialism o Empiricism o Existentialism o Hegelianism o Hermeneutics o Humanism o Idealism o Kantianism o Logical Positivism o Materialism o Neoplatonism o Nihilism o Objectivism (Ayn Rand) o Ordinary Language o Phenomenology o Platonism o Positivism o Postmodernism o Poststructuralism o Pragmatism o Presocratic o Rationalism o Reformational o Relativism o Scholasticism o Skepticism o Stoicism o Structuralism o Transhumanism  o Utilitarianism

Thinking – Awareness o Creative processes o Decision making o Heuristic o Learning o Memory o Problem solving o Reason o Teaching

Qualities of thought – Accuracy o Effectiveness o Efficacy o Efficiency o Frugality o Prudence o Right o Soundness o Validity o Value theory o Wrong
Thinking errors – Cognitive bias o Cognitive distortion o Error o Fallacy o Fallacies of definition o Logical fallacy o Target fixation
Related – Genius o High IQ society o Mensa o Nootropics o Philomath o Polymath

P religion.png Religion and belief systems   (see in all page types)

Belief Systems
Non-belief System

P social sciences.png Society and social sciences   (see in all page types)

Main articles: Social sciences and Society  See also Science and Scientific method

Social sciences – Anthropology o Archaeology o Cognitive science o Communication studies o Critical theory o Cultural studies o Development studies o Economics (Unsolved problems in economics) o Education o Geography o History o Linguistics  (Unsolved problems in linguistics) o Law o Political science o Psychology o Social policy o Sociology

Society – Commons o Ethnic groups o Global commons o Global issue o Group o Infrastructure o People

Community – Communitarianism o Community development o International community o Local community o Sense of community o Social capital o Socialization o Structure and agency o World community
Social development – Decadence o Social progress o Technological evolution
Sociocultural evolution: Accelerating change -> Hunter-gatherer bands -> Social rank -> Tribes -> Social stratification -> Chiefdoms -> Neolithic Revolution -> Civilization -> Agrarian society -> Pre-industrial society -> Agrarian villages -> Towns -> Cities -> City-states -> Nation-states -> Industrial Revolution -> (Modern) Industrial society -> (Postmodern) Post-industrial society -> Informational Revolution -> Information society -> Digital Revolution -> Global network -> Globalization -> World government? -> Space colonization? -> Technological singularity?
Social institutions – Organization
Family – Daughter o Extended family o Father o Grandparent o Home o Human bonding o Mother o Nuclear family o Parent o Son
Public infrastructure – Highways o Streets o Roads o Bridges o Mass transit o Airports and Airways o Rail transport o Water supply and Water resources o Wastewater management o Solid-waste treatment and disposal o Electric power
Private infrastructure – Automobiles o Homes o Personal computers o Personal property o Real estate
Economy and Business – Finance o Management o Marketing o Franchising
Education – Academia o Academic misconduct o Homework o Learning o Pedagogy o School o Student o Study skills o Teacher
Civil society 
Government and Politics – Politics by country o International relations o Public affairs
Law – Criminal justice o Law enforcement o Legislation o Prison
Social network – Communication o Journalism o Social capital

P train.svg Technology and applied sciences   (see in all page types)

Technological concepts and issues – Accelerating change o Appropriate technology o Diffusion of innovations in science o Doomsday device o High technology o History of science and technology o History of technology o Industry o Innovation o Knowledge economy o Persuasion technology o Pollution o Posthumanism o Precautionary principle o Research and development o Strategy of technology o Superpowers o Technocapitalism o Technocriticism o Techno-progressivism o Technological convergence o Technological evolution o Technological determinism o Technological diffusion o Technological singularity o Technology acceptance model o Technology assessment o Technology lifecycle o Technology transfer o Technology Tree o Technorealism o Timeline of invention o Transhumanism

Technologies and applied sciences – Aerospace o Agriculture, Agricultural science & Agronomy o Architecture o Automation o Automobile o Big Science o Biotechnology o Cartography o Communication o Construction o Design o Electronics o Energy development o Energy storage o Engineering (Chemical engineering, Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering) o Ergonomics o Firefighting o Food science o Forensics o Forestry o Free software o Health sciences o Health Informatics o Industry o Information science (Library and information science) o Internet o Machines o Management o Manufacturing o Mass communication o Mass production o Medicine (Unsolved problems in neuroscience) o Military science o Military technology and equipment o Mining o Nanotechnology o Nuclear technology o Packaging and labeling o Processes o Robotics o Space exploration o Technology forecasting o Telecommunications o Tools o Weapons

ComputingComputer science (Open problems in computer science) o Information systems o Information technology o Programming o Software engineering o Computer engineering o Moore's law
Artificial intelligenceAutomated reasoning o Computer vision o Ethics of AI o History of AI (Timeline of AI) o Machine learning (Pattern recognition) o Natural language processing o Progress in AI o Self-driving vehicles o Symbolic AI o Synthetic intelligence o Weak AI
Artificial general intelligenceAI control problem -> Existential risk from AGI (Technological singularity -> Intelligence explosion -> Superintelligence -> AI takeover -> Human extinction?) o AI complete o Artificial consciousness o Friendly AI o Instrumental convergence o Singularitarianism
Emerging technologies3D printing o Artificial intelligence (see above) o Augmented reality o Bioplastics o Brain-computer interfacing o Cancer vaccine o Cellular agriculture o Cryptocurrency o Gene therapy o Nanotechnology o Reusable launch systems o Robotics (Autonomous robots, Robot-assisted surgery) o Stem-cell therapy o Tissue engineering
Transport –   Air transport (Aircraft, Airline, Airport) o Maritime transport (Harbors, Ports, Ships) o Off-road transport o Rail transport (Trains, Train track) o Road transport (Roads, Bridges, Tunnels, Vehicles) o Space transport

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