Piloti (band)
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Piloti Band
Kiki Lesendri? & Piloti performing live in 2009
Background information
Kiki Lesendri? & Piloti
OriginBelgrade, Serbia
GenresNew wave, rock, pop rock
1981 – 1997
2009 – present
LabelsPGP-RTB, PGP-RTS, Komuna, Bread Ventures Records
D' Boys, Dobrovoljno Peva?ko Dru?tvo
MembersKiki Lesendri?
Filip Pat
Vladan Vu?kovi?
Marko Kuzmanovi?
Vladimir Negovanovi?
Dragan Andri?
Goran Bogi?evi?
Nenad Antanasijevi?
Zoran Obradovi?
Safet Petrovac
Mi?ko Plavi
Bane Lesandri?

Piloti (Serbian Cyrillic: , trans. The Pilots) is a Serbian rock band from Belgrade. Formed in 1981, and initially immersed in the Yugoslav new wave scene, the band later moved towards mainstream pop rock, they came to prominence in the 1980s and early 1990s as one of the leading pop rock acts in former Yugoslavia. The band disbanded in 1997, only to be reformed in 2009 under the name Kiki Lesendri? & Piloti.


New wave years (1981--1982)

The band was formed in 1981, by the former members of Kako, a band whose greatest claim to fame was appearing as one of the seven opening acts for Bijelo Dugme spectacular concert at the Belgrade JNA stadium in 1979. The inaugural lineup of Piloti was: Zoran "Kiki" Lesendri? (vocals, guitar), Dragan Andri? (bass guitar), Goran Bogi?evi? (guitar) and Nenad Antanasijevi? (drums).

The original Piloti lineup

Their debut album Piloti (The Pilots) was released on August 27, 1981 by PGP-RTB and produced by the former Generacija 5 guitarist Dragan Jovanovi?.[1] All of the tracks were composed and written by Lesandri?, with the exception of "Imam diplomu", "Svi smo mi ponekad an?eli" and "Veseli momci", co-written by Lesandri? and Goran Bogi?evi?.[2] Song "Ne veruj u idole" ("Don't Believe in Idols") became an instant hit, and was included on several new wave compilation records.

After the success with their debut album, the followup, entitled Dvadeset godina (Twenty Years) was released on April 20, 1982 by PGP-RTB, and was produced by Sa?a Habi?. All tracks were composed and written by Lesandri? including the minor hits "Dvadeset godina" ("Twenty Years"), "No? u gradu" ("A Night in the City"), "D?oni je krenuo u rat" ("Johnny Went to War") and "Ja sam jurio za vetrom" ("I Have Chased the Wind"). During late 1982, the band started working on their third album, Zvuci civilizacije (The Sounds of Civilisation), which was never released because of Lesandri?'s army obligations, and the band went on hiatus.

Mainstream rock years (1984-1991)

Piloti re-assembled during the late 1984 with the entirely new line-up, featuring Kiki Lesendri?, as the only returnee from the original lineup, and the newly arrived Zoran "?era" Obradovi? (drums), Safet "Saja" Petrovac (guitar), and Mi?ko Plavi, formerly of D' Boys (bass guitar).

The band's third album Kao ptica na mom dlanu (Like a Bird on My Palm) was released on May 25, 1987 by PGP-RTB and produced by Du?an Petrovi? "?ane". The author of all songs was Lesendri?, except for "No? ?eka nas" ("The Night Is Waiting for Us") which he co-wrote with Bogi?evi? and "Pi?em po zidu" ("I'm Writing on the Wall") with Ilija Stankovi?. A large number of musicians contributed to the album recording: Dejan Gruji? (bass guitar), Darko Gruji? (keyboard), Vlada Negovanovi? (guitar), Enco Lesi? (keyboards), Valdet ?a?iri (keyboards), Jovan Maljokovi? (saxophone), Nenad Stefanovi? "Japanac" (bass guitar), Bane Lesendri? (backing vocals), Oliver Mandi?, Mom?ilo Bajagi? "Bajaga", Kornelije Kova?, Zana Nimani and others.[3] The greatest hit from this album was the title track, and other hit songs were "Kada sanjamo" ("When we Dream"), "Rekla je da u mojoj glavi ?uje gitare i bubnjeve" ("She Said She Heard Guitars and Drums in My Head") and "Devojka bez imena" ("A Girl with no Name").

The fourth album Osmeh letnje no?i (A Midsummer Night Smile) was published on May 11, 1988 by PGP-RTB, and produced by the band themselves for the first time. The author of all the songs was Lesandri?. Musicians who contributed to this album were Sa?a Lokner (keyboards), Bane Lesendri? (backing vocals), Viktorija (backing vocals in song "Sa tvoje strane ulice") and Zoran Vra?evi? (percussion).[4] The greatest hit from this album was "Leto" ("Summer") and minor hits were "Ako misli? da sam tu?an" ("If You Think I'm Sad") and "Ona" ("She"). During 1989, guitarist Petrovac left the band and Bane Lesandri?, Kiki's brother joined.

The fifth album Neka te Bog ?uva za mene (May God Save You for Me) was published on March 29, 1990 for PGP-RTB in band's production. The author of songs was Kiki, except for "Jedino ?to nam ostaje" ("The Only Thing Left") (a cover of Pete Townshend) and "Tiho, tiho" ("Silently, Silently") by Bane Lesandri?. Laza Ristovski contributed to this album by playing the keyboards on two songs. The special guests were Goran Bregovi? (Guitar solo on "Tiho, tiho"), Jovan Maljokovi? (saxophone), Darko Gruji? (backing vocals) and Zana vocalist Jelena Galoni? (backing vocals).[5] The greatest hit from the album was "Tajna je u tebi skrivena" ("The Secret Is Hidden inside You") and minor hits were "Tiho, tiho" and "Neka te bog ?uva za mene". The following year, on August 22, 1991 PGP-RTB published Piloti's Greatest Hits album.

Commercial peak, disbandment (1993-1997)

In 1993 Piloti published the soundtrack for the movie Zaboravljeni (The Forgotten Ones) for PGP-RTS. The songs were written by Lesandri?, Marina Tucakovi?, Goran Bregovi? (the track "Spavaju li o?i nebeske" ("Do the Eyes in the Sky Sleep")) and Laza Ristovski (the title track). Guests on the album were Goran Bregovi?, Marko Nafta, Nenad Stefanovi? "Japanac", Bata Bo?ani? and others.[6] The album brought their greatest hit "Zaboravljeni", and other two hits were "?ini mi se da" ("It Seems to Me") and "Kao da je mesec stao za nas dvoje" ("As if the Moon Had Stopped for the Two of Us").

Between 1993 and 1996, Piloti were on hiatus while Kiki Lesendri? worked with many Serbian artists. The band was back on stage in 1996 for the Budva Summer Festival with the song "Neverna si" ("You Are Unfaithful") and in November 1996 Komuna published their last album Dan koji prolazi zauvek (A Day which Is Passing Forever) produced by Kiki Lesendri? and Igor Borojevi?. All songs were composed by Kiki and Zoran Babovi?. Guests were Nenad Stefanovi? "Japanac" (bass guitar), Nenad Jeli? (percussions, vocal), Ana Popovi? (guitar), Goran Bregovi?, Maksa ?atovi?, Aca Milenkovi?, Mi?a Amadeus and others.[7] Minor hits from this album were "Neverna si" and "Dan koji prolazi zauvek". The band was dissolved in 1997, and Bread Ventures Records published the greatest hits album Ne veruj u idole the same year.

Kiki Lesendri? & Piloti (2009-present)

Having released his debut solo album, the 2008 Mesec na vratima (The Moon at the Door), Lesendri? started a promotional tour, Svet je lep kada sanjamo (The World Is Beautiful when We Dream), during which he started performing as Kiki Lesendri? & Piloti. During the same year, PGP-RTS released the greatest hits compilation album Najve?i hitovi.[8]

The band performed a 22-date tour of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Poland and Italy.[9] The recordings of the 2009 Belgrade Beer Fest and Novi Sad Spens Sports Center performances were released on a live album and DVD released in 2010 as Svet je lep kada sanjamo - turneja 2009[10]

In 2012, the band released the album Slu?ajno i zauvek (Accidentally and Forever). Beside Lesendri?, a part of the material on the album was written by Mla?an Dinki? and a part by ?or?e Bala?evi?.[11]

At the beginning of 2016, the band released their latest studio album, ?irom zatvorenih o?iju (Eyes Wide Shut). The song "Manje-vi?e" ("More or Less") was recorded with the members of the Croatian band Luminize,[12] and the song "Manje-vi?e" with pop singer Sara Jo.[13]


In 2000, the song "Kao ptica na mom dlanu" was polled No.74 on Rock Express Top 100 Yugoslav Rock Songs of All Times list.[14] In 2011, the same song was polled, by the listeners of Radio 202, one of 60 greatest songs released by PGP-RTB/PGP-RTS during the sixty years of the label's existence.[15]

The lyrics of the song "Imam diplomu" ("I Have a Degree") were featured in Petar Janjatovi?'s book Pesme bratstva, detinjstva & potomstva: Antologija ex YU rok poezije 1967 - 2007 (Songs of Brotherhood, Childhood & Offspring: Anthology of Ex YU Rock Poetry 1967 - 2007).[16]


Studio albums

  • Piloti (1981)
  • Dvadeset godina (1982)
  • Kao ptica na mom dlanu (1987)
  • Osmeh letnje no?i (1988)
  • Neka te bog ?uva za mene (1990)
  • Zaboravljeni (1993)
  • Dan koji prolazi zauvek (1996)
  • Mesec na vratima (2008)
  • Slu?ajno i zauvek (as Kiki Lesendri? & Piloti; 2012)

Compilation albums

  • Najve?i hitovi 1981-1991 (1991)
  • Ne veruj u idole - Hitovi (1997)
  • Najve?i hitovi (2009)

Live albums

  • Svet je lep kada sanjamo - turneja 2009 (as Kiki Lesendri? & Piloti, 2010)

Video albums

  • Svet je lep kada sanjamo - turneja 2009 (as Kiki Lesendri? & Piloti, 2010)

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