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Wikipedia's contents: Glossaries

A glossary is a list of specialized or technical words with their meanings. Listed below are many glossaries supporting a wide range of subjects. See also Category:Wikipedia glossaries. Also try our sister project Wiktionary.

P literature.svg General reference  (see in all page types)

P culture.svg Culture and the arts  (see in all page types)



Fiction and literature



Collecting and hobbies

P countries-vector.svg Geography and places  (see in all page types)

P medicine.svg Health and fitness   (see in all page types)

Klepsydra-pt.svg History and events  (see in all page types)

P Human activities.svg Human activities  (see in all page types)

P mathematics.svg Mathematics and logic  (see in all page types)

P physics.svg Natural and physical sciences  (see in all page types)

P vip.svg People and self  (see in all page types)

Socrates blue version2.png Philosophy and thinking  (see in all page types)

P religion.png Religion and belief systems  (see in all page types)

P social sciences.png Society and social sciences  (see in all page types)

Corporate o Economics o Education o Law enforcement o Legal (Legal Latin terms) o UK mortgage o US Mortgage

Languages and slang

Main list: Lists of English words

Quebec French o Language teaching terms and ideas o Rhetorical terms o Alternative words for British o Greek words for love o Case-sensitive English words o Chicano Caló words and expressions o Dacian words o English words containing Q not followed by U o English words with disputed usage o Plain English words and phrases o French words of Arabic origin o Frequently misused English words o Replaced loan words in Turkish o Self-contradicting words in English o Longest English words with one syllable o Words derived from toponyms o Words having different meanings in British and American English o Words that may be spelled with a ligature o Words without vowel letters


English dialects

English words of...

African origin o Afrikaans origin o Arabic origin o Australian Aboriginal origin o Celtic origin o Chinese origin o Czech origin o Dutch origin o Etruscan origin o Finnish origin o French origin o French expressions o German expressions o German loan words o German origin o Germanic and Latinate equivalents o Greek derivation o Hawaiian origin o Hebrew origin o Hungarian origin o Indian origin (Sanskrit, Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu) o Indonesian origin o Irish origin o Irish o Japanese origin o Korean origin o Latin derivation o Malay origin o Maori origin o Native American origin o Norwegian origin o Old Norse origin o Persian origin o Polish origin o Portuguese origin o Romanian origin o Russian origin o Sami origin o Scots origin o Scottish origin o Scottish Gaelic origin o Serbo-Croatian origin o Slovak origin o Spanish origin o Swedish origin o Turkic origin o Ukrainian origin o Welsh origin o Yiddish origin

Spanish words of...

Other origins


P train.svg Technology and applied sciences  (see in all page types)

Technology and applied sciences

Computing and information technology


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